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Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse $124.47 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Great price on the Logitech G Pro Wireless.

I believe this is the lowest it's ever been

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Cant stress how good the 703 series is.

  • I was going to wait for the Glorious Model D Wireless to be released in a month or so. Should I pick this up instead? I'm currently using a G403.

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      Glorious Model D Wireless will have a much better sensor than this mouse, the G Pro Wireless is getting old now. Depends if you want to wait though.

      If you want a Logitech wireless mouse the better sensors are in the G Pro Hero Wireless and the G502 Lightspeed Wireless.

      • +2

        This is the G Pro "Hero", it has the Hero 16K Sensor, the same sensor as the G502. The only better sensor in a Logitech mouse is the G Pro superlight, which has the Hero 25K.

        However you are right, the Model D Wireless will have a better sensor than this Deal. So it comes down to preference on the design, and cost.

        • From what I understand the 16k and 25k sensor thing is just a marketing ploy. My g pro is labelled 25k sensor bought from recent Amazon deal. Apparently the 16k sensors can be updated to 25k with software update.

        • This also can be updated via software to the 25k sensor, so unsure what the go is with that

      • I have the wired glorious D and it's great! Pre ordered my wireless model D and waiting for it to come. Been waiting for the wireless model to come out and its finally released. Hoping it lives up to the wired one!

      • isn't model d same as o
        you cant get much better then current modern sensors , they are as good as wired and how can you get better then that ?
        all they do now is decrease weight, make better switches etc, shape

        i find glorious o to suit my hand grip better

    • Due to the double click issue that can occur on Logitech mouse products (except their most recent models apparently), I wouldn't recommend it.
      Even if you can get warranty honoured, that's a pain in the ass no one should deal with. Or if the double click issue develops outside of warranty period, then that's a $100 piece of plastic.

  • wow……………… i just bought one like 2 weeks ago with full RRP

  • +1

    Thanks got one . Almost bought this for 149 few days ago .

  • +3

    Beware of double-clicking issue on this mouse, I had to send mine back after it got unbearable. Not sure if this has been fixed though, as this was a while ago (1.5 years approx). Became an absolute PITA for competitive games.

    • Yep same as me, loved the mouse until it developed that issue. Was really dissapointed.

    • They fixed it in a firmware update for some owners (this increased click latency, apparently).

      • Oh, thanks for updating. I'm on a Razer Viper now, which I think I like more, but this was a good mouse apart from that problem if the shape suits.

  • +4

    Get yourself a charging dock!

    I highly recommend getting one of these charging docks with this mouse or any Logitech mouse with PowerPlay.
    Best $35 I have spent in a long time. (For a mouse that's usually $180, they really should have came with the mouse IMO)


  • +2

    I recommend getting a magnetic micro usb cable like this


    I use it with my mouse and it's perfect. The micro usb connector position is so fiddly even with the odd shaped connector they give you with it to try and make it easier. I have the receiver on a usb extension lead sitting underneath my monitor and the magnetic cable hanging free. When using the mouse you can move the cable out of the way easily and then when you are done it just snaps on. No hassles. If the battery gets low you can still use it with the magnetic cable attached.

  • Just pulled the trigger and bought one. I'm currently using a SteelSeries Sensei Raw. Anyone know how they compare? I love the Sensei Raw but been meaning to move to wireless. The Sensei Raw has lasted me 4-5 years and is still going strong though

    • +1

      I was also using a sensei raw before this purchase :)
      Similar weight and feel, maybe the Logitech is a little narrower.

  • Posting this comment with an old Logitech G9 Laser. Am I too old school and missing out on new mice tech by not upgrading?

    • Do you play latency and reaction time sensitive games like FPS or MOBAs?

      • Yep, just in the middle of building a new PC to do just that. My wired G9 is fairly responsive just thinking the newer models might be even better

  • Mainly playing CS:GO, how does this compare with Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT? Worth it?

    • the worse version? of the superlight ?. weighs 20g more which is significant, better stock feet, no double clicking issues.

      good mouse for anything csgo included ofc

  • +3

    not worth it
    double clicking will come up eventually and its overpriced
    if this was the superlight id buy it in the blink of an eye
    just buy an orochi v2 for $90 and be happy with your life.

    • Yup can confirm all of my G Logitech devices (keyboard and mice) developed double clicking after awhile. Did they fix this problem with the Superlight?

    • Does a 703 have a double clicking issue?

    • I agree.
      I've refused to purchase any further new Logitech mouse for a significant period due to how long they ignored addressing the double-clicking issue in their line-up. It's almost like planned product obsolescence.
      I'm not a Razer fan traditionally, but their Orochi v2 is way better value and decent quality.

