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50% off: Kogan Mobile Prepaid LARGE (365 Days FLEX | 250GB) $135 @ Kogan.com


Live large on a 365 Days LARGE FLEX Plan with a hefty 250GB of data to use on the lightning fast Kogan Mobile 4G network.

Free SIM card included
250GB of data
UNLIMITED* standard national calls for 365 days
UNLIMITED* standard texts and MMS for 365 days
All for use within Australia
Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to use your FLEX Plan data at anytime during the 365 day period
Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees!

The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/10/2021. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers

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  • +19

    My family have been using this kind of Kogan prepaid plan for 3+ years, so far not bad, I would not say it is very good as network gradually slow down , even in brisbane CBD area, average download rate is around 10-12 Mbps download rate. Plus more other competitors includes unlimited international calls (which is handy if you need) . For me , very high chance to move away from Kogan to other service providers which has international calls included, once my plan reach the end. If you don’t need any international calling , this plan is fine. (I would give it 6.5 out of 10).

    • +5

      I think that's a local problem.

      I've also been using these Kogan/Voda plans for a few years. Always getting around 30mbit..

      • +6

        I think that's a local problem.

        Vodafone is fastest in my area, followed by Telstra then Optus.

        It really depends on where you live

        • +1

          Exactly, I am in line of sight to a Vodafone cell which is about 100 meters away and get 5 bars indoors through concrete walls and 3 bars in an underground car park.
          Optus and Telstra give me 2 bars inside and zero reception in the underground car park.
          It all depends on how close you live/work etc to your networks towers. One person's experience will be very different to another.

        • Exactly, just like mine. Optus is the worse and very slow.

    • +2

      I was on Kogan for two years. Yeah, sure the data is great but it was slow and when travelling to the city in Melbourne, had no reception in some of the train stops. I made the change to Boost with Telstra which has full bars most of the time and never looked back. I would give Kogan 5/10

      • Telstra has the widest network. but if you spend most of your time in a capital city any of the networks is fine.

        However my Sister in Law lives in Mornington and Telstra is available 50% of the time. All networks have blackspots.

        Edit: I havent been there in 2 years so my information on Mornington may be out of date.

    • I was getting 70Mbps download in Melbourne with the Voda network.

  • +16

    Big data, just no international calls. Before anyone asks, Kogan mobile is on Vodafone network.

    • +6

      Check out Lebara medium plan is $75 for six months and 20gb a month, plus international calls.

      • +1

        Yep, this one is still a great deal also. Although I do like the 12 month plans as I don't need to think about it again for a long time.

  • +1

    Any good deal for something like this but with international minutes?

    • +3

      I don't know if it is a good deal or not - but I am on Boost Mobile (Telstra) with their 12 months plan - $200 for 100GB Data (they used to be be more data for less $) - and they do include international minutes to some destinations.
      (No.. not associated with Boost. Was with Kogan and had enough with the lack of signal in my home and at my work - moving to Boost has definitely boosted the signal reception)

      • thanks, will look into it

      • +1

        I though Boost were removing international calls

      • @dTazzie does standard call including calls to mobile phone or only landlines? thanks.

        • @tinx - Mobile and Landline (tested it with my relative overseas).

    • +2

      I use boost for international minutes. There are unlimited calls (Group 1) to (Group 2) 3600 minutes per year depending on which plan you choose.

  • +3

    Looks like all companies are trying to compete Coles mobile's Price, But ofcourse NO INTERNATIONAL CALLING in KOGAN

  • +19

    "The lightning fast Kogan Mobile 4G network."

    This must be the joke of Century.

    No offence to anyone though.

    • +1

      Lightning fast for Kogan. If it was them you'd get 56K.

    • +1

      About as lightning fast as their delivery times 😂

    • KOGAN's Speed of light is equal to 3G.

    • Lightning fast but narrow bandwidth can be true at the same time ;)

  • +3

    I would be wary of Kogan Mobile coverage
    was with Vodafone for a long time, no coverage issues at my place.
    Checked kogan coverage map to be sure - no issues.

    But I am almost always on 1 or no bars at home. Frequently get call drop outs and sometimes can't even make outgoing calls.

