AmEx Low Rate Credit Card: No Annual Fee, 8.99% p.a. Interest Rate, $100 Cashback (with $1000 Min Spend by 31 Dec 2021)


Amex low intrest credit offering $100 cashback, with lowest intrerest rate 8.99%, best in market and no annual fee.

Get $100 back when you apply online by 27 October 2021, are approved and spend $1,000 on your new Card by 31 December 2021. T&Cs apply. New Card Members only

Card Type
Credit Card

  • Annual Fee
    $0 p.a.

  • Interest Rate
    8.99% p.a. on purchases

  • Interest Free Period
    Up to 55 days

Featured Benefits

  • Low Interest Rate
    Make managing your finances that much easier with a low 8.99% p.a. interest rate on purchases2 and $0 annual fee

  • Up to 55 days interest free
    You'll have a bit of extra time up your sleeve with up to 55 days interest free3

  • Purchase and Refund protection
    Shop with confidence thanks to Refund and Purchase Protection when you make an eligible purchase with your American Express Low Rate Credit Card4

  • Additional Cards at no extra cost
    Share the benefits of Membership with up to 4 Additional Cards for family members or friends, at no extra fee

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  • Cheapest 8.99% in market

  • Any other fees relevant to the card other than the obvious interest? I'm considering getting my first CC

    • +8

      Congrats on your first CC. Hot tip, if you're paying interest on your credit card then you are using it wrong

      I personally wouldn't choose AMEX as your first credit card, you're better off getting this one

      Reason being AMEX is not widely accepted compared to Visa or Mastercard and sometimes AMEX have higher surcharges.

      • +1

        There are also no interest credit cards out there. Amex isn't as supported as other cards but I had no issues here in WA when using it last year. Maybe one or two stores but other major retail chains and food outlets accepted it.

        Some folks like to make out like it's bad but it's a lot further along than it used to be.

      • +2

        Amex is accepted most places now, combined with a debit card it's really all you need

        • some small business don't accept AMEX

    • No, but keep in mind that only your first Amex is eligible for a sign up bonus. If you just want a card with a low interest rate and have no desire to go for rewards then this card is great, but I think it makes more sense to get an Amex with a better sign up bonus and then get this card after.

      • Whats a better AMEX sign up bonus?

        • Probably the best current one is the Qantas Ultimate card: 110k Qantas points and $200 cash back, although we’ve seen some other very solid deals with the Explorer recently (150-175k points, $400 cash back) too.

          • @BargainGeezer: $450 annual fee mate

            110k Qantas points @ 0.075c = $825
            $200 cashback
            minus $450 annual fee
            $575 profit

            • @Homr: The $450 fee is (mostly) offset by a $450 Qantas travel voucher, and most people would value Qantas points higher than that (certainly if you’re swapping them for business class travel).

              • @BargainGeezer: Just spoke to a friend on the phone regarding AMEX - he said that he has the qantas card as well. I'm not really interested in travel at the moment (for obivious reasons) and plan not to be for a while so the $450 credit doesn't really appeal to me. Looking for a card with $0 annual fee and some extra purchase protection.

              • @BargainGeezer: wait what?


                110k Qantas points @ 0.075c = $825
                $200 cashback
                $450 travel credit
                minus $450 annual fee
                $1025 profit????

                Am I right?

                Does the travel credit need to be used on Qantas flights? Or can it be used on Jetstar too??

                • @Homr: Can’t be used on Jetstar flights unfortunately.

                  • @BargainGeezer: Thanks, can the $450 be used multiple times? or do you have to use $450 in 1 go?

    • Most places charge a surcharge for using AMEX. Might not be the best starter card.

    • this might be the best one then (unless you specifically want amex)
      not sure of your personal situation etc but it's a very popular deal!

      • it looks good but I don't think my income is high enough to be approved for that card.

      • The platinum card deal was released few before that deal, very annoying cos I would've chosen that black deal.

    • +3

      My advice would be to not worry too much about the interest rate, but to check the other benefits of the card, and to use the card wisely. The best way to use a credit card is to use it to get its benefits (cashback, points, and benefits that come with the card) and to pay the card off in full each month. That way the benefits are effectively free. I've been using credit cards for many years and have never paid any interest. If you do want to use it for big expenses and slowly pay it off, you're better off with a personal loan which will have a lower rate.

      • Good Tip, I'm an associate financial adviser so understand all you are talking about and plan to use it in this way.

  • +1

    Is this card eligible for those deal or cashback thats often posted here?

  • Doesn't American Express do private deals now and again? A no fee AMEX card might be good to have on the side..

  • Along with 55 days interest free, no annual fee, reward points it also includes $500 per year towards phone screen repairs.. if you pay for your phone or plan with the card that is.

  • Will this deal stack with the friend referral?

  • Is this a good card for OS purchases? Whats recommended these days for the best USD rate?

  • Its been a while since we got a rewards CC deal… Can anyone recommend me a good one?

  • -1
    Have an annual income of $50,000 or more

    Rules out most quite a lot of people