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80% off Edifier W200BT SE BT 5.0 Earbuds Neckband $11, Flexible $8.80 + Free Delivery @ Edifier Amazon AU


One more Edifier deal again. I bought Flexible style for $13.99 2 weeks ago and arrived today. found that the price dropped to $8.8 :-(. but there's no way to return my one as Amazon will charge me $7 for the return. 

I did a short test at noon time. The build quality and sound quality is just OK for the price. good for walking. but it's not perfect for running as the stethoscope effect. which is a common issue for in-ear headphones. Mic quality looks better than my $20 Xiaomi bluetooth earphone.  All and all. for $8.8. I just made an order again for the second pair :-)

To get the price. please check "Apply 80% coupon" under the price. discounted price will be shown on you check out.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating
  • Edifier App support
  • 7 Hours Battery
  • Multipoint connect, Connect 2 devices simultaneously
  • Cable management hook included
  • 8 Gen CVC clear voice1
  • 16.2g
  • Micro USB charge port
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -2

    Will Bluetooth 6.0 ones be out soon?

    • +1

      Is that a thing yet?

      • +2

        Not sure, but 5.0 has been out for a while now, 5 years. I think I'll wait for 6.0 before I commit.

        • +10

          7 to be safe.

          • +1

            @mskeggs: Maybe… Don't want to jump in too early and have regrets…

        • +2

          I wouldn't bother. Better off waiting for Yellowtooth

  • still 43.99 and 54.99 displayed on the page. is there a coupon code?

    • +2

      you need to check "Apply 80% coupon" just under the price.

      • +3

        after checking the box of 80% off. it displayed Sorry. You are not eligible for this coupon.

  • How is the Mic quality in this one?

    • +2

      Exactly mic on Edifier is not good.

    • +4

      What did you say?

  • it says $53.99 and $43.99 for me after 80% coupon ? any idea? thanks

    • the coupon will be applied when you check out.

    • +1

      i think you can only have one in your cart at a time.

  • +3

    I have a similar design Sennheiser and can configure if a dumb design, not using it anymore

  • Wow, crazy bargain!

  • Bought a pair because of 4.5★

  • Free delivery without prime as well.

    • wow, there is ture bargain!

    • +1

      The real question is, what are you doing without prime?!?

  • +2

    Whats the difference between flexible and neckband one ?

    • Price

    • From my understanding. They are the same spec.only difference is the style and the length of the Neckband is longer than the Flexible.

    • +1

      You may get less of a rubbing sound with the neckband version. I have a few year old Sol Republic Shadow (neckband) which doesn't have this problem. I tried "upgrading" to Sennheiser Momentum Free but the amount of rubbing sound is AWFUL when walking.

      • Is that rubbing sound the "stethoscope effect" op mentions in the post?

        • Yeah, probably.

  • +1

    Deal gone? 'Not eligible for this deal'

  • Is it only the red one you can get 80% off coupon? The black one doesn't have the 80% off option.

  • Only applies to:

    White neck band
    Red flexible

    • +2

      You are too late~, the coupons was for all the 4 colors and 2 styles when I posted the deal.

  • any good ones for running?

    • for running i prefer out the ear headphones, as you can hear your surrondings and you hear less of your heart beating/breathing

  • Apply Coupon
    "Sorry, you're not eligible for this coupon"

  • Targeted?

    • +2

      Definitely not kmarted

  • The reviews tho

  • +1

    Don't even see the 80% anymore…deal gone?

  • +1

    Dont even see the box to tick anymore…. done?

  • Don't even see the discount anymore… over?

  • +1

    Still available but with 70% discount

    • Thanks. It seems like only for the red flexible version, but bought one regardless :D

      • Red flex is $44, so no BIG discount there I"m guessing.

        • They had a 70% off coupon box under the price, but I see that's removed now as well.

  • Update at 5:45pm. Amazon still has a White flexible and Red Neckband version with 70% off. which makes the price to $13.2 and $16.5. It still a good price

    • Do you have to charge it after you take it out of box or does it work out of the box?

  • Update at 2000hrs AEST - The white and red have 40% & 50% off the Band and flex versions at this point

  • Did anyone else order black and receive red (neckband version)??

    • May be the box is red but it is black inside the box? See unbox video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnWSflze3wQ

      • Yep spot on, I did open it eventually and discover this.

        • There is a sticker on the left of the box, it shows the colour.

        • Did you have to recharge it before after unboxing?

          • +1

            @htc: I did charge it straight away, but it only charged for about an hour before it was fully charged so probably didn't need it.

          • +1

            @htc: Mine had about 60% so still going with that charge.

            My old redmis switched off when they magnetically came together - this one does not and that drains the battery more. The magnets aren't very strong either.

            • @lordra: I can connect the earphone to the phone and the laptop. I can play audio in both phone and laptop. I can play youtube on phone, sound come out ok on the earphone. On the laptop, when I play youtube, no sound come out of earphone. Does that happen to you?

              • @htc: Interesting. I haven't tried that yet. Have you tried turning off BT on the phone whilst you connect it to the laptop?

                I'll give it a go later and let you know.

                • +1

                  @lordra: Yeah, I turned off bt on phone. Looks like it is a common problem but no expert have provided a good solution.



                • @lordra: I think I fixed it now. I tried the BT earphone on my older laptop. Same problem, once I played youtube video, no sound. I then came up with the idea, connect the usb charger cable to the laptop, it started to install some driver. Then I connect again via BT to laptop, again no sound from youtube video, then I clicked on troubleshoot audio, then it detected the problem, it says headset not connected to computer. It says it cannot automatically fix the problem. Then I tried to play youtube video again. It started working! Edit: But then I played youtube again after typing this message. It no longer works. So frustrating!

                  • @htc: Maybe you'll have to stick to just a single connected device at any time. Like your links suggest, it is a known Issue.

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