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[LatitudePay, Preorder] Apple Airtag - 4 Pack + $1 Item for $100 ($25 Each) + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman/JM/TheGoodGuys


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  • +3

    For comparison, Apple would like 134 dollarydoos - however does give you the option of engraving (which for me, while slightly more expensive) is a really nice feature.

    • +4

      I see $149 on Apple?

      • +7

        oops, quite right. I was logged into our EPP page. 49 for engraving is a lil steep.

        Great deal!

        • How do they compare to Tile tags anyone?

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: There’s no comparison anymore. Apple utilises the massive iOS user base to generate a location for your item.

            • @Flying Ace: The only thing is you cant use your airtag to find your phone, since the phone is one of the things most people misplace.

              • @ATangk: Here's to hoping Google will come out with their own Smart Tags!! and leverage to their huge Android market.

                Sammy tag can ring the phone back; so yea the AirTag is not all there…
                But I don't want to be locked with Apple nor Samsung ecosystem.

                Also still finding a tag small enough to fit in my wallet without bulking it too much. can't believe they don't make it better

            • @Flying Ace: But I primarily don't use an iPhone :(
              (only for 7/Eleven locks)

          • @capslock janitor: They don't have any loops on them though so you'll need to shell out extra dollars for their specific keychains and I'm sure they won't play very nice with Android phones.

            • @theknight27: Keychains have already started flooding the market. Give it a few months and you can definitely get cheap keychains for Airtags

      • +4

        Engrave name and number. These devices help you find stuff…..would be common sense to have engraving if you lose it. I have lost so much stuff coz I didn't label them

        ***edit**** nope you are right, engraving is useless, can't put sweet feck all on it

        • I actually plan to buy from Apple EPP for the engraving. It's not like they're worth enough to warrant reselling in the future so why not personalise with your initials/etc or to identify individual Airtags?

        • Re the engraving, I can think of a MUCH cheaper way to put my contact number on my keys etc.

      • Oh no a disabled user.

    • will most likely be doing the same with the EPP program so I can get the engraving done.

  • +35

    Buy 7 so you can start "dragon balls" searching

    • +1

      Gotta catch em all

    • +1

      Man I wish that could be a custom engraving

    • +2

      Tim Cook: Make a wish.

    • Nice one

  • +2

    Already used my $50 off at Harvey Norman. If the airtags pop up on one of the other $50 off $150 stores, someone please post.

    • +5

      Joyce Mayne just listed them, they’re included in the $50 off $150 promo.

      • +3

        Domayne is another choice also for those following.

        • So if you want 3 items from the HN Group, you can claim the $50 once per each of their subsidiaries?

          • +2

            @Master Bates: I believe so, has worked fine in the past unless they have fixed it? They’re 3 different merchants I would imagine even though part of the same group.

          • +2

            @Master Bates: Yes it’s in the t&c

            (from their little help bubble on the bottom right of the FOMO PROMO landing page)

            How many times can I redeem the offer?
            You can take advantage of these offers across all our participating merchants, but the offer can be redeemed once per merchant.

            Terms and Conditions:
            To redeem offers applied by LatitudePay, select LatitudePay at checkout and the discount will be deducted at the LatitudePay Payment Schedule. Offer is for single use only per merchant. Minimum spend amounts apply and vary per merchant. For offers applied by merchants please refer to terms and conditions on the merchant website. Offer ends 11:59pm on the 23rd April 2021.

  • +16

    This is what I’ve always wanted Tile to be, so I’m actually pretty keen.

    • +2

      What does it do that Tile doesn't?

      • +17

        Promises much better tracking accuracy (but only if you have a recent iPhone, and it can leverage a way bigger network of phones to find lost stuff vs only those using the Tile app

        • +1

          downside is just requiring an iPhone then?

      • +1

        the fact you can tap onto the back of your iPhone for NFC to tell you the owner and contact number is a huge positive. In saying that im more keen on the Samsung Tag because theres a button that you can use in-conjunction with SmartThings if you prefer to use it as a remote rather than a tag

        • -2

          Does this mean that is someone finds a set of keys with a tag on it, they tap their phone on the tag and get to know the owner's name and contact number? Would that not give them an opportunity to break into the owner's house (assuming address can be searched via social media) using actual keys?

          • +1

            @karseeeejaaaa: It's up to you what information appears when they tap the tag. So the smart choice would be an anonymous sounding email.

          • @karseeeejaaaa: i guess you can choose what information to share and what not to..for example, you can give them a back-up phone number to negotiate a "buy back" price:)

          • +15

            @karseeeejaaaa: OMG you're right. And while they're there they'll take your mail, and steal your identity, and swap out the tablets in your bathroom cabinet, and you think you're taking paracetamol but it's really rohypnol and the next thing you know you wake up in a bathtub full of ice and you're missing a kidney.

            • -1

              @GrueHunter: But @ycatlive did mention I can setup a "buy back" plan and get my mails back.

