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Vornado 533DC Air Circulator $159 (RRP $199) Delivered + [email protected] David Jones


Main Link for VORNADO 533DC

Moves air up to 22m

$149.00 RRP $189.00

Moves air up to 23m


$199.00 RRP $229.00

Moves air up to 30.5m

$179.00 RRP $249.00

Moves Air 22.8m

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David Jones
David Jones


  • Has anyone got one of these and would care to share their thoughts? I've been thinking about getting one for a while.

    • I have a Vornado 660 (the 'floor fan' model) and it is amazing. It can move a ton of air and guests often say it's better than their Dyson's. It's not the quietest unit, but personally I like the white noise of moving air.

      I bought mine on the basis that it gets excellent reviews on 'buy it for life' threads even though it was a bit more money.

    • I bought the larger 660 model from Costco for $169 last year, so if you're after the bigger size I'd definitely not go for this. My room is <10m^2 and at the lowest speed, it's more than enough. I was sceptical about buying the Vornado at first, but it really does move a lot of air and circulate the room really well. You feel a nice gentle breeze from most parts of the room without being in the direct airflow path of the fan. Imo definitely worth the price tag.

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      I have one. It's effective but it's way too loud on medium and high settings.

    • I got the 633DC which is the bigger floor version of this.
      Agree that once you turn it up over half way it gets noisy. They are very directional so you'd be constantly adjusting it if sitting in different places, but are useful for pushing air down a hallway etc. It's alright on very low settings in the living room though.
      Since then I got a Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X for the bedroom, I'd recommend this one much more than a vornado. Very quiet, compact size, controllable with an app. The 2S also gets recommended.

      • Where did you buy Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan ?

        • That one was from Kogan, but think DSE and others may sell it

    • Effective but loud.

      • Like mentioned above, 633DC, for one, is almost silent (yet pretty powerful) until you move the knob over halway. Then it's tornado.

        I wouldn't be sure if it's more effective than a regular, cheaper fan. Unless you're researching vortices, it's not a big difference.

    • I have the black one. Very powerful fan for its size and good for room circulation. Much better than a Dyson. Not that quiet though.

      My first one did break down before the 2 year warranty was up and I was given a replacement though.

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    It's not the cheapest price but it's an amazing fan. I got the 533DC on the of the Amazon Prime Day deals a few years ago. I think it was around $120 at the time.

    Does what it claims, keeps the air in the room circulating and makes it feel cool. I remember the first time using it in summer in the bedroom.. it's better than an air conditioner because it didnt get too cold and you could just feel a very slight cool breeze.

    • 3 camels doesn't show 533dc going lower than 189. I'm wondering if this is the lowest price for it in a while..

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        3camels does not record lightning deals so that may be the reason why it doesn’t show

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    Nice find but I am using Dewalt jobsite fan.


    It is a portable fan and can run up to 30 hours - low setting or low speed with using 6ah / 54V during summer time.

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    I have the Vornado 660. It's overpriced and overrated imo. the cooling is ok but only slightly better than a normal fan. But it's pretty loud especially on high setting. And it doesn't have a remote to control it from a distance…I kinda would've expected a remote considering the price point.

    • I plug it to a smart plug. Works great, can put a schedule routine etc

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        Good for on/off but one can't adjust Low/Med/High. Pity Vornado don't have remotes.
        I agree, they are good for moving air around a room to equalise but I never use mine as a cooling fan as it's too directional and loud if on high. Having said that, they are not really designed for that in mind and more about moving the air around a room. i.e. place in one corner and point it up towards the diagonal corner of roof on other side of room. They can be pointed vertical to create a more central airflow.

        • No No oscillation either.
          I know they are designed to circulate air but if it's that hot I'm sure you wouldn't not point it at you.
          The theory of the design is a bit ambitious compared to practical use IMO, you may as well get a normal fan.
          If they are set up in front of an indoor trainer, or blowing air conditioning down a hallway then they may be more suitable.

  • The 660 is $168 at Costco, don't know if it is a good price or fan

  • Kmart fan?

  • hmm…I do like air.

  • Ive been buying my 633DC's for 159 on Good Guys commercial if you have access to it.