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WD Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB 7200RPM Hard Drive $675.82 Delivered + Bonus $55 Newegg Gift Card @ Newegg AU


Available in-store at Newegg Australia. Ships from United States.
AUD$55 promotional gift card w/ purchase, limited offer.
Shipping and GST are including in the price.

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  • Do you have any case+PSU deals?

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    Hi Rep, could you please share how warranty from Newegg Global is handled and if you cover RMA return shipping costs back to the US (if the product is confirmed faulty after assessment)?


    • Interested but really depends on the warranty.

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      They are awful! Had an issue with a product and they state that the return window is 2 weeks from order date. Even if the item arrives after the 2 weeks from when you orderd it doesn't matter and wouldn't do anything for me. I had to threaten with ACL and they finally agreed to partial refund so I could replace some of the keycaps that were broken on the keyboard. Never buying from them again

  • Are these still known as deathstars?

    • Don't be silly. Only the 75GXP models of in IBM's DeskStar family were the DeathStars. UltraStar wasn't even in the same product range.

    • User name checks out

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    $37.4/Tb excluding GC

    • Ha kinda like supermarket shopping…Wow what a deal! zooms in to tiny text price per Tb… Oh

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    I bought two of these at a good price one via Amazon, one via eBay. Amazon one shipped relatively quick still several weeks, arrived and working 100% eBay one took 2 months to get here, was DOA, the WDC test software reported too many errors to complete the test! successful return on the eBay one, but I had to pay international postage (about $120) and Paypal only refunded $40 or so , was out of pocket $80. So not happy. Would love to be buying these drives at this price all day long but not going to take another risk on overseas shipping again.

  • So order 1; get gift card.
    Use gift card, to help with 2nd one.

    • Are those gift cards transferrable/can be used by anyone else?

      Would you get a second gift card if you used the first one to buy a second drive?

      Interested in a drive but would have preferred cash back over a GC.