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Asus TUF Gaming A17 17.3" R7-5800H/16GB RAM/512GB SSD/RTX3060 6GB Gaming Laptop $1998 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


After returning my absolutely craptacular Dell G7 7700 which overheats booting Windows, I am buying this.

Seems like a fair price.

AMD R7 5800H CPU
Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU
17" 144hz 1080p screen

For the same money I paid for the G7 7700 a year ago, I get a far better CPU and cooling. The GPU is about on par with the 2070 I am replacing, but at least it's latest gen…

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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      I love playing PC games, but my life demands that I constantly move from place to place. A gaming laptop is a great choice because it allows me to play the PC games that I want without having to move a bulky desktop and monitor every few weeks/months. It's also great when a power outage occurs. I understand that a desktop at the same price-point is definitely more powerful but it just wouldn't fit the way I live. I'm tired of seeing this comment everywhere, no offence.

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        Agree. For me also because usually gaming laptops have better components, which i hope can last longer before it needs upgrading (compare with normal office laptop)

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          What makes you think laptops have better components?
          Not sure about quality but they run hotter than desktop parts so I expect shorter lifespan for a gaming laptop

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            @FireRunner: He said gaming laptop specifically and even said compared to office laptop. I mean it really depends on what you want a laptop for but for gaming yes he is correct gaming laptops are better gaming if you need a laptop lol.

            • @Huzi: I thought he was comparing gaming laptops with gaming desktop, didn't read it properly, my bad
              Wording sounded like talking about quality i.e. longevity before components fail.
              I suspect the more demanding requirements on the gaming laptop will make it fail before a regular office laptop
              But yeah, an office laptop might be unusable even if components haven't failed

              • @FireRunner: How many years is reasonable before a gaming laptop "fails"?

      • What about waiting for the release of the Steam Deck next year?

        Lord Gaben giveth if you pray hard enough :P

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    Stay far away from HN under normal circumstances, but ESPECIALLY with laptops. Nothing but horror stories.

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      Would love to know why please. Was close to pulling trigger on one Vs jbhifi, the former was $200 cheaper .

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        Just get it price matched. I've had multiple people tell me that warranty claims are very difficult to get done through them, they fight tooth and nail about doing any sort of after-sale service. Never had that problem with JB personally. Plus Gerry Harvey is a C***.

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          I have a very bad experience with HN as well. It’s a gamble. If your goods work, all good. If not, bid your money goodbye

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    HN= Hell No!

  • Laptop is a winner, unsure what a 17 inch screen will do in terms of impacting on battery usage. But with my A15 (3070), I get anywhere from 8 - 14 hours (usually 12) off a single charge, granted it depends on what I do. Also the upgrade path is fairly simple, about a month after buying my ASUS A15, I upgraded the ram and added a secondary hard drive (and not long after that I purchased another ssd to replace the main o/s ssd so I could have more TB's for wiggle room with storage space).

    • Laptop is a winner, unsure what a 17 inch screen will do in terms of impacting on battery usage.

      Battery life seems decent, over 10 hours of general use but it was tested at an unrealistic 120nits brightness.

      To be honest I don't think someone buying a 17.3" gaming laptop weighing 2.6kg would really have it far from a power outlet, especially when the screen brightness is less than 300nits average, low enough to be a problem indoors if you sit by a window.

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    Not giving a cent to this dog until he pays back all the jobkeeper he owes

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      I honestly always thought I would be loyal to my wallet over anything else - this flog has actually turned that belief on its head

      • I’m glad there’s others who think the same

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    I'm a big fan of the ASUS gaming laptops; still got a G73SW that I load up every now and then, and it's still going string

    • I still have my Asus ROG G750JX which is a month shy of 8 years old and it is faster than my 2020 HP work laptop. I hope they still build them like they used to.

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    Mostly same price but free shipping. But dunno about after sale service. And its 15"…..

  • Is this RTX 3060 running at full power or only 90W ?

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      90w is Max power for this mobile version

  • It seems like the price is now showing as $2,499

    • $2299 for me

      Seems the party is over

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    Just remember that MR HN hates us Ozbargainer "PROFESSIONALS"

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    As soon as I see HN , reminds of Australia says No!!!
    Payback the money you got first in addition to warranty horror stories