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Royal Fields Faba Beans 1kg $3.29 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item
Good source of fibre and protein
Ideal for snacking, partying and stocking in the pantry
Crunchy toppers in salads, soups and other dishes
Package weight of the Product : 1000.0 grams

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  • What is the normal price?

  • An interweb search result comes back - https://www.topfruitmarket.com.au/product/royal-fields-split... so $3.49/kg

  • what is the deal here?

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    Goes well with liver and chianti

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      Yes it does doctor

    • Too late for the census though.

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      i was waiting for this

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    Description is confusing. Is it cooked (Ideal for snacking, partying and stocking in the pantry
    Crunchy toppers in salads), or it isn't (soups and other dishes)? I would buy it if it is cooked, but by looking at the picture, it is not.

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    I'll go sell the family cow

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      Hi jack

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    Faba Beans 1kg $3.29

    Are these different to fava beans?

    • No they're the same as broad beans also, all the same family Fabaceae. I think butter beans may also be the same

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        That's confusing…

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          Yep there should be just one name, it would have bean easier.

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            @Spendmore: I soy what you did there..

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        No butter beans are more like large cannellini.

        • Yep you're right they are the same as Lima beans.

          • @Spendmore: Can we rename them all as 'beans'? 🤔

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              @Skinnerr: Hmm nothing that crazy has bean done before. It would be a good way to apeas some people, you really have your finger on the pulse!!

  • Hot damn, for a second I thought this was a coffee deal!

  • These are broad beans. Don't buy if you have no clue how to cook.

  • Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.