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Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse $124.47 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Great price on the Logitech G Pro Wireless.

I believe this is the lowest it's ever been

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Can anyone provide a comparison between this and the G502? I have the latter but I'm not wholly impressed by it.

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      This and you will not go back to G502 often.
      This is also a historical low price.

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        I went from a wired G502 to one of these because the G502 gave me hand cramps in long gaming sessions. I do miss the extra buttons but I love the G Pro and wouldn't go back.

        • -5

          I have a G703 and yeah it gave me hand cramps due to the larger bump and I might be paranoid but i feel like my hand can 'sense' the stronger wireless signal, neg me for being paranoid.

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        I went from the G502 to the G Pro Wireless, it's a great upgrade going to the better sensor but man I miss the scroll wheel so much.

        • I love my g502 but I'm afraid the ambidextrous layout will not be something I'll be comfortable with. I love the thumb rest on the g502. What's wrong with the scroll wheel on this?

        • Can I confirm, the middle wheel doesnt scroll?

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            @Sephanite: I have this mouse and the scroll wheel does definitely scroll like every other mouse Ive used

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            @Sephanite: The scroll wheel scrolls, I think he misses the toggle that allows the scroll wheel to free-scroll on the 502.

          • @Sephanite: The middle wheel does scroll but the G502 has the best scroll wheel ever. It has a really tactile click as you scroll and sort of locks into positions it is really satisfying to use. Underneath the scroll wheel is a button you can press to "unlock" the wheel and then it spins freely and if you give it a quick flick it'll just keep scrolling smoothly for ages and if you put your finger back down on it is easy to stop in position, great for scrolling long documents or in Warframe I set my scroll wheel down as the quick melee attack button so you just give the wheel a flick and your character will spam melee attacks constantly instead of having to keep pressing E.

      • is this the best WIRELESS gaming mouse in Logitech's offerings?

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          definitiely not, the g pro x superlight is this mouse, but 20g lighter with the same build quality and without the double clicking issues.

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      Not sure why the others didn't say but the 703 is wireless. I have a 703 and love it! I bought it after using my friends and haven't looked back.
      The 703 in the deal is the hero version also meaning better response time and battery life (I think 30+ hours). I cant stress how good they are.
      Having said this they are a normal mouse shape which isn't for everyone but that's what I would prefer over the shape of a 502 gaming mouse feel.

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        Thanks. I forgot to mention that the G502 I have is wireless as well. I'm not a big fan of the G502 Hero wireless' shape - hoping that the GPW will feel better in hand.

        • Yeah that's fine, I kind of figured as much. I also like a heavier mouse so I keep the weight in but yeah if you are after a simple looking but perfectly working mouse this is your go to.

        • I'm currently on the lookout for a good mouse. My daily driver mxmaster 2 stopped tracking a few months ago about 8 months since i picked it up on black friday. Currently using a g903 I bought intending to pair with a new desktop build in a small office though that didnt eventuate. The type of games I could play on a laptop with a gtx 965m werent exactly suffering due to input latency, at least not any more than any other bottlenecks so Ive grown used to the large comfortable mx master.

          The GPW might not be what im looking for being ambidextrous. How does the g502 compare? My laptop order has just arrived so I'd like to find a nice setup so if you have anything to share I'd appreciate your opinion.

          • @xentar: mx master has 1yr warranty so you could just get it replaced, nothing wrong with using a G903 though.

    • Went from a G502 to this last week, worst timing as I paid $141 for it. Took me a while to get used to it, but I really like it a lot more now.

    • They are the same In terms of:

      Sensor(Hero 25k), Wireless technology (Lightspeed), Battery Life (both 48~60 hrs depends on LED on or off)

      They are different in:

      Weight: 80g vs 114g

      except the normal m1,m2,m_wheels, GPW have 2 side button each side = 4 in total, G502 have 2 on finger tip, 3 on thumb side, m_wheel support left and right tilt, and a DPI switcher = 6(buttons) + 2(m_wheel tilt) = 8 in total.

      it ultimately comes to shape and gripping style.

      if you use your ring finger and pinky to grab onto the mouse, GPW might not be for you as you might hit the 2 side button on right all the time, but if you are a claw or tip user you might like GPW better.

      I prefer the extra buttons at more convenient spot on G502, but if you don't need as much marcos, GPW with its ultra lightweight would be good for shooters.

      Also G502 have the infinity scroll wheels, which is super helpful when you browse through documents. GPW have traditional wheels.

