Organic Cotton Chunky Knits $35.99 (Was $119.95) + $9 Shipping ($0 with $99 Spend) @ Mr Simple


I just loaded up on knitted basics for next winter. Always find Mr. Simple stuff great quality for the (discounted) price.

Organic Chunky Knit

Basic knits <$30

There's some other good discounted stuff have a look around. Sorry, on my phone!

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    Nice jumpers. I'm grabbing 2 - was hoping welcome10 worked (it doesnt)

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    Unreal deal. Bought 3 items - thanks OP!

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    Unreal. Thanks

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    Very nearly bought two of these at the start of winter, but I'm glad I waited for this deal that I knew would be coming.

    I added a Reginald T shirt (30% off currently) to get me to the free shipping, very curious what a $40 rrp shirt feels like.

    Thanks for the deal OP

  • Are these jumpers cosy or is the material more rough?

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      I purchased the Organic Chunky Knit a few months ago and they're quite warm. Not a rough material that will make you itch, but a soft fisherman knit pattern and cool against the skin.

  • Thanks OP. Just bought two. I have had a black one of these for about 2 years and have been wearing it with a hole in it for months cos I like it so much. Was waiting for a sale on these. Cheers

    • Sew up the hole or it will get bigger.