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Seagate IronWolf 3.5" 8TB NAS HDD $276 ($269.10 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Good price on this NAS drive that is cheaper than the recent HT deal with and without eBay Plus.

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    How do these compare in quality to the WD Red ?

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      No difference in my experience so far. Have used dozens of WD Red and IronWolf. I've had more WD Red fail but I also have more Reds in use so it's not a fair comparison.

      • I purchased this a week ago via Amazon for 299$

        After installing it in my desktop I notice the HDD is making some low noise while reading from it…. is it normal?
        I haven't used a desktop machine in a long time and was using laptops with SSDs for the last 7-8 years.

        Not sure whether this is normal… or should I ask for a HDD replacement

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          Yes NAS and enterprise drives will make more than a normal hard drives.

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          making some low noise while reading from it…. is it normal?

          It's a mechanical drive, they will always make some noise when reading or writing…

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            @jv: My personal experience with 8TB WD Red and 8TB Seagate IronWolf is that the Seagate is MUCH louder. I bought a few Seagates for my NAS, ripped them out within two days as they were so much louder than the WD's I already had in there. Replaced with more WDs and put the Seagates into caddys for external backup drives.

            YMMV of course, this was probably 3-4 years ago, but still, 8TB models of both brands.

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          got an ironwolf pro recently and mine was noisy as well. Did some research and it seems that some are more noisy than others but it apparently isn't anything to worry about

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            but it apparently isn't anything to worry about

            It is if it wakes you up at night.

        • My 6tb 5400rpm ironwolf vs a 10+ year old 2tb WD green HDD.

          Ironwolf much louder clicking, slightly softer whirling noise.

          I'm assuming, those actuators need to move faster to allow 210mb/s speeds on the ironwolf vs 165mb/s on the wd green both at the same rpm. Or perpendicular hdds are just louder in general?

          • @imcold: Its just the whirling sound is cyclic …. Not consistent which makes me wonder if the hdd is allright

      • There are many differences, starting with rpm and noise level. Not sure how much attention you're paying

        • Talking quality. Not how much noise it takes to piss someone off using them in their home PC.

          I for one have them in a data centre.

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      The base WD Reds are a pure SMR line-up. I think I'd compare these with the WD red plus's (and the Ironwolf pro's with the Red pro's).

      I haven't looked at this in a while but this used to be a reasonable dataset to consider: https://www.backblaze.com/b2/hard-drive-test-data.html

    • After losing 4 WD RED 6TB's out of a pool of 10. Im currently off the RED diet… NOTE: Other sizes (4, 8's) have been fine.

      On the Ironwolf bandwagon for the time being. (Not that this is a recommendation, only had some installed for <1 yr) The RED's lasted bang on 3 years then have rapidly failed (out of warranty)

      • Red plus seems to be as reliable as ironwolves if not better (although I think manufacturers don't make them like they used to. I have drives from 2010 still going. That said I was tossing up between red plus and iron wolf but the IW noise levels are simply too high.

      • i have four RED 2 * 3T from~2013, 24t from 2014. i have one 3t and one 4t reporting bad sectors since 40k hours(4t) and 50k hours(3t).
        i got hgst helium 2
        8T replaced.those two, was considering replace the other two RED, rheb CHIA hot the hdd market badly….
        the helium drives are very loudy in action.
        i am still holding and waiting the market to come back to $25 per TB….. not sure when it will come….

        • Were retail NAS drives ever $25/TB? Thought it was only shucked drives that reached $20-25/TB

          • @Trance N Dance: shucked heliums are good.
            and even chucked are still 30+ now.

      • Just curious what setup those WD Reds were running in.

        i.e. Synology NAS (or similar), or home setup with ZFS?

    • Red or Red Plus?

  • Is it too much for just storing photos and videos which are touched maybe once a month?

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      Depend on the number and size of your photos and videos…

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      Get a 8TB Barracuda Green. NAS hard drives are frequently written to.

      • Thanks!

      • As long as you aren't putting them in an always on NAS. made the mistake on my first NAS of using 8 x green drives. over the course of 2 years every single one of the 8 drives failed, thought it was a good idea to save some money at the time. replaced each one with Red's as they failed.

    • Just get this, unplug it when not in use.

      • It would be significantly slower, depends what the use case is. If its always connected, it would be much neater to leave it as an internal drive.

    • I have a similar question, as I have terabytes of family photos and videos that I need reliable storage for (I also have external backup).

