iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $1499.99, 256GB $1689.99, iPhone Pro Max 128GB $1689.99, 256GB $1859.99 Shipped @ Costco (Membership Req)


Decent price for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Most of them available currently

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


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    ONLY $160 more for the iPhone 13 pro max

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      Or $100 less using apple cards on sale from Woolies ;)

    • -12

      OR $143 more and you can buy the Galaxy Z Fold 3 256GB for $1999 at their edu site

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    Not worth it. Plus that Costco will probably sell iPhone 13 at a discount soon.

  • Not really. Discount isn't great considering the iPhone 13 is currently available for preorder.

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    I would think about it if they do 70% of the current prices

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      Then fear not; you'll never have to think.

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      They will do that for Iphone mini, but if you looking for Pro Max, you may get that when IPhone 16 release

    • Go sleep now and you think will come true

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    Too much for 12

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    Wait for it to drop further in price. JB and OW had it much lower recently, this was before 13 was out…

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    Not really a deal since you can get ~13% off the iPhone 13s by buying Apple gift cards from woolies at the moment.

    • Hey when you mean Apple, if this apple or iTunes?

      • they’re the same now

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    around $200 more to get the 13, don’t know why anyone would pay top dollar for 12 stock now, wait for a better deal or pay up for 13

  • Not to bother with this deal. It’s not much of a deal at all practically.

  • OfficeWorks has them cheaper….

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    This is not even 10% discount for now an obsolete model phone.
    No bargain here.

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      Wouldn't say it is obsolete, but yes not much of a discount.

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        Wouldn't say it is obsolete

        You are right. Incorrect choice of word. I should have said "superceded" rather than "obsolete".
        It will be deemed obsolete when it no longer runs the latest iOS version, which won't be the case for many years to come.
        It is still very much a decent phone - 13 isn't a major upgrade by any means.

  • I got excited erroneously thinking the discounts were offered on the latest iPhone 13 series

    Not a deal at all- Plenty of much better deals would come before Christmas

  • From 11 to 12 … nah. 13 upgrade is much worth it if you got money to burn