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25% off All Coffee Blends & Free Express Shipping @ Airjo Coffee Roaster


AIRJO are having a 25% off sale on all coffee blends with free express shipping.

Received Coupon Code via email.

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster

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    Enterprise blend 1Kg for 29.97 delivered. Bought.

    • Enterprise is my favourite as well!

      • Yep definitely my fave too 🙂

  • Do they come with jelly beans?

    • Not anymore it seems. They did in past. My wife was unhappy last time they were not in the pack.

      Oh well

  • Still haven't got mine from last sales 😞
    So much for express post

    • +1

      The last order took about a week to arrive but I just ordered a bag yesterday lunch time and it arrived in Melbourne today in just under 24 hours. I think Australia Post has their express post sorted again.

      • Mine was picked up last Tuesday. Sitting at some depot in Sydney since last Thursday

      • Sydney auspost deliveries are all delayed.

    • All bets are off for express post….any post really. I think they canned guaranteed delivery times again a week or two back.

      Too much online.

  • Which blend tastes the best?

    • What tastes do you think are best?

    • I quite like the Saratoga. Sumatra is pretty good too. I've also tried Enterprise and Columbia and both are decent.

      I tried the Twilight this time around and probably my least favourite of the bunch.

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    I've bought beans from these guys since last year. The last 1kg Sumatra bag had a stone in it and it was stuck in my grinder causing really loud noise like the grinder had broken moving parts. I stopped it immediately and upon inspection found a stone stuck in the grinder blades. Luckily the grinder is still functional after the stone was removed (wasn't easy). The blade is slightly scratch but there's no obvious damages.

    I sent them an email yesterday but havent received a reply

    Wonder if anyone else had similar problems

    • +1

      That's fairly serious. Would be interested in the update on this one - a stone with coffee beans is unacceptable.

    • -1

      Please report back on your progress here. Will blacklist Airjo until then…

    • +1

      Got a reply from Airjo (see below). Since this is the first time this happened after 1.5 years, and they have equipments and procedures to get rid of stones, I'm willing to give it another go.

      Hi Steve - please forgive the late reply - your email went to our spam folder for some reason.

      Please accept our sincere apologies for the stone. We are very surprised to hear this as we have comprehensive policies and equipment in place to stop this happening. It is certainly a hazard of the industry, hence the equipment we invest in but it is our responsibility entirely to manage this.

      I will pull the batch numbers from your last order.

      I have initiated a full refund for your bag of beans and printed labels to send you a replacement bag first thing Monday.

      We are also pleased to hear no damage was done and we do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

      Dan Slattery
      Managing Director
      AIRJO Coffee Roasters

  • Usually 30% is decent for them. Everything is labeled as a blend now… no more single origin?? @AIRJO CoffeeRoasters

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