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Dyson Cool Desk Fan in White/Silver 301201-01 $300 Delivered @ Myer


Warranty Duration: 2 Years
Warranty Type: Manufacturer
Engineered to create powerful airflow, the DYSON AM06 Desk Fan: 301201-01 White/Silver becomes the quiet achiever in your home. Compact in size, this design is perfect for operating on top of benches, cabinets or desks at home. Streamlined air channels reduce airflow turbulence from this design which delivers a very silent performance. A great appliance for summer, consider using it during the colder months on a lower setting to maintain a healthy air circulation in your home.

• Remote control
• Oscillation control
• Safe and easy to clean
• Sleep timer with pre-set intervals

Style No. 301216-01

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  • -1

    Note everyone it’s a fan not an air con.

  • +1

    This must use mind-blowing technology

    • Pretty sure it blows your head..

  • +4

    Sculpture that blows - more art than temperature regulation.

    I bought Vonardo instead - scientifically made to 'twist' not blow air so it tunnels and bounces back. Hardly a sculpture, looks just like a powerful air circulator.

    Actually designed in Andover, Kansas. And Vonardo has been in business since 1945.

    I got this one


    • -1

      Totally different things though so not an apples for apples comparison. These Dyson's are for a desk or table to point at oneself where as the Vornados are designed to circulate air around a room.

    • Hi mate, care to share your suggestion here since you have used the product.


  • What’s the girth of this fan?

    • Never mind the quality, feel the width

  • This deal blows