      I currently run 1 & 2Tb WD Blacks, but need a 4Tb, and was wondering if these are still considered the most reliable?

      What other drives would be considered reliable for such a purpose?

      • 4TB 3.5" Seagate Barracuda Green. You're welcome. I've been using them for like 20+ years.

  • Is it CMR or SMR ?

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      You can look that up here, https://www.seagate.com/au/en/internal-hard-drives/cmr-smr-l...
      Impressive that all of their IronWolf series are CMR

      • Is CMR better than SMR for a NAS?

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          You want CMR drives almost exclusively for NAS use tbh - there are considerations if you're just using it to store movies (and not rewriting the data a whole lot). SMR's take significantly longer to rebuild and I don't think saving a few bucks (or hundred bucks) is worth the week long heartache while your array rebuilds.

      • I remember ServetheHome and a few others really laid into HDD manufacturers for the bait and switch SMR into NAS HDDs.

        iirc, it was the widespread use of ZFS that really highlighted the significance of using CMR in NAS units.

        Several contributors wrote in and confirmed in the early stages that once CMR drives were being replaced with SMR and there was no clear distinction, thereby leading to quite a few HDD failures due to them not being suitable for NAS with ZFS.

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      All IronWolf's are CMR. They're not WD ;)


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    Can i replace my SSD with this HDD in my Laptop..

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      Its very unlikely. This is a 3.5" drive, which is much bigger than the 2.5" drive likely to be in your laptop. It would also be much much slower. Better to keep your eyes out for an SSD deal

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      Absolutely, don't let the large size difference fool you. May take a couple taps from an install hammer, but once you get it started should slide right in. If you have too much trouble take it to your local it guy as it is a trivial job when you have a little experience.

      • Don't know why you were negged but I got a good laugh out of this and the absurdity of the original question!

  • what are these HDD mainly used for?

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      NAS drives. They're not intended to be used for your desktop computer (hence the louder noise) but can be still used regardless.

    • Storage of files in a NAS.

    • NAS or Network Attached Storage. Effectively storing all your home data on a separate machine that's always on. These are designed to endure being always on and sustain heavy read/writes. A home media server is probably the most common example of this.

  • Thanks OP, got it for $254 with the $15 off afterpay rewards thing.

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    Excellent drive albeit a bit noisy for a desktop. I don't notice it that often but I think if you were doing a lot of continual activity it might get a bit/lot annoying.

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      True. I have them in my NAS (7 of them) and i hear them through the wall in the toilet. hehe

  • I'm waiting for 10TB to add to the previous 2* WD100EDAZ @ $23/TB deal (not the same level, but quieter) for 12) the Synology DS920+ :)

  • Does anyone have that list/spreadsheet from, I think, /r/datahoarders that shows something like all the models of harddrive and their TB/$ ratio according to recent listings? I realize that is a horrible description but I'm pretty sure anyone that has seen it will know the one I mean. I am trying to work out whether this deal is good enough to jump on or if I should try hold out for something juicier.

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    Oh for those who it's showing OOS. Please go to this link below instead. Use the same code to get 8TB for $276.


  • Awesome Deal, OOS already :(

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    8TB back in stock!

  • Can I put this in a standard 3.5 enclosure and use as external usb?

    • I dare say that the iron wolf is probably unnecessary/ineffective as an external drive
      you're not going to get the full benefit of it not being used in a RAID/NAS scenario
      the way those devices and the software is used treats them differently. they do this error correction stuff among other things
      as far as value for money I think the WD elements 14tb is an easy win
      if it's out of budget then the 8tb iron wolf and random external enclosure is a good bet too for ~AU$305 shipped but I wouldn't expect superior life/failure protection from the iron wolf in that use case scenario

      https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07YD3G568? 14tb WD elements external for $447.30 shipped

      • Thank you for you great advice!

  • Would this be reliable to storage 2 or more terabytes for long length video and photos? The better half prefer cloud storage over hard disks as she had bad experiences with old HD that failed of old HD that is 10 years old.

    • You could consider getting at least two and running them in a RAID configuration where if one/some fails then the other/s would still contained the mirrored data.

  • What HDD would be best for a Reolink NVR 4 or 6 TB?

    • What's your model? It might not support 6TB.

  • Picked up 3 drives yesterday from this deal. I have had a NAS with 5 of these 8TB drives running in a raid 5 config without any issues since 2018.

    • Time to bump up to raid 6 now ;)

  • Interesting packing method. Should work?


  • Good deal, thanks.