Wolf 180mm Rafter Square $5 + Delivery (Free C&C or Orders over $99) @ Total Tools


I was looking for a speed square the other day, and while I found some pretty decent ones on Amazon for about $10 but I like to have a few basic ones around in different sizes. I went to pick up a drill press from Total Tools and found this on sale. In store it was showing full price on the tag, but I told them it was $5 online and when they scanned it through it was indeed that.

Nothing fancy about it at all, but for basic square alignments and having a spare, it does the job for $5

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  • I thought this was "The Pyramid" (https://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Pyramid) tablet from The Office.

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    Got one for ~$10 delivered. Thanks OP

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    TIL, what a rafter square is and its uses

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    It only has Imperial length measurements

    • Yes that's right, but as a reference for making sure things are square and drawing square lines, it's not much of an issue for $5. I still use the measurements on jobs where it doesn't matter - as long as it's all relative it's fine.

    • I bet you someone at Total Tools didn't notice this either lol.

      fwiw though, the imperial system is a joy to use for cabinetry type work (which is not to say that this square is all that appropriate for that).

  • I only discovered rafter/speed squares this year - what a useful tool.I'm going to stick with metric, but I'd recommend them to everyone.

  • Being keeping an eye on the swanson speed square on amazon, they do some good deals on the imperial version but never the metric

    • Yes I picked up one of those poly Swanson ones. They are really nice for the price, light, and good quality.

    • Grabbed a Swanson metal speed square from amazon for $6 a couple years ago.

    • I got a Johnston one on Amazon. I use it all the time.

      Read reviews though, some seem to not be all that square.

  • is this made from metal or plastic

    • Plastic

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    Thanks OP! Bought one.

  • what a nightmare to read.

  • I bought 4 of these, 3 for friends as a small present. They have a lifetime warranty! Use a clamp to hold it to a plank, as a guide for your circular saw to get a square cut.

    • I use my squares a lot for that, and since this one is imperial, I use it mostly for alignment tasks like that