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Uclean Whale Spout Bidet Smart Toilet Seat Pro AU Version $319.96 ($311.96 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


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$311.96 for Plus members.
AU Version, includes wireless remote.

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    Whale Spout Bidet

    “Moby, clean my….”

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    Free Willy

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    "Uclean". Glad they made that part clear.

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      I thought it read Unclean. I thought: "name checks out…"

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        I thought it read Unclean as well until I looked a second time :)

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    If this is the same as the Xiaomi version, please bear in mind they last only about 1.5 years. I owned one and the bidet stopped working after about the same period.. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/539868

    Now it's just an oversized toilet seat with a cable sticking out of it.

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      That's a different toilet bidet seat, the Smartmi one, this one seems very similar to the Xiaomi Whale Spout and I dunno how long it lasts.

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      And yet I have a cheap ebay one for 10 years or so, waiting for it to stop working so I can buy a new Bidet.

    • Mine lasted 20 months before being replaced by GB

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      Spend over $300 for a toilet seat bidet for it to only stop working after 1.5 years, how crap 😜

    • One is made by Smartmi and the other by Uclean. Both different brands 😉

    • My Xiaomi whale spout is still going strong after 2 years.

  • Is this pretty much the Xiaomi Whale Spout?

    I've heard good things about it but some users have found it failing after a year? Warranty would be my concern.

    • There is no warranty, the fan on my one started to fail and made grinding noises in 3 months. Asked for warranty repair and their support person pretty much said, just turn off the fan function and you're good.

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        If you let them know you're going to contact the Office of Fair Trading in Victoria where they're based you should find they change their tune.

        • So did you get it replaced?

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    The one sold at Costco is the same price right now ($319, or $80 off). I bought the Costco one purely for the option of much easier returns.

    • Is it easy to install, was thinking about getting one just worried about the installation

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        Size matters. I was thinking about getting one too but it doesn't fit my toilet.Check measures before you buy.

      • Very easy to install, but you are right, your toilet bowl has to be within the required measurements.

        The other thing is you'll need a power point nearby. We had one put in by an electrician for the previous bidet toilet this one replaced.

    • Is this the one? It seems to be sold out? https://www.costco.com.au/Home-Improvement/Bathroom/Bathroom...

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        That's the one. Was about twenty at Costco in Canberra yesterday.

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    Patiently waiting for Toto to become more available and affordable in Australia… really should be a building requirement(with subsidies provided for purchasers) these days that toilets need to have a washing feature

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      You haven't lived til you've had your ass sprayed by a Toto Washlet after eating a bowl of Ramen in glorious Nippon

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        On the one hand I want to know the rest of this story.
        On the other hand, I don't want to know the rest of this story.

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          Until these guys get their "Toto", you don't want to know what's on the other hand.

        • The massage button is legit

        • I had to shit

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        That's the problem with the cheaper ones - no Auto seat open/close and auto flush. Once you get used to these features you'll never want to leave that lazy life!

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      i invested in the toto after my smartmi died, it lasted about 3 years? which i was pretty happy with considering the price.

      However, the toto is on another level, build quality, water pressure, automatic seat warmer (remembers when you use it daily and only warms it up at those times), auto deodourizer and plenty of other features i cant remember haha!

      Wont regret it if you get one even though its quite expensive…

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        Hey mate, in the market for a Toto. Can you advise where you got yours/the model? Cheers

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          hey mate got it at https://www.idealbathroomcentre.com.au/

          they had a sale on when i bought mine, theres a few models

        • I can 2nd that, we got ours from Ideal Bathroom Centre too when it was on sale.

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      I couldn't patiently wait, ended up grabbing one in melb…. For $1.2k.. Absolutely WORTH IT

      • Could you please advise where abouts you got your Toto? Definitely keen on one. Thanks

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          Sirius design, a TOTO distributor. Also for any one else interested, TOTO is the OG of bidets. My Japanese colleague says nothing else compares, everything else is a replica of TOTO :)

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      My Toto would always open up and greet me in Japanese. Such a polite toilet.

