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[SA] Verona Outdoor Resin Chair White $2.00 @ Bunnings, Seaford


Went to Bunnings to buy some outdoor chairs and found these Verona chairs available for $4.50 each but was told they were on clearence special price at $2.00 each. Bought ten of them. Good for occasional use.

Not sure if any other of their stores have these but this was at their Seaford,SA store and there were plenty left. I couldn't find these in their online store.

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    Needs the glass table to go with them, few beers and a chat that extends until the sun rises #memories

    • +66

      I don't think these chairs are that comfortable for all night chats…

      I was thinking of getting it more for visitors to get uncomfortable and leave earlier lol

      • +14

        Yep. Can even put a little bit of water on them to help.

      • If you're providing the beers and food then I'm sure they're sufficiently comfortable.

  • +16

    drill a hole in the middle and put a pot underneath, there you go, multi function chair!

    • +4

      Lemon tree would be ideal!

      • +1

        Ah yes! The best way to sweeten the lemons!

    • +1

      That a commode toilet Redneck style

  • Thanks bought 20

    • Noice

    • -4

      You brought 20 I brought 100 than lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • +4

    These don't last very long. You might end up paying more on replacements.

    • +10

      Outside no. For extra chairs once in a while such as for parties, etc. they're fine - just make sure they're stored inside.

    • +3

      You won't pay more for replacements if you don't replace them

    • +6

      Hip replacements after the sun makes the legs brittle.

    • +1

      I see these chairs a lot often on the kerb side (for council collection).

  • +15

    Adding more to the landfill i seee

    • +2

      Bit difficult to fit in to a regular bin for landfill. I had to chop them.

    • +1

      Lucky we have Super Truck that will save the world 😆

    • I try not to buy things that are common in during Council's Kerbside Pickup weekends and yes these chairs are common.

  • +5

    Observe the weight limit on these. From experience, I recommend reducing the SWL by at least 20%

    • +3

      With lockdown most people have out on the kilos. Be ready for a few to break and some funny moments especially if they are on slippery tiles!!

  • +36

    Cheers need a new gaming chair

  • Can anyone confirm availability in WA?

    • +17

      I'm available and in WA.

    • -2

      Or you could go on to Bunnings website. I’ll let you work out what the link is.

  • +3

    Perfect for a smoko.

    • +6

      I know the perfect stretch of road!

  • +5

    Are these the ones if you stretch a little backwards they snap in half!

    Yeah no thanks

    • +5

      Yeah, I have personally seen heavier people crashing down on one of these

  • +3

    Nothing says dodgy barbecue time like this kind of chairs

  • +2

    Landfill thanks you

  • +1

    It says Made in Italy so might be a selling point.

    • +2

      Like the Andrea Doria

  • +1

    They need to hold another darts tournament in Melbourne so they can build the chair pyramid again.

  • +9

    Careful, these chair are brittle and break easily .

    • +4

      That's part of the fun

      • +1

        Yeah its like Russian roulette.

        One Xmas one went 'bang' (cos that's the noise they seem to make) and a larger family member went down. After a while we had all gathered ourselves, and then 'bang' another one went, another slightly larger family member went down.
        My dad said he doesn't know why, he said they have been stored in the mezzanine level of his shed no worries for years. Lol

        • +1

          Yeah same happened to me few years ago, we had few visitors over and one of my friend suddenly went down when the chair failed

    • And not very stable

  • +3

    Good for the mother-in-law, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Pretty sure Boris and Biden were sitting on these when they negotiated their latest deal for nuclear subs

    • Chairs were provided by bunnings downunder.

  • +1

    These are cheap for a reason, they are very flimsy.

  • +1

    These chairs make for the best fun

  • Rumours have it that they've sold out after David Gallop came through with a bulk order.

  • How long till these break and are in hard rubbish?

    • +1

      Versus absolutely everything else we buy in bulk and cheap these days.

  • Are these Australian made please, like Hills hoist

  • +1

    Came for the comments. Was definitely not disappointed.

  • Ah yes, a staple of hard rubbish heaps.

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