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[Latitude Pay] $100 Xbox / Microsoft eGift Card for $70 @ Harvey Norman / Domayne / Joyce Mayne


Greetings everyone, spotted this deal and seems like a great way to utilise the current Latitude Pay promotion to its fullest.

Harvey Norman are still allowing Latitude Pay for these gift cards and the $30 discount applies in the LP checkout screen prior to payment.

This works essentially as a Microsoft Gift Card which gets added to your account balance, so can use it to purchase anything on the Microsoft / Xbox stores online.

Edit: 10:30am 20/9/2021: Harvey Norman have removed the $100 gift card, however it seems as though lower demoninations still work fine.

Can chop and change between different amounts if you'd like, just need >$100 spend to have the $30 discount applied.

This can be completed separately on all their sites and get $30 off each time, including the following:

Codes should be delivered instantly.

As always, enjoy :)

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    Is this the best deal at the moment to renew Xbox Ultimate?

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      I can't speak for this being the best deal, but there are other deals which are better, albeit fall into a bit of a "grey" area as to whether or not they're shady!

      • Can you expand on this?

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          There's a couple methods if I can recall correctly. Essentially if you purchase X amount of years of Xbox Live Gold from a reseller etc then convert that to GPU for a 1:1 conversion rate by buying 1 month of GPU. Works easier for those without a current GPU sub, but if you have one expiring soon I believe there is a way to get back onto purely XBL Gold then repeat the conversion.

    • It's a good deal for Aus but not the best deal historically. You'd need to chase Brazil cards, then VPN to Brazil to redeem. Then back off VPN for $1 conversion.

      Was the cheapest way when I did it months ago, also been mentioned many times on ozb.

    • +1

      If you use Microsoft rewards then redeeming points for 3 month Xbox Live Gold vouchers is a "no cost" deal to renew ultimate. Over the last couple of years I've managed to redeem enough points to extend my ultimate subscription to 3 years. Sure you've got to use Bing to search and edge for browsing and spend a bit of time doing the gamepass quests each week, but it's not particularly onerous.

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    You can use this to buy the Series X|S and other hardware, just a heads up good deal for a Xbox whenever they bloody go in stock.

    • So I could buy 5 of these and get a Series S for $350?

      • Yeah, you could do this before as 450 bucks in the same way.

      • With 5 different LP account, yes. Otherwise, shopback has 10% cashback on Xbox gift card, so basically you pay 429.1 if you take this deal and the rest 10% cards. also you can trade in your current console for xss purchased from MS

        • My assumption is that you can do this 3 times, once each for the 3 brands in the promotion.

      • I don't think so, I got one it discounted $30. On the next shows full price, used a different email. Still showing $100, pretty sure it can only be done once 🤦

        I'm guessing the only way to get more is using different latitude accounts

        • Try the 3 different websites in title

          • @ce5himm: Nice, worked. That's nearly half the money raised.


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    It's a shame doesn't work for Playstation ones :(

    • Wait why not?

      • Just doesn't lat you check out with latitude pay with them.

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    Here are the XBOX games deals:

    Are the PSN deals generally better?

    • in general, yes… psn has better digital prices… but xbox has game pass… so you know….

  • My bad, read the rest

  • All good, finally worked. Think getting ozbargained 🤣😂🤣

  • Thanks OP

    Quick and easy.

  • +1

    got one, wanted a PSN one, but i'll take $30 either way :D

    scratch that… $90… figured why not, hahaha

  • Couldn't find anything else I wanted on HN so this works.

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    Thanks OP

    Bought all 3 stores.

    Still waiting for Joyce Mayne code, other 2 worked fine within minutes….

    • Same here

    • Yeah same, got the other 2 instantly

      • I’m still waiting for the Joyce mayne gift cards

        • Me too

        • Same, wtf

          • +1

            @Bretttick: Sent them an email and they've just processed a refund, no explanation why

            • +1

              @Jordanian: Hmmmm. Looks like I'm leaving negative review on Google 😃

  • Is there any expiry on these?

    • From what Ive read. No, purchased gift card doesn't expiry.

      The reward type ones do.

  • Have people received the code from this? Last time I tried a Joyce Mayne / Domayne gift card deal they cancelled all the orders and took like a week to get my money back.

    • Yup got all 3

      • I got Joyce mayne and hardly normal voucher codes… haven’t received Domayne yet

        • +1

          10 hours later still haven't got mine from Joyce, Harvey came straight away

          • @Lip85: The sites all look the same, does yours still say processing on the order?

            • @DanielR: Says order confirmed tax invoice and details to follow

              • @Lip85: That’s different to what I still have ‘processing’ as the status for Domayne but charged me on latitude pay.

                Did you check your junk mail? Both Harvey Norman and Joyce Mayne went to Junk Mail.

                • @DanielR: Yeah repeatedly refreshed, Harvey came through within minutes but Joyce hasn't surfaced all day now, checked junk where the invoice went but nothing yet

                  • @Lip85: yep same here

                    Approaching 24 hours since I ordered from all 3 stores.

                    Harvey Norman and Domayne came within 10 minutes.

                    Nothing since order confirmation from Joyce Mayne….