      • My friend has gone through 4 Razer deathadder due to double click issue meanwhile my Logitech G5 is still going strong even though it's over 10yrs old so YMMV.

  • also i recommend anyone with a 3d printer to check this out.
    can try most popular mouses shape and see what would work best for you

  • Lol. 16k DPI. Why? Who's 16k DPI for?

    • more of a way of getting to consumers
      higher dpi = better
      and kinda is true
      higher dpi = better sensor = better

  • I have a Steelseries Rival 100, should I upgrade to this? I mainly play Valorant, Dota 2, and some wfh clicking.

  • +1

    Another user here, 2 in the drawer suffering double click issue out of warranty.

    • This is the issue I have with Logitech mice. If you're going to spend this much on a mouse, don't support a company by continuing to buy their products with this known issue (for many many years) that will likely become unusable after a period of use.
      I jumped ship from Logitech (used to own several, as they all kept developing double click) to Razer (Orochi v2) when I started looking for a wireless mouse at the higher range of quality.

      • they did fix the issue on their latest mice tho

        • They took over a decade to do this (and only put it into their new lineup, meanwhile continuing to sell their older mice models) with this known defect despite having competitors with much less market-share and budget range not having this fundamental issue.
          From what I've read, this G Pro wireless still is at significant risk of the double click problem.
          Why pay >$100 for a premium range mouse that won't last the distance? It's a peripheral that should last you far beyond its warranty. Especially if it costs that much.

          • @jc123: i mean kinda my point, dont buy their old mice, only buy their new mice like the superlight.
            and anyway id rather buy this than any glorious mice that will have triple click issues in a week, side flexing on day one with creaking on day three.
            and atleast logitech has good qc compared to almost every other company

            • @abjsdhasehasee: I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm warning people not to buy this mice (G Pro Wireless), because it's over a hundred bucks and still prone to double clicking.
              Get a Razer in the meantime. As good QC/build quality and comparable prices (if not cheaper).
              Also this might be petty, but having bought 3 Logitech mice (all different models) in a row which all developed double clicking, I can't say I'm happy with Logitech's company stance to not fix such a big issue for many years. They have great "QC" yet they maintained such a major flaw with their switches for such a long time, makes me not look upon them favorably anymore.

    • When did the double click issue occur?

  • Great mouse, bought it, went from Iron 1 to Radiant in Valorant. ezpz

  • Noice. Just ordered one. From a G9x to a G Pro Wireless.

  • I have one. Highly reccomnded. Best i've had.

  • 3-year warranty also?

  • Brought the mouse but ended up cancelling due to the reports of the double-clicking issue :( Was looking forward to a new mouse. Are there any other recommended wireless mouse?

    • I feel like if you're not an extreme FPS player it wouldn't be an issue- or at least not for a while. I've had a number of mice over the last 20 years and I can safely say Ive never had a double click issue.

      • This, totally agree with the above.

      • I don't play many FPS, however, I'd also be using this for work and I've had other mice which developed similar issues and it drove me insane.

        • Razer Orochi v2, Razer Viper Ultimate, and Glorious Model O (& D soon) wireless are some others that are recommended. Youtube reviews and the subreddit mousereview are places to research further

          • +1

            @jc123: Thanks mate. I'll keep an eye out for the Glorious Model D :)

      • +1

        I have had 3 logitech mouse in a row (all different models) develop the double click issue. And given the comments from other Ozbargainers, it's not an uncommon problem. I can accept it perhaps being a risk that can occur on a <$40 mouse, but on something that's >$100, that's just unacceptable.

    • wasn't the double clicking issue fixed on all the hero updates ?

      • Can anyone confirm this? I'm really keen for this mouse

  • A lot are upgrading from G502 to this and here I am liking the layout and shape of the G502 better. I went with the Razer Basilisk Ultimate instead which is also posted as a deal. Also the fact that there is so much double clicking reports everywhere I read)

    Anyone else prefer the G502 shape?

    • Yea I am in the same boat, maybe the g703 would be a better fit if you like the G502 shape? (this is what I'm leaning towards)

      • I went with the Razer Basilisk Ultimate posted earlier instead. Same shape and it has the dock included with not much issues and local warranty.

  • My 903 is still going strong. The infinite scroll wheel is the best bit. Just got the 703 for another computer, miss the scroll wheel toggle. Can't believe it isn't on the later high end mice!

  • Another victim here of the double clicking issue. Wouldn't recommend tbh. I can definitely say it's a good mouse but the double clicking is inevitable

  • Using this with the logitech powerplay, never have to charge it. So good

  • How is Amazon UK for warranty with Logitech?

