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Royal Kludge RK61 Bluetooth Type-C RGB Mechanical Keyboard US$44.99 (~A$61.92) Delivered @ Banggood


Great price on this RGB mechanical keyboard. Blue, brown and red switches available at time of posting.


  1. Royal Kludge RK61 is with a ultra compact 61 keys layout, easy to carry.
  2. Supports bluetooth and USB wired dual-mode connection.
    bluetooth connection supports connecting 3 bluetooth devices at the same time, press FN + Q, FN + W, FN + E to switch to.
    1.8m USB Cable is a detachable cable design, more convenient for your use.
  3. Adopting double shot molding ABS keycaps, nearly 1.5mm thick, durable and anti-wear.
  4. RGB backlit displaying, and with 17 backlit modes for option.
  5. Widely compatible, compatible with Windows, iOS, Android; not only use with desktop computer, but also can be conneted with laptop, tablet or mobile phones.
  6. Supports NKRO in wired mode.

To get price in title:

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  • +1

    RK branded switches. Apparently not amazing but fine for the great price you're getting on this.

    Good way to dip your toe into 60% boards.

    • +17

      cringe toe dipper vs the chad foot dipper

    • What is a 60% board?

      • 60% of a full-size kb

        • I see, thanks.

  • +21

    Royal Kludge. I wonder if that name was thought through by the marketing types…

    • Royal (massive), as in, you're a royal PITA.
    • Kludge (half-arsed), as in, I fixed the car, but it's just a kludge.

    Massive Half-Arse

    It really rolls off the tongue - snappy!

    • +8

      Pretty sure most of these brands are made with those memes that turn the letters of your name and birthday into a name. Behold:


    • Derived from poor archaic keyboard layout we still accept as useable?
      From German klug (clever).

  • +4

    Good Price. I have a RK84, good keyboard for the price.
    Good keyboard for anyone looking for a small keyboard to use or mod.

    • I have the RK84 and love it.

    • I recently got one as well, how do you check the battery level on it? I got it 3 weeks ago, charged it once overnight, haven't charged it since.

      • When it stops working the battery is low ;)

    • I've heard sometimes the board makes mistakes while typing, such as 'i' being inputted twice when pressed once. Also that some people have noticed huge latency, and reported that the wireless modes are garbage. How's yours?

  • +2

    not hot swappable so you can't change to better switches like zealios later.

    this also has abs keys, i prefer pbt.

    these are rk switches, i don't know what that means. usually they use cheap outemu switches, but they don't state they are using outemu switches.

    lol, other then that it's a great deal.

    in for 1, going to give it as a gift after i change it to some girly keycaps and add a coiled cable.

    • +1


      Only model of the RK61 I have seen is hot swap, maybe its a older model non swappable.

    • +8

      To be fair, basically nothing near this price comes with PBT caps. Which is funny considering how affordable good PBT caps can be.

      If people want something similar with hotswapping, check out the GK61.

      • +1 for the GK61, overall good board for cheap that allows you to swap out switches for much better ones.

    • Honestly, a great gateway into mech keyboards. Had this for a year then jumped into the moonlander.

    • i hate red dragon, that just my preference.

      it doesn't have true rgb, they only stay that color in each row. the colours don't change, it will just stay that once color and do different things like, breath, wave, etc…

      • Thanks for your feedback

    • -1

      Or one from Kogan, the keys are raised so it's easier to clean, outemu switches. AUD$39

      • +1

        Utterly horrible keyboards from Kogan. I bought two for my two kids and they aren't great (I've had to replace both). Some of the keys wasn't responsive anymore after only about 8 months of usage. The RK61 I have works much better than this.

  • I got the RK61 RGB keyboard a while back from another sale and have to say for the price it's pretty good.

    Are there better ones - yes but more costly.

    If you're looking for the compact keyboards, this is pretty good IMO.

    WFH, I use it between 2 laptops - 1 work (windows/lenovo), 1 personal (macbook) everyday and have had no issues with connectivity or battery life (probs around 10 hrs - med/heavy usage)

    easy to clean, just pull keys off, spray with air, wipe if needed, all good again

  • +2

    I have this one with the brown switches - great for the price. Love the quick switch between 3 different bluetooth devices.
    switches themselves feel fine. keys are not super stable if that's a problem.
    Just be wary of the arrow keys need some getting used to - the up arrow is the question mark key. You either have the arrow keys on default and need to hold fn for up arrow, or have the question mark key on default and hold down fn key for the up arrow.
    I can't go back to full sized keyboard just because the footprint on my desk is too big - but i ended up getting a separate bluetooth numpad which is out of the way for use as arrow keys

    • +1

      I stuck it out long enough to get used to the same layout with my GK61. Pinky holds down Fn and then it feels relatively normal. Some would argue this one-handed layout is better than the FN+WASD layout some 60%s use.