    • Hard to compare these 2 mice tbh. Gpro is ambidex vs right handed, also the weight difference is massive also, the shape of the mouse is also completely different and how the buttons are placed also. You're better off comparing a gpro vs gpro superlight x or gpro vs model O. I have a g702 and I'm swapping to the gpro

    • The only thing I would miss is the infinite scrolling on the G502. It's the best mouse wheel!

  • I have razer viper ultimate wireless. Not sure if I should get this to match my g915 tkl.

    Please advise.

    • I think the G Pro Wireless is a must-try mouse.
      Aesthetically it's better looking too IMO.

      • great mouse for 12 months, max - i am on my second now and has developed double clicking again - if you play fps games competitively its def a pain

        went to glorious o model warless - nicer looking, lighter and cheaper - hope i don't get double clicks

        • +1

          nice mouse, but double click issue is real. luckily i purchased at JB HiFI. they just replace it on the spot everytime. i'm on my 3rd replacement, happens probably every 12 months

          • @tc2: yeah, i did it twice but dont wanna bother the 3rd time, I wanna find a mouse that doesnt do it

        • Do you happen to know what the warranty period for this mouse is? Just I don’t game or use the mouse much so would unlikely to wear out the buttons within 12 months. But would be annoyed if it failed after like 13 months (if it’s a 1 year warranty).


          • @Feistl: I believe it's 2 years for the GPW

          • @Feistl: 2 years but buying from UK who knows

            • @botchie: Thanks mate, so I guess when there’s only a month left on warranty start clicking madly? Has anyone had any luck with getting one repaired after the 2 year warranty period?


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                @Feistl: or at 18 months contact support and tell them your g pro is double clicking and you tried everything, they will just send you a new one
                thats how bad the problem is they dont even check - just send new ones
                keep it as spare as it will double click at some point

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          I've had mine for about 2 years never expirienced any double click issue and I constantly game on fps.

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      This one 6g heavier, no charging dock

      • +1

        Get the powerplay mat and you never have to worry about charging the mouse again.

        I have a G915TKL and and G Pro wireless combo with the powerplay mat. I love the setup and the only upgrade i'm thinking about is trying the new G Pro Super light when they get cheaper.

        • Nice thanks for your recommendation.

          Will buy the g pro super light and charging mat.


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            @ButterYourMuffin: I just want to point out that the charging mat is 32 x 34cm. It doesn't sound small but definitely felt a bit too small when I was playing FPS games. Maybe I am just too used to a desk mat, oh yea this also means having using a desk mat at the same time a bit awkward.

            It's also about $150. I ended up selling mine and buying a charging dock for my g pro wireless for $30 on aliexpress.

            With all that said, I really enjoy using the g pro wireless and highly recommend it. Can't recommend the mat though.

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              @thispasito: Yes, I don't think the charging mat makes a huge difference here for a power efficiency mouse like the G Pro Wireless.

            • +1

              @thispasito: I decided not to go with charging mat as it's wired.

              I hate wire.

              So I'm currently looking for for G Pro Superlight.

              Cheapest currently at around 214, but not in the rush to buy.

          • @ButterYourMuffin: I charge mine like once per two weeks so I wouldn't say the charging mat is a necessity.

        • Even with 8 hours of usage every day (no weekends) this mouse lasts me for at least 1.5 months (with all lights off of course), which is insane compared to my Razer Basilisk Ultimate.

    • -1

      Personal experience with both here. Similar to you I had a full G Pro Set up with the mouse, keyboard and headset. Thought it was the bees knees.

      I had the G Pro Wireless for 12 months and loved it. It then started developing a double clicking issue where the left click would trigger multiple times for no reason. Really infuriating in games and even just in chrome etc. Googling the issue, it seems like it is a very common fault due to the switches used by Logitech. Seems like it is not even really fixed in the new superlight version too.

      Returned it and got a Viper Ultimate Wireless and couldn't be happier. Aesthetics is subjective, but performance wise, very happy with the Razer.

      • yes, can confirm g pro, double clicks after 12 months, - on my 2nd now that developed the same issue
        stay clear i suggest
        great mouse otherwise

      • I have both the GPW and the RVU.

        My first GPW developed a double click on the top side button on the left hand side, but this was after 3 years of use. My OG GPW was purchased roughly Q3 2018. To mirror mrjk's comments, this is was infuriating in game as I had it bound to some critical functions like opening a map, melee etc. And in browsers it would skip back 2 or 3 web pages as opposed to 1.