                    • +1

                      @TheCandyMan2020: I have received nothing from Domayne after receiving from other 2, did you contact customer support?

                      • @DanielR: 72 hours later, still nothing from Joyce Mayne.

                        I cant seem to be able to contact customer support - the links on the site lead nowhere.

                        I messaged them on Facebook and didn't get a reply in 3 days.

                        I am going to have to call if I can find a number.

                        • @TheCandyMan2020: I just got a call from Joyce the code failed on there system and they can't issue a new one so there going to refund the money 🤦

                          • @Lip85: I’ve got a refund as well on my Joyce one. Luckily I still managed to get the other two

                          • @Lip85: Same here got a call and immediately got a refund

                            • @DanielR: Got an email from Joyce, no call.

                              Transaction cancelled.

                              It looks like I can't re-buy from Joyce and get the discount….

                              • @TheCandyMan2020: Same here just tried with Domayne to re-buy after refund and same issue.. cannot get the $30 discount

  • Can you use Microsoft egift card to buy stuff in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Currently my son accumulates points and redeem $5 gift cards to buy updates for Minecraft.

  • LoL ozbargain….you done it again! Got it on all 3….now waiting for actual delivery.

  • +1

    just fyi check your spam folders if you are waiting for code emails

  • So why are you guys buying the gift cards? To buy Xbox S/X consoles?

    • +1

      Can buy digital games for xbox / ms store with it too. or other hardware from MS store like Surface I think.

      • Does Microsoft online store price match other retailers? I remember Big W used to sell the Series S for $429.

  • Can you use this to pay off your game pass sub?

  • Can these be used to purchase game pass subscription?

    Edit: I went to my ultimate subscription only gives me an option to cancel, update my card or redeem an Xbox game pass or similar code- not a Xbox voucher..

    Do I need to purchase game pass voucher with Xbox voucher credits first then redeem?

  • Can not seem to use it to buy playstation store credit or playstation plus

    • That’s correct.

  • 6 figure salary, perfect credit history but didn’t get approved :-(

    • I'm in a similar boat. No idea… zero issue with Zippay or Afterpay. Oh well.

    • +1

      7-figures is the new 6-figures.

      • +1

        Who getting 7 figures??

    • You likely didn't put your details in 100% accurately… I had a similar issue… Didn't get approved because I used my shortened first name vs my legal first name… Contacted support and got an account.

      • Thanks, that would be it. I doubt this deal will still work by the time I get it sorted though

  • +1

    thanks. got $100 from each of the sites.

  • Does the credit once applied to your account have an expiry?

  • +1

    Thanks doweyy! Been meaning to grab the premium addon bundle for Forza Horizon 5 so this was good timing.

  • +2

    Edit: 10:30am 20/9/2021: Harvey Norman have removed the $100 gift card, however it seems as though lower demoninations still work fine as long as you spend over $100 in total.

    • Purchased a $100 card early this morning before this. Payment accepted but it looks like they were out of stock. No confirmation order sent through and customer service beyond useless. Any suggestions?

  • I saw Xbox Series X is limited 1 per customer. Does anyone know if It means every time it has stock, I could only buy one? Or one account could only buy one for the whole life?Thanks.

  • What's the story on the Latitude Pay  sign ups, i tried to take up similar offer in past and got rejected and even trying today you can't try again as as keeps your email and number.
    So logs in and still refusing.

    Never had issues signing up with afterpay or zip pay in past.
    Just want some method of interest free or payment plans but hn use shit options no afterpay. And god knows who offers gift cards at discount.

    • Just gotta call them unfortunately, they fix it quick.

  • I didn't get mine from all 3. Moreover HN tracker says it's completed and e-mailed? Not to mention no one picks up nor even responds to FB msg. Anyone know how to raise a dispute with latidude pay ?

    • I had to call to get account unlocked from when i created it 2 months back, and got someone quick and they resolved fast.

      btw - i didn't think i got all 3 at first, but weridly the Joyce Mayne emails were in "Important" folder in Gmail. I never use gmail so not really sure how that works.

      So all 3 claimed to MS account. I got in later so did 2x $50 at all 3 stores.

      • +1

        Finally got a call from joycemayne person who called to refund it and did admit there was an issue with their e-mail system and since it's closed system he can't access anything to advise me of the codes. Then got him to cancel domayne as well. HN one said it was e-mailed but my hotmail never received it…so this will take a week+ to get refunded. To date I had no issues getting online codes in my e-mail. Well this was a first and will be my last with these HN group for any "online" transaction.

        • I got mine from HN instantly, emailed Joyce Mayne today - got an email from HN saying they looking into this.

          Didn't know they were same group, will be the last time I give them $$$$$

  • -1

    After months of trying this LatitudePay and it failed i never chased up tne issue.
    I think it might have been a middle name issue and it got set up today.
    Took advantage of this $30 off and im just wondering can you only pay the 10 weekly payments when it's required or can you pay extras along the way or all?

    Not sure if you can use these $30 off or whatever offers that come along more than once if so might try again another time.
    But if you cant get such deals again i might close it down once paid, only wanted it for a purchase to gain something off and obviously let me pay it up.


  • Damn good deal. Love me some 30% off, thanks OP.