  • +4

    definitely do foam case mod for this. its really easy to unscrew to perform the mod. improves the sound of the switches drastically compared to the original empty reverb-y case

  • I'd jump on this if I didn't just buy a Keychron K1V4 on FB marketplace.

  • +4

    I returned my 60 percent keyboard. I thought I'd never use the arrow keys.. until I tried to navigate through my Linux terminal history. The function key on that keyboard was on/off which made using the arrows an absolute pain.

    There was quite a few other frustrations which I've forgotten now. If you go for a 60 percent keyboard make sure there's a good return policy.

    Using a Womier K86 now with Kailh box whites and couldn't be happier.

    • Would you think the layout of this keyboard's FN button would make things easier?

      • If it's tap to toggle I think I'd be happy with it. But the other one I had to toggle on, arrow key, toggle off again. I'd often forget to toggle off which was the worst.

        • I'm pretty sure it's tap down to toggle as in the FN key needs to be pressed down for the arrow keys to register. Someone please correct me if that isn't the case.

          I haven't heard of a toggle on/off on a keyboard before for Fn. Which one was it? I might make the move from TKL to 60% soon and I'd rather not consider one with a toggle on/off as your old board was.

          • +1

            @studentl0an: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000995537825.html, I'm surprised how easy the Aliexpress return policy was too.

            • @nub: It looks exactly like this RK61. I read up on the FN keys with RK61 and it seems it can be toggled either way. I'll paste it below incase it helps anyone after they get the board.

              For anyone that is stuck here:

              Fn + Enter - Turn on/off arrow key function layer
              Fn + Left Control - Turn on/off function key layer

              Use arrows/function keys as one off:

              Fn + Right Alt -> Left Arrow
              Fn + Right page icon thing -> Down Arrow
              Fn + Right ctrl -> Right Arrow
              Fn + Question Mark -> Up Arrow

              Fn + 1 -> F1
              Fn + 2 -> F2

              Fn + 12 -> F12

    • I missed my numpad keyboard as well. Any recommendation for compact keyboard with numpad? (Not separated one)

      • +1

        Keychron k4?

        • Perfect! Never knew this kind of layout exists!

  • Good price. Unfortunately it's only the blue switch version that is this price and it's not hot-swappable. Would be a killer deal if it was hot-swappable.

    • +1

      Black keyboard brown switch is around the sameish price.

      I haven't tried to apply the coupon code, maybe that brings them all down to the same price?

      • Good call, I didn't realise there was a code. You're probably spot on!

  • +1

    I thought that said Royal Clunge. Got excited about royal fanny for a sec.

    • +2

      This ain't no regal axe wound, 'tis a keyboard!

  • i have the rk71 i bought last year. used it for a few times before returning to my cheapo kogan tkl. not that kludges are bad, just couldn't get used to the layout.

  • +1

    I got a kemove 60% keyboard a few months back. It's compact and great convenience to carry around. But be really certain that you like the absence of dedicated arrow keys.. I know I regretted

    • I thought the same but then just set up a secondary profile in the software and assigned the arrow keys as primary. So switch over to it….function W and bam….arrow keys.

  • found lots of ebay ad at this same price… even cheaper

  • I've been on the market for my first mechanical keyboard. Was looking at either going for a cheap Kmart job, or red dragon / RK appears to be a middle ground. How do these compare to the likes of Logitech Carbon G512 or Razer Blackwidow V3 green switches , or any other recommendations for a max around $120 mark?

    • +1

      Keychron are pretty good, can be had on Amazon for ~$100

    • +5

      look for a hot swappable keyboard so you can try different switches to find your favourite.
      there are 3 major types of switches:
      clicky & tactile - razer green or cherry blue switches - great for typing. probably only get if you are by yourself, its loud.
      tactile - no clicky noise, but feel a bump when it actuates - low/medium noise, kinda in the middle of blue and red switches.
      linear - smooth up and down - most quiet of the 3

      then you go down the rabbit hole of how many mm for the actuation point, total travel of switch, lubing the switch, different weight switches, etc…. lol, and that is why you really need a hot swappable keyboard. or just buy a ton of keyboards if your ballin.

      • Great recommendation. One hot-swappable keyboard ended up with me having 5-6 different switch options. They all feel so different but so good at the same time.

        It can definitely get you in deep.

      • Thanks for advice. I’m looking for a 65 to full size as I’ll be using it for work as well.

        I’ve also had a look at the keychron , no sales right now. I’m wondering if the black widow would be a good starting point and if it’s worth the extra over say reddragon if it’s a $40 margin assuming those are hot swappable

        And if the keychron was to be around the same price as a black widow , what to go for….

        • +1

          I don't think the Blackwidow is hot-swappable. I'm not aware of any Razer keyboards that are hot-swappable at the moment.

