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Sungrow Medium Grain Rice 5kg $7.50 (1/2 Price) @ Woolworths


Rice is life. What more can I type? Well, its a product of India, its rice, and hopefully have typed enough to get this published.

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    This one is horrible, never buy again. wait for sunrice medium $8 /5kg.

    • I got one from out of stock replacement, will never buy it. Sunrice medium is much better.

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    I remember this one.. is not sticky at all.
    Normal medium grain is usually sticky like for east-asian rice, but this was… a bit of interesting one.

    • I think sometimes old rice or old batch does that. The rice is a bit weird like dry/crumbly?

    • Op said it’s from India. Might explain why it’s dry like basmati rice.

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    Sungrow ripoff of Sunrice?

    • Thought the same thing.

  • This is the worst rice I've ever tried in my life. Please avoid at all cost. Ruined every meal.

    • Oh lord you are so right. I couldn't believe I bought 5kg. Also has knockoff type packaging and ripoff of Sunrice name. Avoid.