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$30 off $100+ Spend at Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Domayne (New and Existing Customers) @ Latitude Pay


New promotions from the Harvey Norman group, seems like a good one.

To redeem $30 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment Schedule. Single use only. Available online and instore. Offer available to new and existing LatitudePay customers. Offer available on LatitudePay smaller buys $1000 or less only. Minimum spend $100.

  • Note: Product exclusions apply, such as gift cards and digital goods.

As always, enjoy :)

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    Is latitude pay like another afterpay/zippay, etc?

  • +37

    Harvey Norman has come under sustained criticism over its founder Gerry Harvey’s refusal to pay back $22m in jobkeeper payments, despite the company doubling its profit in the second half of last year to $462m.

    • +14

      You'd think with $22 million in subsidization that their priced wouldn't suck

    • +2

      But.. but.. but.. I have a gift card!!

    • But he did pay it back (6m of 22m that corporate received). Now it's up to individual franchises to pay their share (or not).

      Unless I've been misled.

      • +11

        Even if that's true (I don't trust him) he still resisted in the first place and only folded because of the backlash.
        He doesn't care about anyone but himself and won't do the right thing until it starts negatively effecting himself.

        • -5

          Damned if he did, damned if he didn't. If I were him, why getting the double derision?

          • +2

            @burningrage: Can you show proof that the $6 million is all he had control of?
            If he didn't refuse in the first place it would be easier to believe him but that's not what happened.

            • +1

              @NuttyGoodness: What I am saying if you really think about it. If he was going to be damned, then best not to return the money at all.

              The amount of derision is already to the max that no amount of redemption would be afforded.

              Having said that, I am not a fan of HN but rather to appeal for at least, some credit is to be given.

          • +1

            @burningrage: No one will have a problem if he did not refuse in the first place. And how they handled the situation.

            "When one user, @sisyphysical, said working for the company “drove me to suicide in 6 months” the company replied late in the evening with face palm and hand-waving emojis.

            The account also tweeted a kissing emoji in response to another tweet critical of the mass blockings."

            • @gto21: Oh I have no doubt HN is not the place to be. Definitely you get my 100% vote on that.

              I am merely commenting that with that amount of derision he's getting no matter what HN does, why would he be compelled to return the money because that's going to draw the attention to himself again?

              But I am glad HN did even if it's not all. HN are mostly franchises. The pursuit should be afforded to them as well.

              • @burningrage: No need to think about about it too hard it's just senseless mob mentality hate.

                People don't even want to understand what Jobkeeper even is. Much of it can't be paid back because employees have taken their Jobkeeper bonus'.

              • +3

                @burningrage: Ultimately no one likes Gerry, he's the main reason we pay gst on overseas purchases now

        • -4

          He is a business man trying to make money for his business, just happens he is big and famous making him easy target to pick off by the press. The local cafe you get coffee from probably got job keepers and also saw massive increase in traffic from all the WFHs. No one is throwing stones at their window are they? Blame the rule not the players. And the rule only required you to see a fall in business for xxx period at the start of pandemic to be eligible for life. And most would have been hit back in March 2020 just due to no one knew what was going to happen.

          • +6

            @Frozensage: If my local coffee shop got $22m of jobkeeper then announced profits before tax of $1.183bn then I would be just as pissed that they didn't pay back their job keeper. He made himself a target by doing a thing that the vast majority of people agree is bad.
            I agree that the rule makers are mostly to blame but scummy business is still scummy business, doesn't matter what way you spin it

      • You have been mislead by Newscorp (Murdoch). Their only interest is profit hence why election coverage is going to continue be a load of BS. Harvey Norman has also been having their ads on the outer cover of most of Murdoch's paper since q1 in a deal rumoured to be costing HN $60million.

  • I can't even select Latitude Pay as an option at checkout =(

    • +1

      It says Product exclusions may apply on the Latitude HN page. I just tried on a pre-order game and it's showing up fine, what are you trying to purchase?

      I've found that it doesn't work on gift cards and digital products but can't verify the other exclusions.

      • Ah that'll do it.

