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XGIMI Horizon 1080P Projector $1332.35 ($1299.04 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Sydneymobiles eBay


This price is good. Usually it's around AU 1500 or more on eBay or Amazon. It has Android 10 so you can sideload APK files and it supports Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney Plus out of box.

XGIMI Horizon 1080P Projector X-VUE 2.0 Image Engine Home Video Theater Projector
More Brains,More Brawn,Less Hassle
Meet HORIZON, the most versatile and easiest to use true FHD home projector from XGIMI. HORIZON packs premium features into an intuitive and powerful package. Take all the work out of finding the perfect FHD picture; just turn on HORIZON in any room and reshape your cinema experience in seconds, right out of the box. Get more immersive anywhere you choose with industry-leading picture quality, intelligent imaging features, and Hi-Fi sound from Harman Kardon. No more limits, no more hassle.
The Future Has Never Looked Clearer
HORIZON brings you the crystal clear 1080P image quality, up to a gigantic screen size of 300". With resolution up to 1920x1080P, you can take game night to the next level, or have an ultra HD date with your favorite movie. No more choosing portability and screen size or picture quality; HORIZON has all the bases covered.
We've Always Been Bright
HORIZON's super bright projection technology outshines the competition; that means no more bother choosing a different room or screen angle during daytime or in bright environments. HORIZON is the brightest projector in its class by nearly 30%, putting out a stellar 2200 ANSI Lumens. HORIZON will consistently deliver high colors and super sharp images, even in bright environments.
Transform Your World In Seconds
No more struggling to get your entertainment set up in a new space. HORIZON is ready to go with super fast startup, automatic focus and keystone correction, and new AI object detection. Get ready to use your biggest screen the same way you would any other device: instantly and intuitively.
Brilliantly Colorful, Shockingly Smart
HORIZON combines the most powerful imaging features from XGIMI and makes them even more adaptable with a built-in AI optical sensor. With low latency, stunning contrast, and integrated optics, HORIZON makes quality and consistency faster and more automatic than ever.
Professionally Rich Color Accuracy
With such a vast and rich range of colors, every detail on screen is restored and presented accurately, greatly enhancing your viewing experience.

eneral InfoModelHORIZONCompatibilityAndroid TV 10.0 OS or Chromecast Built-in or Google AssistantNETWORKHardwareBluetoothYes, V5.0DimensionsWarranty12 Months(AU)

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    I don't get this…. 1080P over $1300… you can get a proper 4K tv 65 inch or even 75 inches if you care less about branding….

    I know this can go over 120 inches, but what's the point on 1080p with all lights off and curtains shut…..

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      You can also get some very good pixel shift 4k projectors for around this price on sale too.

      • No you can't.

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          • @poppingtags: Care to share some links or is it just untrue?

            • +1

              @pizzaguy: It's not untrue, I just didn't want to engage with a pixel peeper after trying to explain to hardcore gamers that casual gamers can be perfectly happy with a Xbox Series S.

              The Viewsonic PX-728 and the Viewsonic PX-748 are great options that can be had for around $1300 on sale, even less if you combine them with giftcards etc. They're obviously not going to be as good as higher-end projectors, but the older models that they just replaced (PX727 and PX747) do have very positive reviews and are priced significantly less than other 4k projectors. They come with a 3 year Australian warranty too. If you have a look at Youtube videos comparing 4k pixel shift projectors with 1080p projectors, most people would agree that the image is a lot more detailed on the 4k pixel shift projectors and surprisingly close to that of the significantly more expensive true 4k projectors.

              The PX728 is a good option if you have a well treated, dark room and value colour accuracy (colours will need to be adjusted out of the box though), the PX748 is a good option if you're willing to sacrifice some colour accuracy for brighter output that can produce an acceptable projection with some ambient light. They also have low input lag and a 1080p 240hz mode that can be good for gamers.

              Again, its not going to be as good as an OLED TV, or a high refresh gaming monitor or a high end projector - but for someone who wants a big screen to play games and watch movies on, who is willing to make some very acceptable compromises, these are great options.

              • @poppingtags: Thank you, that's useful.

              • @poppingtags: Thanks for the details.
                I'm thinking of buying a new TV, and then heard about protectors (before that, to me, projector is just something to be used in office).
                I'm term of brightness, what would a typical LED / OLED TV produces? Is that something more than 2000/4000 ANSI lumens? When we watch TV in our living room, we don't usually have the block out curtains, and don't have the lights off. Can we still do the same with that Xgimi Horizon / PX728?

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      do you realise that the picture quality in the cinema is way inferior to OLED or a proper 4k tv but you never hear people complaining about the picture quality in the cinema dont you? I own both 4k TV and 1080p projector (a proper 1080p projector not a cheap $400 ones you can buy off Ebay). I gotta tell you watching movies on 1080p projector with 100+ inch screen gives you far more immersive viewing experience comparable to the ones you can only get in the cinema. Also, Xgimi horizon has Android 10 TV built in which means this is a literally a 100+ inch SMART TV about the size of a small cardboard. you cannot find a 2200ANSI Lumens 1080p projector with built-in android TV for under $1300 in the market.

      • People don't understand. I use my full HD projector in my bedroom protecting to the ceiling way more than my 77 lounge lg oled. It's just so convenient to do every night.

        • The projector is at the foot of your bed projecting upwards?
          Don't the lights get in the way?
          How do you mount the projector?

          • @congo: happen to have a white ceiling with about 120" above bed next to the lights which is located above the center of the room. I fabricated an L-mount with holes drilled on a music stand to isolate it from my bed. You can set to project upside down and the keystone correction made a perfect 16:9 rectangle. Having fully blanked out curtain helped too. The images were very bright and vibrant, never needed anti reflection coating screen. Hope that helps

      • Also 4K content tends to only be marginally sharper than 1080p, that's also ignoring that you can still watch 4K content downscaled to 1080p which make the differences even less noticeable.

      • @GOGOSING "you cannot find a 2200ANSI Lumens 1080p projector with built-in android TV for under $1300 in the market."

        Actually the Epson TW5700 is a superior projector in many ways for under $1300. It is significantly brighter with 2700 ANSI lumens too. It doesn't have Android TV but it has streaming features. If you must have Android TV it's still a superior solution to attach an Android TV box to this projector.


    • A projector with a big screen flills your entire vision and is much more immersive.

      It's for a second lounge though, a projector is not a TV replacement, they are for very different purposes.

  • Wow, I remember this model came out when I got my Xgimi Z4 back in 2017.

    Definitely not paying $1300 for 4 year old tech

    • +6

      Iphone user still do 😂

    • this is their latest model which came out a few months ago with the latest image processing technology and a built-in Android TV.

    • Were you thinking of the H2 or H3?

  • Is the resolution 1920 × 1080?
    I bite if the price is around $990

  • Maximum 300 dollars off

  • What is the pro's of this over an Optima 1080 projector for half the cost?

    • It does not seem to be using Android 10 which means you will have to use another android tv box or cast on phone for Netflix/Disney+ etc.

      • Seems like a plus to me because it's not baked into the device and is up gradable down the line. Considering the Optima is 3000 lumens and like $800 it's not a great deal IMO

    • Nothing.
      This unit can run some applications internally so you can use it without a source device - but assuming you're going to connect an XBox or Shield or Blu-ray or something to the Optima, then you're not losing anything - you just run the apps like Netflix on those devices.

  • anyone able to get it at 1299? I'm getting 1365 (ebay plus member)