      • broooo… that model would of cost you a kidney.

        But lets be real, its worth it. HAHA

      • I am honoured to accept your waste.

  • I'm not actually sure that this version still connects to wifi?

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      What do you need wifi for? Gonna ask Google assistant to wipe your butt or does Fitbit track bowel cycles too now?

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        I can see my kids standing in the loungeroom everytime someone else is in the toilet, "Okay Google, spray toilet"…

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        You can tell the toilet to warm the seat while you're still in bed.

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      no wifi in the version with the remote (which is all gearbite sells now). doesn't hook up to the app at all.

      when i bought mine, gearbite had both wifi and the remote stated on the listing, but they didn't care about that when challenged.

      the remote is a bit of a mixed bag - sometimes works perfectly, sometimes doesn't work at all and you have to use the buttons on the side of the seat.

  • Dorky question, does this handle Australian water pressures?

    • Should be ok. This other store selling the same model (assuming they’re both the Australian model) says it’s Watermark certified.


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      Australia National Plumbing Code mandates that a RPZD valve (or any high hazard backflow prevention) be installed for bidets.

      It is basically to prevent the very unlikely possibility of contaminated water from toilet cistern back flowing into the water mains if there happens to be a pressure drop from the mains. The possibility of this happening is very low, but the fact that it can happen makes it a high hazard, and hence a high hazard backflow prevention device required.

      Many install it without a RPZD and it works fine. No issues! But incase there happens to be a flooding/leak or whatever, and the insurance company finds out you had an illegal setup, it may make the insurance claim complicated.

      I’m not sure if this bidet comes with a high hazard backflow prevention device.

      • quote from plumbers to install RPZD is around $4000 and you will need regular valve inspections. Most of the plumbers are not even interested in such a job(most of the new houses use recycled water in toilet and you will need a plumber to install a normal water point).

        Some of these bidets come with a backflow prevention valve. It seems that it is not good enough for the authorities (at least in Vic).

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    Can I get that remote for my Xiaomi Whale? 🤔

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    They must be dumping stock…

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    If anyone's not having a bidet in their toilet, well, you should.

    Changes your life to the point that you won't live without having a bidet in your toilet in future homes.

    And more importantly, keeps your ass clean as possible.

    Also I was really surprised by the amount of people who don't have it here as well, since I used to live in a third world country and that was a mandatory thing.

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      It's actually like Ajax spray and wipe, it makes cleaning that easy.

    • -5

      I used to live in a third world country and that was a mandatory thing

      Ah… the developing world… I miss those simpler times when you could take a quick crap in the bushes on your way back from the market.

    • +1

      I agree. People don't realise using tissues is unhygienic contratory to the believe using water in the toilet is not right.

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      What's the point of a bidet when it only "cleans" with water? You need soap too, surely.

  • I have this Coway electric bidet seat that was given a present from parents 3-4 years ago and we never used it (pretty sure they paid almost $2K). Maybe I should try it 🤔

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      Glad to know that ur parents are still looking after ur a$$

    • +2

      Definitely should, they are extremely good.

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      Yeah I wouldn’t bother… technology has moved on. More recent models are 120Hz, so the water jet scrolls through your butthole much more precisely. Also, the crapophobic coating has vastly improved in the last few years.

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    If you're unsure about a bidet or don't have a nearby power socket, then get one of the $30 ones off eBay. Obviously won't heat your seat or the water, but after using one all winter, I can say that the cold water really isn't as big of a shock as you might think.

  • Would there be any issues with water going back to the line etc? I asked from plumbers around and found none of them are happy with bidet toilets. Is it just they are lazy or is it a genuine concern here in Oz?

    • i think they just lazy as!

      i have had this problem as well where the plumbers have such a negative view on it, which i don't get lol.