        Was trying to score $100 PSN credit for $70 :P

        • Ahh, yep they fixed that after last time lol, sorry.

        • +1

          I tried the same lol

          Didn't get enough from Good Guys either huh?

          • @Graffin: Hehe 10% wasn't enough for me to go all out from the GG offer. Have seen them cheaper.

      • Which Pre-Order game did you try? It still says $79 when I try to Pre-Order BF 2042 on Latitude Payment schedule

        • I tried it on Dying Light 2 and the Latitude Pay option was showing up. I can't confirm the final schedule as I don't have LP, but is your total cart > $100 prior to the $30 credit being applied?

          BF2042 won't be eligible on its own as it's less than $100.

          • +2

            @doweyy: Yeah totally missed that $100+ spend

  • +1

    Can I partially pay using gift cards & remainder (>$100) via LatitudePay? Looking to purchase a chest freezer.

    • I know it doesn't work through online store for Goodguys but you can if you go in-store, so it may be the same for HN

      • u can pay with Latitude in-store?

        • That is what I was told by someone who works at TGG

    • +5

      Yes! I can confirm this works, just done it.

      • If I partially pay via gift cards, do you know if the amount leftover after gift cards can be less than $100? Couldn't see to find the details in the T&Cs anywhere, just says $100 minimum spend.


        • $100 minimum spend means the amount left over to pay with Latitude Pay cannot be under $100, regardless of the total amount of the item(s) you're buying.

  • +16

    Say no to old mate Gerry. Vote w/ your dollars.

  • This will bring down chromecast with google tv to $69, when you add another $1 item.

    • any way to find that $1 item?

      • ah a book

        • Batteries are a few bucks

    • Dammit…. just pulled the trigger on the GG's $10 off offer yesterday.. been waiting a while and had no offers until yesterday.

      • What $10 GG offer is it?

      • If you’ve already opened the one from TGG, couldn’t you just buy one with this deal and return it new to TGG for a refund?

        • Unfortunately, I purchased a TGG giftcard for the purchase. Never mind.

  • +18

    Don't support Gerry!

  • +15

    Will never buy anything from Harvey Norman in my entire life. Corporate thief.

  • would be nice if they could price match BF 2042 on PS5 to $79 like every other retailer……

    • Will they not do it?

      • +1

        looks like they have price matched today :)

        • +1

          You're kidding, I just bought it at $89 :") rip

  • Anything good worth it above a 21$ price tag to fill out my cart?

  • what to buy with no regrets?

    • kids were eating them and ruined their stomach

  • +4

    $100 Xbox Gift Card is showing as Latitude Pay as an option for payment. Can anyone check if the $30 is reflected in the LP checkout please?

    • +2

      Oh nice catch.

      Yep $30 discount and $70 total at checkout

      Damn wish I could get PSN, Steam or Nintendo Ecards :P

      • Nice lol, they mustn't have picked up on it yet :)

        Bit annoying about the other credits, they must have realised last time.

        • The sad thing is that I do actually own a Series S but I can't think of any xbox 'exclusive' things that I couldn't just get on PC anyway, otherwise I may have went for this.

          Honestly kinda regretting that console purchase 😅

          • +1

            @Stoibs: You can use it to pay for Game Pass :)

    • Thanks Doweyy..bought it for 2042 when microsoft has a special…

    • Worked for me

    • Any other gift card?

  • +1

    Dammit i hate these deals. I spend half the day trying to find stuff to buy

    • +2


      And then after the deal is over you realise there was something you actually needed lol

  • Anyone know how to online price match so I can use latitudepay?

    I've tried the online chat.. Didn't work. And the whatsapp link. Didn't work. As in, nobody ever picked up after the bot was finished.

    • Long waiting time, I did price match via online chat before, it took more than 15 mins to wait, before COVID-19.

    • I usually wait till around 8/9pm and thats when someone finally responds

    • Sent them a message on Whatsapp about half an hour ago to see if they'll price match JB / Target on a switch pro controller. normally $99 at Harvey, but pretty much everywhere else it's $89.

      I plan to add a $15 USB stick to the cart to get the total back over $100 for this deal, which would make the total $74 for a Switch pro controller and a 32gb USB 3.0 drive.

