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[Latitude Pay] Apple Airtag (4 Pack) $119 + Delivery or Free C&C @ Harvey Norman


As part of the Latitude Pay deal. Appears to be working with Airtags. Not the cheapest but decent price for 4 pack.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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      Aren't computers just fancy transistors?

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        Fancy calculators.

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      No, it has a bluetooth transmitter. If you are out of range, (example, it has fallen outside of your home) then other Apple phone users walking pass will pick up the tag's location and you can see where it is.

      This system has been around for over 10 years, but never on such a widely adopted platform such as Apple iOS. So the tracking through other Apple users will be the factor that determines the success of this product, because you personally don't have to be within bluetooth range for it to work.

      • Yes. Just don't expect it to track moving objects very well. Someone posted an airtag back to their own address, and whilst it picked up milestones, it was not able to give the 'real-time tracking' which a lot of people had hoped for.

        Also, Apple strongly recommends against attaching these to pets and children. Just saying.

        • Apple strongly recommends against attaching these to pets and children

          Risk of accidental swallowing I would say

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    Got mine when they had the $50 back on $150 spend. Haven't used them very much because they just sit at home all the time…

    Saw some post on reddit of a guy who stuck theirs under the seat of their bicycle which was subsequently stolen. Got it back within the day.

    • The problem is it warns you if you are using an iPhone and an Airtag that doesn't belong to you seems to be following you; so it would have warned the thief if they were riding the bike carrying an iPhone.

      • I probably rushed the point about getting it back within the day. It takes a few hours for that to happen. I haven't quite tried leaving an airtag elsewhere but I imagine it would alert the user their airtag was moving away (e.g. you left your bag on the train) before alerting nearby iphone users that theres a random airtag following them.

      • I think the warning only kicks in after 2 days.

  • Delivery kills the deal… not worth the money saved for a credit check

    • Yeah these deals that require you to take out extra credit are pretty disappointing.

  • With the centre com deal being bunkers, might go with this.

  • The best price was when they were $100 at different stores