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Xbox Series S Console - $449 (Was $499) @ Target


Not a bad price for an entry level into next gen

Have one myself, the 512GB SSD (is actually 364GB usable)

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Target Australia
Target Australia


    • Perfectly justifiable at this price :)

  • The s is also half the size of the s

    • +1

      One of those should have been an x

  • +2

    Playing microsoft flight simulator on this system is an absolute marvel! Yes it takes up a fair chuck of the hard drive but i'd almost say if you're even slightly interested in a flight sim or even just exploring the earth this thing excels running the game.

  • +1

    I paid $350 on ebay when ebay had the deal a few months ago. Honestly i am happy with my purchase but its not a steal at $450. I will only buy max 3 games a year and everything else is on gamepass so paying the extra wasnt worth it for me.

    • If this was the retail price, they might have actually done well with this console.

  • I think if only using gamepass, then 'upgrading' to this from an Xbox one isn't really worth it. This is only worth it if you don't have a console.

  • Errrrrr…no thanks.

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    don't buy this. you miss out on the actual next gen features. it is for suckers.

    • Wrong. There are times when you can justify buying Xbox series S.

      For kids 13 and younger to use it as a Fortnite machine.

      • in that scenario just get a last gen, exactly the same for fortnite.

  • Dammit - local Target closed shop - closest northern one, no stock - or the 3 or 4 closest southern ones - wondering "Is a 4 ½ hour car drive worth saving $50 - probs not".

    Car pretty efficient fuel-wise but the time there & back - 9 hours to save $50 - screw it - will eventually get the Series X thru Telstra - IF I don't win it OR PC of some sort - I s'pose.

    [bargain hunter not freaky 'bout it though].

    Thinking my "…Only hope - Obi Wan Kenobi" is that Big W price matches - got a couple of local stores & have been doing an online sale this weekend.


    Weird delivery policy from Target:-

    Yes will deliver a Nintendo Switch, No won't deliver Wireless Xbox Headphones - probs worried 'bout theft/damage/cost for Series S Console too so No.