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Coles SIM Starter Packs - $10 (15GB, 30-Days, Was $20) & $96 (60GB, 365-Days, in-Store Only, Was $120) @ Coles Express


Saw this at my local Coles Express Petrol Station just now, massive stickers on all the rubbish bins, will get a picture later.

$10 for 30-day, 15GB, unlimited talk & text, online & in-store (normally $20 from Coles Express)

$96 for 365-day, 60GB, unlimited talk & text, in-store only (normally $120 from Coles Express)

Was $99 last month at Coles Express (which has since Expired), so it's even cheaper now!

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  • Showing up as $120?

    • On the Coles Express cash register???

      The offer is only available inside Coles Express petrol station retail shops.

      The cash register said $96 for me.

  • When do you have to activate by?

  • Is this good to port out temporarily and port back into boost?

  • 120GB for $125 (down from $150) also available, including online.


  • i take it these don't work as a recharge?

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

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    FYI - I got a 365 day SIM last Oct, activated it then and turned off auto-renew. Its due to expire mid Oct, and last week I got an email and text offering 25% off the recharge, bringing the $120 plan down to $90 for 12 months.

    I was considering whether to port out to someone else then port back to Coles with a new discounted SIM, but the recharge offer beats that, without the hassle of porting, and my unused data will rollover.

    Coles Mobile works well for me, I need the international call and text to stay in contact with family overseas. Reception is good in my area on the Gold Coast.

  • Is this just for the one coles express that OP visited, or elsewhere too?

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    Seems its not across all Coles express.
    Atleast not at one near me.

  • I think the deal is expired on 14/9/21 - just checked with local supermarket

    • This deal is for Coles Express, the petrol station. Not Coles the supermarket.

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    Got one from a coles express servo in brissie, so it's definitely not just limited to OP's sydney store. Had a promotional price tag on the sim card shelf showing the $96 deal.

  • Got one from Marsden QLD, small print from sign in store says offer expires 29/9/21.

    Thanks OP, wouldn’t have known about this deal otherwise!