This was posted 11 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ToolPRO Chainsaw Sharpener $29 (Was $50) @ Supercheap Auto (Selected Stores)


Had a $10 credit in my account, which brought the total to $19.

If you don't have an existing credit, on the new user registration page, it says "Join for $5 and receive $10 welcome credit!" - make use of this to bring the price down to $24

Available at the following stores nearby at the time of buying:

SCA South Morang
SCA Broadmeadows
SCA Essendon

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  • Now where to find a chainsaw deal?!

    • $200 ALDI 4 stroke with 16" bar

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        Thanks… Now where to use to it?

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  • This is great, just in time for Halloween!

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    Perfect timing, my chainsaw was getting blunt from cutting up bodies of anti-vaxxers who've died naturally

    • -2

      I like mine blunt for the religious door knockers after i let them in. The screams stretch out longer

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    Can't beat the ol' hand file

    • +3

      The 2-in-1 File Holder are good, they come with the chainsaw but expensive new, been using the same one for ~13yrs.

      • Heard good things. Wouldn't mind trying out

      • Yup, love mine. 5 minutes or so per chain. Took a couple of chains to my local Stihl shop and they massacred them, took probably 30% of the meat off the teeth in one go. And charged me $15 to do it. Always do my own now, and that all in one file works wonders.

    • I bought a Stihl one yesterday and used it the first time, felt awkward but I got it done, I guess I’ll get smother with practice.

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    Using a simple round file and chain guide (the manual tool found in any hardware shop for $20 or so), allows you to sharpen the teeth allows you to get a lot more use (life) from your chain, takes 5mins instead of 5mins (since you can do it without taking the chain off) and is more precise.

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      takes 5mins instead of 5mins

      That's 100% efficiency!

      • 😅🤣😅😄

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          100% the same, I was trying to convey. But time taken to setup is longer if you have to get out a big tool, set up on a table & plug it in, first.

  • Can't find stock anywhere in Victoria

    • No stock in brisbane surrounds either

  • The chainsaw sharpening attachment for my Dremmel was a good investment. Gets the job done in minutes. No need to remove the chain.

    • Yeah I might pick up one of these some stage soon.

  • Looks like the cheap ones from ebay for that price normally.

    I have one very similar. Dodgy but works. Got to be gentle and don't pull the chain back very hard or overtighten it and it works ok.

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