      They are taking their sweet time though. I just got an automated message that said "All our agents are busy… "

      • How long till they got back to you?

        • They never did 🤣 Great customer service right there.

      • Tried again today, this time using the live chat on their website rather than Whatsapp. It said "Typically replies within 7 minutes" but they didn't respond in 30 mins 🤦‍♂️ Bloody useless.

        I ended up just going in store and getting the guy to price match in person, he had no trouble since it was in stock at JB. I added a $23 Samsung 128GB micro SD to bring the total back over $100.

        So I ended up with a Switch Pro Controller and 128GB Micro SD for $82.. Definitely wont bother with their online support again though 😴

    • +1

      I contacted their live chat around 5:45pm. It's now 9:53pm and the only messages I've received are the bot messages "All our agents are busy. We would definitely get back to your query. Appreciate your patience."

      On the website it says that their live chat operating hours are 7am to 11pm. I don't actually believe they have someone monitoring this "live" chat otherwise it shouldn't take so many hours to get a human response during their operating hours.

      • +2

        It was 4:39 when I messaged them, and they never replied by 11pm. 🤔

      • +1

        I started at 11am. Still nothing.

        "Typically takes 15 min." Yeah, right.

  • OP stated - "Note: Product exclusions apply, such as gift cards and digital goods." Does this mean we cannot buy chromecast with google tv or any giftcard (and xbox as stated by doweyy)?
    Also, super newb question … does LP, EasyPay and all these other delayed payment apps affect our Credit Score each time we sign up and do they add more enquiries on it each time we ever make another purchase using their app?

    • +1

      chromecast with google tv

      It's not a digital product. So it's eligible. There are in fact comments above of people buying it.

      or any giftcard (and xbox as stated by doweyy)

      Xbox seems to be the exemption in comments above …

      apps affect our Credit Score each time we sign up and do they add more enquiries on it each time we ever make another purchase using their app?

      Once to sign up only. Not for each subsequent purchase

      • +1

        thanks for your prompt reply

  • GO Hardly Normal GO

  • Cheers OP, was waiting for a deal to buy the Black PS5 Controller. Got it for $79, making it the cheapest it's been yet I believe.

  • Will using this affect credit score or ability to get mortgage in the future?

    • Not much as long as you make repayments on time you should be fine.

      And normally the limit they give you is within $1k, less than most people’s credit card balance so you should be fine.

    • Yes.
      I have a credit score of 900+ and had my first reduction in points due to opening a latitude account, around 50pts. Afterpay did not affect my score at all.

  • Mx master 3 for 119 any good?

    • Good Guys had it for $109 about a month ago.

  • good deal

  • +1

    On Joyce Mayne it seems like the promo code EXTRA10 works for my purchase. Unsure about Harvey Norman or Domayne. Extra 10% off before the $30 off!

  • +3

    Harvey Norman have as much chance getting a cent out of me as peace in the Middle East.

    Screw you Gerry. I shall Never forget your greed.

    • Screw you Gerry

      Especially today. His birthday

  • Hmm could pre-order BF2042 or get a 4tb portable HDD

  • Did anybody ending getting through to livechat/messenger/whatsapp to price match something? How long was your wait roughly

  • +1

    AfterPay = No issue

    ZipPay - No issue.

    Latitude Pay - Unfortunately, we're unable to approve your application.

    Guess they don't want my business.

    • For such a small amount these credit hits are not worth it at all on your profile, hopefully you won't have issues in future affecting your borrowing capacity.

    • Me too.

      Afterpay/Zip fine but not this one

      I don't get it

  • If I was to buy multiple items totalling over $100 and I get the $30 off then I decide to return on of those items,will I get the full refund for that one item?

    I did something similar with JB Hi-Fis ZipPay $30 off $150 spend and ended up getting the full refund for the item I returned and I got to keep the bonus $30 off. I'm tempted to just buy something random with my preorder game and return the random item for a refund.

  • Some of you are mentioning of getting gift cards is that at discount price? if so where, my suncorp i dont think offer anymore.

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