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3 Shirts for $99 + $20 Delivery @ Charles Tyrwhitt


Stephen make way for Theo

Not as good as what we were used to in the past with 3 for $99 delivered
Still decent if you need eg 6 shirts for $198 plus $20 delivery which would work out to $36.33 per shirt

This used to be popular for estimating shirt sizes

6 month guarantee on shirts
as per website

We will deduct $7.95 from your return credit to cover return delivery costs, however exchanges are always free of charge.

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Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt


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    I remember the good old days when 3 shirts were delivered for $99.

    • just checked last time that deal was posted was back in early 2019
      one would have thought that with declining shirt sales due to covid, they would have offered it again

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    Perfect for zoom meetings.

    Party on the bottom, formal at the top.

  • Can anyone comment on the best CT fit for a gym body (wide shoulders and a narrow waist)? I'm currently using TM Lewin fitted.

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      no one can. we're all fatso around here.

      • Lucky they have a good returns policy. I'll order a couple of different fits. I usually get things tailored to match my body shape.

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      Go one fit smaller for CT

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    Do CT or TM Lewin sell trackpants yet?

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    For people that want more than 3 shirts, but less than 6 shirts.
    You don't have to order multiples of 3 shirts (ie 6 shirts).

    Every additional shirt over 3 shirts, is charged pro-rata at $33 each.

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      Every additional shirt over 3 shirts, is charged pro-rata at $33 each.

      good pick

      factoring in postage

      3 shirts $39.6 each
      4 shirts $38 each
      5 shirts $37 each
      6 shirts $36.33 each

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    Still have a dozen shirts bought pre-covid in bags not worn yet.

  • Hardly wear shirt these days

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    Thanks Theo

  • Where to get some good quality reasonably priced polos? Suitable for some casual office work as well.

    • Big W

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      Sportscraft online is much cheaper than Myer etc. Polos are about $30 with the extra discount they have running. That discount is available most of the time I think. Material is way better quality than shitty polos.

    • I like Connor. You can get them pretty cheap on sale.

  • I still have the $99 3 shirts delivered unopened

  • $20 shipping is steep. Are they sent wrapped inside several bricks via DHL?

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    Great quality shirts

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    Agree. Excellent quality work shirts which last ages. The non iron really is no ironing required if you put them through the dryer and pull them out within 15 mins of it finishing the dry cycle.

  • Thanks OP! Been waiting for this… :)

  • Thanks OP, it sounds like they might not be able to ship the shirts I ordered for about a month. Fine for me as I'm not in a rush but something to think about

  • Does code work for you guys?
    Does work for me… says code “THEO” cannot be added to cart. Or something along that line.

    • Tested, works for me

  • Thank you that worked for me. Bought 6 to add them to my collection :D