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      A high hazard backflow prevention device (like a RPZD valve) is required for any bidet seats

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    Why did I read that as unclean!

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    Can anyone recommend one that will last more than 2 years? all the xiaomi shit breaks

    • I am also looking for recommendations for more reliable one. It can some less feature but don't want headache of frequent breakup.

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    Make sure you take care with the measurements to check if it will fit your toilet. I made the mistake of getting one despite the measurements being slightly off and it was unusable when I tried to fit it.

    On the plus side, I have an unused expensive toilet seat in a box sitting around doing nothing.

    • PM me the details, lets make a deal.

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    Are there any these style of seats that don't have this 18month-ish failure rate?

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    Is it easy to install? Does the control panel needs to be wired by professional electrician or does it use internal battery?

    • Want to know this as well

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    Given the reliability issues I think the Bunnings version [$399] is a better buy as they come with 3 year warranty. Does anyone have the Bunnings version? Reviews on Bunnings site seem ok..

    • I have 2, and a Xiaomi one. The Bunnings one has a cool UV light which helps me aim better at night, that alone is worth paying extra.

      • Can you please share more feedback on the bunnings one? How long you have had for?
        Just curious to know if the light stays on all night or comes when you lift the seat? Are the smart feature accessible with app to pre warm seat?

        • +2

          We couldn't find any toilets on the market that actually fit the Bunnings one, so we returned it. The toilet needs to be stupid long.

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            @GrueHunter: Same problem really with the uclean. Still haven't found one that suits Australian shaped toilets.

          • @GrueHunter: Wow that's surprising. Bunnings selling a product that can't be even used.

            • @amsaini15: Yes the bunnings one doesn't quite fit aus toilets. The xiami is worse

    • There are issues with this one?

    • Since you didn't answer. Uclean and Smartmi are completely different brands and neither are technically Xiaomi.

  • I normally just lift the toilet seat

  • I'm excited about the warm welcome seat ring for my ring

  • +3

    You know you're at peak lockdown when you have bought all the new kitchen/home theatre/PC gadgets you ever wanted and branch out to bidets, start watching bidet reviews on YouTube at 3am.

  • +1

    I came here for the comments.

    • I came here expecting to find comments about the "Smart" tech after being reminded of this fake infomercial from Adult Swim for SmartPipe… 11 mins so a bit long. The social media profile sharing is concerning, but the biometric security is downright disturbing - mostly SFW) - https://youtu.be/DJklHwoYgBQ

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    Can someone recommend a bidet that suits D shape bowl?
    I would have been happy to buy this one but it suits oval bowl.


  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one given this version comes with a remote. I was always confused why the previous versions didn't come with one. Seems a little over-engineered to have app connectivity when a simple remote will do (given buttons are not as obvious).

    Also a shoutout to the great customer service from Gearbite too. I wouldn't have bought if it was from Banggood (terribly service and essentially no warranty) but have had great experiences with Gearbite.

  • Get yourself a $30 ebay bidet with brass fittings. Mine lasted 10 years. Water recently started leaking out from underneath the switch. Replaced within 5 mins.

  • Anyone have a Caroma Luna cleanflush toilet? Any bidets fits this? Struggled to find a bidet to fit the shape. :(

    • I have this toilet and am having the same difficulty finding a suitable bidet

      • There are 3 types of toilet bowls in th world v, o & d. I hope yours is not more speci 😝

        • I don't know if Caroma made a unique shape or not, but I looked through many different major bidet brands and couldn't find one that fit this particular model.It's not your standard D shape. Annoying thing is I have a power point provisioned for a bidet, but no compatible bidet so far. :(

          • +1

            @Penro: I think Quoss may fit, unfortunately I haven't yet found a schematic diagram for Quoss models to confirm.

            All the bidets I've looked at (sub $1000) seem to be either too long or too wide.

            Please share if you do come across something suitable.

    • Couldn't get this to fit any bowl