        I was out of warranty and Logitech was kind enough to replace it with a later batch GPW (Batch 2102, so Feb 2021), and it's been fine since but granted I've only had it for 3 weeks. Logitech changed the primary and secondary OMROM switches in later batches, not sure about the side buttons. I'd say they are more robust than the OG GPW but only time will tell.

        I have the OG GPW en route to someone who has the soldering skills to replace both the side buttons, primary and secondary buttons and new mouse feet. It'll be a new lease of life for it because I am attached to my OG GPW lol.

        I was the guy who posted the RVU deal a couple weeks back for $98. WOW I know it's only 6-7 grams lighter than the GPW but it does make a big difference. It's also a bit flatter than the GPW's shell so your hand sits closer to the desk. The switches objectively are better than the GPW, that's the truth no matter how you look at it. Razer uses an optical switch which registers quicker than mechanical electrical contact that the GPW switches utilise. There is data backing this up on Youtube, alongside proving the lower latency of the RVU optical switches. It's just physics that an optical switch activates quicker.

        Whether or not you can tell this difference in game is the question though. For $124.47 it's a great price, just know that the double clicking issue IS real, but you're less likely to encounter it on later batches (I don't know exactly when Logitech changed the switches, maybe middle of 2020 onwards). Any GPW purchased in 2021 should be ok, just check the first 4 digits of the serial number which should tell you the manufacture year and the week in that year.

    • I'd wait for a g pro x superlight sale, since you already have the RVU, very high end mouse that's lighter than the GPW (not GPX) and arguably better shape.

    • +1

      IMO. Viper Ultmate is better…

      Then again, I can't really talk as I have a drawer full of other mouses.

      If you have the cash… buy it 😁

  • And here I am still rocking a Logitech G303

    • its okay, im rocking an old ass mouse shape too, g305

      • The weird thing is the G303 Daedalus Apex has a cult following. They can go for hundreds of dollars

      • g305 aint an old mouse shape really and its still selling extremely well. especially good for modding mice to get any mouse u want wireless

      • I love this mouse, actually using it instead of m G Pro wireless right now.

        If anyone wants to get it for cheap search for a g304 , this is the Asian stock and is exactly the same except for the price.

    • G3 Laser here. Still going strong. I even got spare parts just in case one day dies. I've been using it more than 15 years loooooooooooool

      • +1

        I deliberately not use my G3! Im saving it for… dunno but I love that shape!

        • +1

          Same, love the shape. Although I'm considering getting the G Pro wireless but I cannot justify buying it as my G3 is still great :3

      • +1

        MX518 checking in, has to be pretty close to 15yrs too.

        Scroll wheel started to play up lately, took it apart and cleaned the dust bunnies out of it last night. Works good as new again!

    • this is a blessed shape, not so much a blessed mouse. if they recreated this but 'superlight' and wireless id coom.
      or just modding it yourself with g305 internals

  • +1

    Paid 150 for it last year, my favourite mouse ive used

  • Its the same sensor as the one on g304/305. How is it any better and priced much more?

    • +14

      Username checks out.

      Did you know, the Toyota Camry has the same engine as the Lotus Evora?

    • +1

      Since when are mice priced based solely on the sensor they use? The majority of TOTL wired mice use 3366/89 and prices range anywhere from $50 up to $150 or so. These particular mice are different in just about every way, the: size, shape, weight, switches, and battery.

    • +6

      -Rechargeable battery
      -More ergonomic design
      -Better glide pads on the bottom

      If you are after a decent wireless mouse for the cheapest possible price, G305 wins, if you care about the above (I do) then there is a strong argument that this is a very good deal.

      • -3

        actually g305 is lighter with aaa lithium + foil, no cover (optional) at 75-80g. glides for $10 off aliexpress, and thats $70 for same quality you pay here.

        • +1

          <80g without cover (rendering the mouse unusable/uncomfortable unless you fingertip it), and >80g with cover. As mentioned above, weight isn't the only thing to consider. The mice feel completely different from one another and I'd say the GPW covers a larger portion of the demographic than the 305 based on shape and size.

          • @planeodds: 81g with tinfoil and 10g rechargable and swappable << AAA battery,
            shape of the mouse is preference,
            you can get g305 tiger ice feet for $10 on aliexpress (and anyway the g pro wireless stock comes with dyed ptfe ?? which is literally exactly what the g305 has)

            • you can mod it easily, i myself have got it to 62g without the cover and 66g with the cover
          • @planeodds: I actually claw the G305 with the cover off, and aim better with it off. I guess its preference, but I'm not someone who really cares about coating (if that's what you're talking about), as long as it isn't glossy. I do notice the ergonomics aren't that good, but I've gotten used to it.

