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Reolink 8CH HD PoE 5MP IP Security Camera Surveillance System $399 Delivered @ Shopping Square

  • 8 Channels 5MP
  • 4x 5MP IP Camera Included
  • 2TB Hard Drive pre-installed
    PoE — Easy Setup, Even for a Beginner
  • Waterproof Works Perfectly Outdoor/Indoor
  • Motion Detection Schedule for NVR
  • Built-in Mic, Live Stream and Playback Video with Audio
  • Night Vision

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    $339.99 at Reolink (https://m.reolink.com/au/product/rlk8-410b4/?attribute_pa_ve...) with code ‘ggreo80off410b4’

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      Was just doing the check around and thought OK Shopping Square 100% cheapest…..but missed the code.

      How did you come across the code ?

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        I googled the model number to check reviews and it was the first option in the Google shopping results

    • Why shouldn't I buy that?

    • 5MP sold out and code doesn't work on 4MP.

    • That's their 4mp system, op's link is 5mp?

  • Are these any good? Looking for a turnkey setup like this for my house.

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      Highly recommend Reolink. I have them for them for my parents business and home. Easy setup. Can remote in from desktop software which works really well. Can install person/vehicle detection cameras. App works great. My own personal setup is Blue iris with deepstack AI and about 14 hikvision/ezviz cameras but I'd go reolink for ease of use.

    • I have this system and for the price it's great value however these 5MP cameras have a 4:3 aspect ratio so will look stretched on widescreen TVs or monitors. I've replaced 2 of mine, one with a 8MP camera and another with a 4MP camera because of this issue. The system does have some other quirks but nothing serious that I've come across.

      • That aspect ratio is a very good point - I have my (Swann) system coming up on a widescreen monitor and it would look pretty odd in 4:3.

        My 4MP cameras I gather come from the same factory as Reolink and are widescreen.

        • Yeah I had a Swann system with 1080p 16:9 cameras before I updated to the Riolink and it didn't even cross my mind that any camera in 2021 would still be 4:3 and they don't mention that anywhere unless you do a search for camera aspect ratios or you work it out by the resolution figures.

  • Wondering if people install it themselves or get it installed through a professional. I am not good at installing cabling etc. Also what do people do to protect against power failures? Any recommended UPS solutions to go with this?

    • Wondering if people install it themselves or get it installed through a professional.

      Not legal to install yourself if you are going to put cable in roof or inner walls.

      • Good to know. Didn't know this.

      • Wait why is this downvoted, it's the correct answer??

        • Wait why is this downvoted

          Same people who where attacking police with bottles and rocks in Richmond yesterday…
          They have no respect for the law.

  • Always check the Reolink website first. They have regular discounts with free delivery.

  • Does anyone know if this requires Internet access to function? ie can I run it with no internet access available to it?

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      Question answered above. No is the answer, internet not required.

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