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300g bag of almond flour from Australian-grown almonds, ideal for people on gluten-free, low-carb or Keto diets.
At $12.10/kg, it's the lowest unit price I have ever seen anywhere for almond flour.

Note: when cooking with this, almond flour tends to absorb more liquid than "normal" (wheat-based) flour. If your recipe is not designed to use almond flour or almond meal, I recommend increasing the volume of liquid you add.
For your information or interest: Almond flour is made from peeled and blanched almonds and has finer texture and lighter colour than meal, which is usually made from raw unpeeled almonds. For most recipes, they can be used interchangeably. My experience making bread or muffins is that almond meal reminds me of wholemeal bread whereas flour is smoother and more like traditional white… but both are delicious.

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  • Haven't used almond flour before…similar to almond meal I assume, just finer?

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      It's written in the post.

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      It's better for making biscuits…

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    Handy explanation. Thank you.

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  • OOS almost as fast as a PS5!

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    I was doing some research on whether blanching almonds remove nutrient contents compared to roasted almonds and by the time I completed my research, the item went out of stock..