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Night Cat Fishing Net 1.8mx30m $49.99 Delivered @ Buythemnow via Amazon AU


3 Layers Fishing Gill Net / Completed Finished Trammel / Seine Net
Ready for Use & Well Handmade. (Was $69.99)


  1. Material: Nylon monofilament
  2. Twine: Inner layer 0.17mm, outside layer 0.32mm
  3. Mesh: Inner Layer 1-4/5" square mesh or 45mmsq (9cm stretched); outside layer 5-1/5" square mesh or 130mmsq (26cm stretched)
  4. Depth: 1.8 m
  5. Length: 30 m
  6. Weight: 1750g
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  • Hmmm.. . spend $50 on a net or get frozen basa catfish from mekong river for $8/kg

  • Is this net legal in Australia ?

    • Gill nets are a big nono

      • Yes that's what I thought .

      • Then neg it to get rid of the deal..

  • This is a weird post. Gillnets are generally not legal in Au.

    Tasmania is one of the places at allows it, but it can only be a single mesh construction. This is a 3 mesh that will catch over and undersize fish and is not legal to use.

  • Illegal

  • +1

    Only allowed in very specific circumstances, and this isn't it.


  • -1

    Night Cat Fishing Net 1.8mx30m $49.99

    OMG !!!!

    Fishing for cats in the night is NOT cool !!!!