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Pure Elan Portable DAB+/FM Radio with Bluetooth $70.09 (RRP $129.99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking around for a DAB Radio and found this one on sale. It has pretty decent reviews.

Their other model in the family is also on sale:
Pure Elan One Portable $72.27 (RRP $99)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is there any point getting DAB anymore with digital radio taking over?

    • Do you mean DAB+?

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    Honest question, why would you need this? Can't your mobile be used? Or, what is so special about this

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      You are comparing completely different products, there is a place in the marketplace for both.

      This DAB+ can be used without a mobile phone or internet plan.

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        This DAB+ can be used without a mobile phone or internet plan.

        Oh, so it's for <1% of the population?

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          Yes, but its more than <1% of the population. Just think of people with NBN problems, or who have given up on NBN, or the kids that are not subscribed to a mobile plan.

          • @Crownanchor: For 99% of people, if they have a phone line, they have internet.

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              @jv: Still some people prefer to have a dedicated radio than using their phone or computer, for many reasons.

              • @itstuan: Free OTA radio versus of Internet access plan data quota.

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                  @AlexF: Exactly. Sometimes, you just want something that just works. Also, with a bit better sound than a crappy phone speaker.

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      When did we reach a point that a dedicated radio/speaker is considered lol

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      Ok I'll add my 2c as I'm getting tired of reading these 'phased out' comments on my DAB search alerts.
      I do a lot of gardening and mechanical work outside and a single unit that can get a little dirty and beat up is perfectly suited for me rather than pairing my phone with a bluetooth device everytime.

      Not for you? Just let it be. 👍
      Thanks for posting!

    • Think of watch when people can just look up on their phone. Note book when you can just type everything on your phone etc…I think some people prefer to have a dedicate device so they free up their phone for other tasks, especially when they having a habit of listening to radio all day.

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    I love DAB radio, but this unit doesn't have wifi - no internet radio.

    I have replaced a unit like this (with wifi) beside my bed with an Amazon Echo Show 5, and I am happy.

  • Australia uses DAB+ and a DAB radio will not work.

    I suspect they’ve just misnamed it and it really is DAB+ but…

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      It says DAB+ in the product information in the link.

      ‎1 x Pure Elandabch Portable DAB+ Radio with Bluetooth, Charcoal

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    This or the Sangean DPR-44?

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      How much are those Sangeans currently? Linking to am expired deal from 2017 doesn't help compare them price wise.

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    Sometimes the ease and simplicity of just turning on a radio can't be denied, so I've had my eye on a DAB+ one for a little while, including these Pure ones.

    The Pure radios were going down in price a fair bit over the last week 3Camel, while the Elan and Elan One seemed almost identical in specs.

    Ultimately I ended up grabbing this Sony XDRS61DB from Officeworks for $68.50 which is is still sold by JB for $179 and $125 at HN.

    The Pure radios seemed to get some average reviews lately compared to their older models.

  • clear buy. hehe. “Impressive 3W mono sound”

  • only if all these (DAB+/BT/WiFi/accept AC/AA batteries) + FM/AM as well….

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