    I’ve used Amazon heaps and I’ve had no problems with returning shipping or refund for faulty items from UK or US within a few months

    But double clicking issues 1 year or 2 years later I’m not so sure?

    • +1

      Hit and miss. My first one wasn't honoured by Amazon UK (not this mouse, but another product) so YMMV.

      • Would double click warranty issue be dealt with by Amazon UK or logitech?

  • does this have bluetooth?

    Can anyone recommend a good mouse with bluetooth for a gaming laptop? The Anywhere MX looks good. Free scroll is good too

    • +1

      If you have medium or small hands, and/or use fingertip grip, the Razer Orochi v2 is a solid mouse I've been using with my gaming laptop.
      It can connect via HyperSpeed Wireless (usb dongle) or Bluetooth. Use the former mode if gaming, and the latter for productivity.
      Uses a battery but should last >400 hours theoretically before needing a new battery.
      Otherwise Glorious Model O (& D soon) wireless and Razer Viper Ultimate are other models.
      Size/shape/weight/grip for mouse depends on personal tastes. Lots of reviews on youtube.

  • Worth the upgrade from G403?

  • I've already bought it but reading all the issues about double clicking is worrying.

    Some people have mentioned that the double clicking doesn't occur in the newer version of this mouse. Does anyone know if this is the 'new version'?

  • I wanna buy a wireless gaming mouse as a birthday gift for my bro, is there any recommendation?

    • How much are you looking to spend?

      • about $200

        • Can't go wrong with this one or the Razer Viper Ultimate

          • @jwilthethrill: What about Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Mouse $129 (RRP $224.95)? Which one do you think is the best?

            • +1

              @marktomtom: I liked the DeathAdder but the scroll wheel broke for me after a few months so I don't recommend it.

              • @jwilthethrill: oh no, did Razer provide warranty or they replace a new one for you?

              • @jwilthethrill: Based on your suggestion, I think I will buy Razer Viper Ultimate. Thanks for your suggestion!!

                • +2

                  @marktomtom: hey mate, id also check out the logitech g pro x superlight which is arguabely better than the viper ultimate in every way but it is like $50 more. or the razer orochi v2 which is like a budget superlight and id still prefer this over the viper ultimate.
                  viper ultimate has scuffed rubber sides which will wear down overtime, side buttons on the right side so you cant fingertip the mouse without clicking them, the side buttons dont stick out of the mouse and are indented so its hard to click them. Although i wont lie, its a nice shape similar to the FK, and its got good qc so its not something that anyone wouldnt be super happy about.
                  although still the viper ultimate is an amazing mouse just that the orochi v2 is something id check out if the superlight isnt in the budget.

                  assuming you havent bought it already lol

                  • @abjsdhasehasee: @abjsdhasehasee Thank you for your suggestions. I still haven't buy it yet. Thanks for telling me the different models as I don't know much about this, it seems that logitech g pro x superlight is a good option!!!!!!!

                    • +1

                      @marktomtom: yep, if its in your budget id say it practically one of the best gaming mice out right now other than ones that have super limited drops from companies with bad qc.

  • +1

    god i wish there is superlight G703

  • Stuff I can charge with a single USB C cable: laptop, phone, keyboard, earbuds

    Why does logitech still use micro USB on a weird trident shaped cable? Would it really cost that much more (monetary or PCB space or weight) to use USB C? At least it's not as ridiculous as Apple still using Lightning ports on their flagship phones.

  • Is there a manufacturer warranty on this? if so, for how long?

  • Has anyone been notified that theirs has been shipped yet?

    • +2

      Nope and I bought it in the first hour that this deal was posted, but it's sold and ships from Amazon UK so there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

  • my g703 rubber grip (left side where the buttons are) is getting torn off so i got this to replace it, are the grips replaceable?

  • This is back in stock. Just bought one.

  • Can't see this price anymore

  • Anyone that purchased this deal not yet received any updates or shipping eta? I purchased on 17th Sept and have received nothing as of yet

    • I'm in the same boat, still waiting as well.

      • +1

        I'm in no rush, but I was hoping at least an update after 10 days. Especially when it's Amazon UK. Not a 3rd party

      • +1

        I'm also waiting. Seems like Amazon UK has an issue with shipping.

        I've contacted Amazon support 2-3 times about this, and am currently in a chat with them atm. Will update soon.

        Edit: they submitted a ticket on my behalf and told me to wait 24-48 hours…

        • Any follow up on your ticket? I'm in the same boat :(

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