        • +1

          i don't think razer is hot swappable, and i don't like razer. i like razer over red dragon though. i prefer SteelSeries, corsair, obinslab, and logitech over razer.

          i would get keychron over the black widow. other good budget keyboards would be tecware, drevo, velocifire, rii, gamakay, eagletech, qisan, and havit.

          when looking for a new keyboard, the first thing you should look for is if it is hot swappable. if it has outemu switches you can switch with other outemu coloured switches. there holes are a little bit smaller, so you would have to do a little bit of work to fit other types of switches in to them. its a bit of a pain because you will have to do that at least 61 times. preferable something that has gateron switches. there is a great debate whether its better then the original "cherry mx" switches. there patent expired, now everyone is making switches. oh jeez rabbit hole, sorry.

          • @Rickrone: Thanks ended up getting a tecware phantom 87 brown - $60 delivered. Not the cheapest it’s been but fits the budget well plus I like the fact it’s tkl.

            • @pandas: that's a good one. it uses outemu switches. you can use other outemu switches. a very popular one are yellow outemu switches. they are linear (smooth up and down). a budget beast in the community. very similar to switches that cost a lot more. technically you can use other brands of switches, but the holes are a little tight, so you would have to file down like 87 keys. that's too much of a pain to do, so i would just stay with the outemu family.

              also look into some new keycaps for the future to spice it up and to get better ones, because you currently have abs plastic that will attract oil, dirt, and start shining. thick pbt caps would be good. i think they are oem profile, but you can get other profiles like SA to get a nice deep thock sound.

              definitely a great choice to start, this will be your gateway drug too keebs, lol.

    • +1

      One gotcha for the "Gaming" keyboards, their layouts might make them incompatible for different keycaps later on. (usually the bottom row configuration)

      Something to consider if you down want to be locked in for later modifications.

    • +2

      If u have spare time on your hands, get a hotswappable Keychron keyboard and replace them with Gateron Yellows (linear) lubed with 205G0, mod the stabs and chuck some foam in there. If you really want, could even do the PE foam mod and tape mod, but preference. Great way to kinda get yourself into custom mechanical keyboards.

  • +4

    I got one from Umart about a year ago. Has been great! They seem to be about $63 at the moment there, eg. red switches:


    • Only bad thing is the White Keyboard.. Some may prefer to match their desk, but it gets dirty very quickly..

  • +1

    I would suggest getting the hotswappable version if possible, these switches won't be the best.

  • I have the RK68 with gateron yellows (slightly heavier red) they are good starter boards. Wireless was pretty game changing coming from wired full size keyboard. Lots of desk space now + multi device WFH , it's great. Surprising quality for the price, my preference is for PBT caps as well, but hey it's $60.

    This is a good deal to get started, but + 1 for hot swap capable boards if you can, allows you to change up the feel whenever you want.

  • +1

    I got the RK87 and they’ve been great! Can swap between computers quite easily (+wireless). Only thing is I need to charge them once every week

  • Windows 10 doesn't play nice with Bluetooth. I went back to USB dongle keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse stops responding intermittently. Same bluetooth and mouse works fine on my phone and tablet.

  • If you want something a smidge bigger I can recommend the RK855. I wanted a small keyboard but with dedicated arrow keys. It only has 7 extra keys over the RK61, still has bluetooth etc. Unfortunately seems like price has increased on Banggood at $103, I nabbed it for $78

  • +1

    No for warmonger layout, I don't want to kill others

  • If anyone is curios, got a KeychronK8 red switch and RK84 and the tactile feedback on the RK is nicer, the K8 feels like a typewriter. K8 is also louder. The K8 has IMO a better finish (on the RK87 you can where the keycaps were broken off from the mold - not a big issue though). RK87 has a nicer light mode for caps lock - the caps lock key is lit up when locked, the K8 has a LED on the right. Switching between cable and bluetooth is automated on the RK87 (switches automatically if you connect via cable, at least on Win10), you need to flip a quite resistant switch on the K8.

    TL;DR: IMO K8 looks nicer, RK87 feels more thought-out from the box (didn't mod anything).

  • I've had mine (Red switch) RK61 for around 18 months and can really recommend it to others. Only one thing (common to most keyboards of this size and layout) is that it defaults to the arrow keys as opposed to the /?,Alt,Ctrl and Context menu buttons. Just have to Fn+Enter when you use it to toggle between those functions.
    Otherwise it's fantastic for the price. Using it with my Samsung DEX dock setup in USB mode and can change to BT at any time from a flick of a switch at the bottom.

  • Can anyone suggest a keyboard like this with f keys, maybe even numpad. I have a keychron similar to this and love it but annoys me when i go to press physical buttons that dont exist.

    • All keyboards have at least one F key.

    • physical buttons that don't exist? i don't think that is a physical button.

  • Code no longer working