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[NSW] Oral-B Replacement Toothbrush Heads 10 Pack $21.99 in-Store @ Costco (Marsden Park) (Membership Required)


Lowest I have seen these at. Normally reduced to $27

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    Hey Costco… #middlefinger# to you and your membership requirement!
    Pretty cheap yall! Damn it!

    Maybe we should start a 'group buy' section of OzB??!?!?!?

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      that would be funny. we all chip in 50c towards a membership then some poor sod goes in and buys 2 crates of toothbrushes.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of… Someone who already has one buys a heap for whoever throws coin into their account.
        Meets a Krispy Kreme in Auburn, Docklands, North Lakes, or where ever is nearby to the OzB members of that group and distributes…
        Outsourcing and Wholesale distribution at its best!

        And… where X number of members want X product, we chip in and get a group discounts from whatever disty or manufacture provides that product!
        'OzB Buying Group'…

        Maybe I should register the ABN and biz name! lol

    • I have membership. Who wants to do a group buy? You guys could help cover the shipping cost cause they making me pay the extra. PM me I'm in Sydney.

      • See, what a good PeeDee! Awesome OzB member!


        • For anyone interested PM me. I am hoping to get enough numbers to make orders tomorrow.

          • @PeeDee: I'd be in for some but sadly stuck in Victoria at the moment. I'd imagine there would be a few on here keen though!

            • @mickyb80: Wow stuck! Hope you're ok there! I'm happy to hold in on for you and ANYONE else interested. Your travels over 5km is reasonable and justified. Just annoyed with the shipping cost so please help me guys lol

            • @mickyb80: correction, its showing $30 online and i cant get it at Marsden, i thought they could deliver it!

              • @PeeDee: Oh well.

                I have a few in the packs still, so maybe a good idea for next time! Thanks for the offer though.

      • how is this gona work?

  • Cheaper than shaver shop??

  • i just buy generic from eBay, lol.

  • they also have $30 delivered i am lock down

  • +1

    Cross action or nothing. Once you go CA, you never go back.

    • My dentist recommended only sensitive head, slow speed and no pressure (let it glide over teeth and gum). Apparently people damage gums otherwise. Avoid sugar, and.. floss, floss, floss.

    • Yep, I've got a bunch of regular and various other head types in my bathroom drawer that I'll never get around to using.

      Edit: just to be clear, I'm saying yep to Cross-Action Heads, not sensitive heads (which I can barely imagine are even capable of cleaning teeth properly!)

  • now showing $29.99

  • I live in Victoria and have received email to buy via costco online.. $29.99 including delivery.
    This pack contains eight Precision Clean and two Cross Action toothbrush heads.