        • You are correct, and I fully appreciate trying to inform people of all the options. The G305 can be modded by the end user to address 2 out of 4 points, and bring it more inline with the G Pro for a cheaper price. The G Pro still has significantly better ergonomics, and a more professional look, and my personal opinion is that the increase in cost is worth the value, but that is completely subjective.

        • +1

          I own the G303, G305, and the GPW Superlight. There's definitely a noticeable difference in build quality between the GPW and G305. Weight isn't everything and the ergonomics of the GPW are, in my opinion, better for most hands. While you can spend a bit extra to bring the G305 up to the performance of a GPW, there's still quite a few things you can't match.

      • +2

        100% correct.
        For budget value for G305 wins, but its shape and weight distribution isn't also for everyone.

        I would also suggest people to research alternative options such as the more recent Razer Orochi v2 as it may hit similar points as the Logitech G Pro wireless whilst being cheaper even without discounts. Quite a few enthusiasts actually prefer it over the Logitech wireless range, and even the more expensive Razer offerings (https://old.reddit.com/r/MouseReview/comments/n3i335/orochi_...).

        Ultimately, there's a bit of subjectivity/personal preference when it comes to ideal size/shape/grip style.

        • +1

          Razer Orochi v2 from a specs standpoint smashes the G Pro value for money, especially with the ability to use standard Bluetooth eg. leave the "HyperSpeed Wireless" dongle in your gaming setup and use standard bluetooth when you take the mouse to work. I just personally don't like the form factor, and that's subjective.

    • g305 is weird to hold if you have anything other than small/medium hands, pinky doesn't rest on the mouse very well. GPW is a better shape for most IMO.

    • not same sensor
      g304 is AA battery powered, no wireless charging, no RGB(might be easy to find your mouse during night time) and 19g heavier

  • its a pretty good mouse ay

  • What's the difference between the East and West European types?

    • +2

      Packaging. Just get what's cheaper.

  • Can anyone confirm if this is any good?

    • +4


      • What about the double-clicking issue?

    • best mouse i ever used. very light weighted

    • check out the orochi v2 , better in most ways, shape is preference tho.

  • How does this compare to G703?

    • Love it over my old 703. Much lighter, so takes a bit to get used to.

  • +1

    Thanks OP got one.

  • $134.44 during december ebay sales in 2019. So yes this is a new low price!

  • +1

    Dang i got the g703 deal earlier for ~$75. Heard some negative reviews but am extremely happy with it so far.

    Was eyeing out this and the g703 but opted to save the money.

    • have the g703 also solid mouse no issues apart from the feet moving probs need to replace soon

  • anyone used this compared to a g903?

    • +1

      G903 has unlockable scroll wheel that I find useful when reading very large documents ( and if you need to bind a key that gets spammed, like bunnyhopping in a game) but the G Pro wireless is better in every other aspect.
      I have a G903 for work, and a G Pro for gaming at home, I am looking to replace the G Pro with a G Pro superlight and then replace the G903 with the G Pro

      Strongly recommend the G Pro.

      • thanks :)

      • i have a master 3 as my daily use mouse for work (wfh all the time) and recently also for Dota. it seems this G pro should be ok for work too, right? and for gaming (just Dota), it should be a better choice than a Master?

        • +1

          Absolutely nothing wrong with the G Pro for work, it's a brilliant mouse. But it is lacking some of the "productivity" features that other mice have eg. on the Master 3, you have the second scroll, and some would argue the thumb rest reduces hand fatigue.
          Personally I don't find much use for the extra features for my G903 anymore, i never use the scroll wheel left and right buttons, and clicking the scroll wheel in documents does the same thing as the freewheel. Gaming the G Pro will have way better latency, and a better sensor, with the same functionality. (unless you bind the second scroll to something in game that you will miss)

  • Great price for a highly reviewed mouse, really considering it from my g502 but think I'd miss the infinite scroll

    • This does not have the infinite scroll?

      • Not sure if it's called that but I mean the ability to unlock the scroll wheel for easier scrolling

      • No

  • Got this one from the last deal, apparently, this time is cheaper.
    Super light, easy to use.
    Not 100% happy with the fact it's not USB-C charging, but the battery life of this is incredible.