          • @karseeeejaaaa: The phone number only appears if the owner puts the AirTag into Lost Mode and elects to provide the phone number.

        • Will Sam tag work with other Androids? Or even Apple too

      • +4

        Tile is useless and the company lies about their capability and the size of their network.

        • +1

          I hated the early ones. basically a scam but now they are super useful…I'm so forgetful they're an everyday item

      • I've owned the tile in the past, and the network just isn't big enough to make them all that useful. The fact that the AirTag uses the network of 1.6 billion existing Apple devices is a the most significant difference.

  • +17
    • +5

      LOL have a + from me

  • +21

    So if I put one in my vehicle and someone borrows my vehicle, if they have find my phone enable or their own tag account, it’ll let them know my tag is there via a beep or notification?

    Like if someone steals your car can it ever be used without making a sound to silently track them down without alerting them one is installed? New to all of this

    • +6

      What’s with the dislike, genuine question. Lol

    • +4

      Yeah that's correct.

      Annoying but Apple can't win on that one, cause this would be the perfect stalker device without the warning.

      • +1

        Thanks for the confirmation.
        More of a relief to know, I’m glad to know I’ll be alerted if someone tracks me with one! Still a nifty device for tracking personal belongings, just not for quietly tracking a thief with your belongings lol.

        • +1

          For silent tracking you'll need a Tile with a Premium Subscription. But even then without your phone being near it's useless as there is less coverage when compared to Apples AirTag.

    • +12

      If someone steals your car and they have an iphone, they will get a pop up on their phone saying an air tag is with you. they have the option to disable

      if they don't have an iphone it will emit a sound.

      Dave2D did a good video explaining this and released it today

      • Thanks for the info and the video, I’ll give it a watch

      • +5

        Hey YLD1 just a little thing but your link actually has a time code that starts right AFTER he finishes talking about the tags. :-) It was a good vid though…

      • How hard is it to rip out the piezo? I do it on tons of devices that annoy me with their beeps…

        • It’s Apple, looking at their AirPods which cannot be repaired.

          I’ll assume if you rip it out the airtag will be destroyed

          Other option is just wrap it in sound absorbing foam and hide it away

      • So if that's how they work, air tags are basically useless against theft? Someone steals your car or bag, and the thief will get notified and can disable the thing that's supposed to be tracking your valuable items.

    • +1

      Wait till people start slipping them in other people’s pockets to find out where they live.

      • +7

        They thought of that. It beeps every so often when separated from the owner's device.

        ..I guarantee that'll be in a horror movie with months lol

        • +8

          OK cool. Can’t wait for all the beeping luggage in airports/planes!

          • @muncan: I wonder if the battery life runs out quicker that way.

            Apple stated the CR2032 lasts for 1-year. Is that 1-year with constant connection and beeping? Is that 1-year staying Idle? Or is that 1-year mixed usage?

            • +5

              @Kangal: Stated in the footnotes

              AirTag is designed to keep going for more than a year on a standard battery you can easily replace. And your iPhone lets you know when itʼs time to pop in a new one.

              Battery life based on an everyday use of four play sound events and one Precision Finding event per day. Battery life varies with usage, environmental conditions, replacement battery manufacturer and many other factors; actual results will vary.

            • @Kangal: The tile on my keys dies about 25% earlier than the one in my wallet. I often leave my wallet at home but never leave without my keys.

          • +1

            @muncan: It only starts beeping if it hasn't connected to the owner's devices for three days.

            This is an Apple server-side setting so it may change in the future. Ideally the owner should have the option to choose the length of time before it starts to beep.

    • look this is going to sound very dumb, but if you need genuine gps tracking worldwide, buy a $50 smartphone with android, put a sim with a gig of data, and sign in with your google account, and hide it whereever or whomever you need to track, once you lock the screen the battery is going to last 10+ days or you could literally wire up to the car's battery. I am sure these things aren't more accurate haha

      • +4

        I'll say typically people dont want an airtag to do that
        This is some serial killer shit

    • I had a gf I caught cheating by hiding an iPhone in her car’s boot when she went “out”, then used find my phone to locate the device.

      Yep she was cheating 👍🏽👍🏽

      • i guess that's a win?

        • win/lose

      • details mate, how did it go down exactly?

    • This is just my assumption. But I think it wouldn't notify if you set to lost mode.

      Friend borrows car, "airtag is following you" can just be dismissed by them since you would probably already inform you have tracking in the car.

      Car stolen, set to lost mode. No notification.

      Someone correct me if they've tested this out.

  • +4

    As much as I am not a big fan of Apple and their products at the moment, Airtag has actually caught my eye.

  • Just to point something out to you all, the promo is $50 off $150. These are $149. You'll need to add something else.

  • +8

    FYI: Precision finding is only available on iPhone 11 and the next gens up. Not saying its useless on an iPhone 8 or whatever but you won't be able to use the full benefits

    • Does this count the newer iPhone SE?

      • Nah.

  • +23

    The best thing about these is that the battery is user-replaceable. Kudos to Apple for doing that.

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