[PC, Steam] Tales of Arise A$62.07 @ GamersGate


We've created a special promo codes just for AU and NZ users which saves an additional 12%.

Update: price increased from the originally advertised $60.64 to $63.54.

Edit 21/10: Now $62.07

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  • +10

    I read this as 'Tales of Arse'

    Maybe I need glasses?

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      I read this "Maybe I need asses?"

    • I thought it was connected to Tight Arse.

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      Bandai should make this

  • Very fun game, I highly recommend plugging in a controller however. A big focus of the game (and dealing the most amount of damage) requires you to keep your combo up and it's so much more easier with a controller.

  • +1

    Great game! Finished the game and I really enjoy its storyline and interaction with different characters. Now off to the grind for NG+ in Chaos….

    • How long will did your first run through take?

      Thanks in advance :)

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        I did it on Normal mode. It took me 45 hours to finish with all side quests completed. I would suggest playing on Normal to enjoy the storyline and scenery. After you finish the game, I would play NG+ on Moderate/Hard/Chaos to up your challenge. If you try to play Hard/Chaos on your first play through, bosses will be a world of pain.

        • Did you buy any DLC and/or was it worth it?

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            @Blitzfx: I didn't buy DLC on my first playthrough (Normal difficulty). Now, I am playing NG+ on Chaos difficulty. The difficulty spiked so much that I had to buy Premium Travel Pack because I was going through materials and consumables fast. This one is the one that reduces goldsmith 50%, reduces forging to 1, cooking to 1, and double cooking effect.

  • How is it compared to previous games? I can't say I'm a fan of the new art direction, but it definitely looks much more modern.

    • +4

      I'd say it's better than the previous 2 games, haven't played the others so can't comment on those.

    • I didn't like the previous one (Berseria). Really enjoying this.

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    I don't like how you can't choose what cookies to accept on the website.

    • Lol

  • Did you change the price? Total:A$63.54

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    Sorry guys, had to slightly reduce the discount :(

  • Is there any extra story content in the deluxe/ultimate editions compared to the base game?

    I had a bit of a look, and from what I could see its just costume/music/item packs?

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    Just so you all know, this code is still working, I just paid $62.18 AUD with the code.