    Only been a short while so still trying to sort it out with kogan but not been happy with the experience thus far

    • +6

      Most likely your area might have poor 3G coverage. Kogan does not have VoLTE calling yet whereas Vodafone brand does. So on vodafone your voice calls go over 4G or WiFi whereas with Kogan its over 3G.

      • +1

        Thanks for the info. Any idea when Kogan will get VoLTE? Or even better anyone know when Kogan will get 5G?

        • +1

          I'm not sure if there have been any public announcements. All i read was Vodafone would be launching their new 5G Nokia network around end of the year. So probably for other brands on the network be around or sometime after that. I could be well wrong though.

      • Then their website coverage map is extremely misleading? As it shows me that I should have no issues with coverage for:
        Calls & TXT : 4G Indoor
        Data Coverage: 4G indoor

        If the above takes place over 3G why even show me 4G if it does not impact my service?

        (forgive me if I'm misunderstanding something)

        • Agree it is slightly misleading. It's technically accurate, you have that coverage, but in terms of the network service used for voice it falls back to 3G. If you click through 2 layers from the coverage page you end up with a blurb that says

          "How do I know when I’m using 4G?

          Either '4G' or 'LTE' will appear at the top of your screen (next to the signal bars, where you'd usually see other network symbols). You’ll notice that this will switch back to 3G sometimes. That's because your device will automatically pick up the strongest signal available.

          Also, 4G/LTE is generally only used for data. So when you’re on a call, your device needs to switch back to 3G. When you hang up, your device will switch back to 4G/LTE when it can."

          Kogan spin at its finest eh?

          EDIT: One way round that i guess it just call people via whatsapp or similar so its just data usage and will therefor happily stay on 4G.

          • @Xizor: You're right the Date Coverage part is accurate, but I'd argue the Calls & Txt (which is assumed to refer to NON whatsapp/viber/skype calls or that would revert to 'data coverage') is entirely inaccurate and almost pointless to list out.

            Either way, i appreciate the explanation :)

            Not saying not to get the deal, but good for people to aware… passing the coverage map test does not actually mean you'll have proper call/text coverage.

            • @yourpants: Yeah, it should be more upfront at least on the same page not make you go hunting for it! I'd never actually looked before now, we've been randomly using Kogan (and other cheapies) across deals since they launched. For the price we just cop whatever limitations there as fortunately for us we live near a tower now so all the providers seem to work well unlike our old place.

      • nperf and others like OpenSignal, rely on people downloading their application and then running it in signal collecting mode, which a lot of phones are turning off by default as "power wasting background and/or tracking applications". nperf and OpenSignal need to have a statistically significant number of measurements in each area before they can plot them on the maps.

        So you're partly seeing just fewer people having Kogan and running nperf, mixed in with any real difference in the quality of the signals in each area.

        Then you've got to add in congestion at different times of day too, which can be difficult to show on a simple map of signal strength.

        For my local area, on the built up Central Coast, and for 5km around, nperf shows no signal for either Vodafone or Telstra, which is of course completely wrong. Just a lack of data.

  • Good price. Time to jump back to Kogan after last years Optus deal.

  • +1

    If International calls & good coverage then BOOST Mobile is a no brainer as I used Kogan Mobile (Data Hungry Kids) Boost Mobile (International Calls for Mrs) we are all on Coles Mobile 120 GB Plan which was on special for $99 on our none other than OZB earlier this month so far really happy with it except when I go in to car parks or shopping centers where coverage is really poor not sure if its a Optus (Coptus) or a limitation for MVNO's

    • +1

      Probably Floptus, I've found VF to be consistently better than Telstra where I am in Melb :(

  • I've been using Kogan for about 4 years now and never had an issue. I find their long-terms plans way cheaper than others especially when they have deals like this. My main question to you guys is why are you all making so many international calls? I think I've made one or two in my entire life. Who are you calling overseas that you would avoid a phone plan because of it?

    • Right? And why can't they just use an internet calling service? My sister lives overseas and I've never evener considered calling a phone number over a messenger call.

      • Their mobile phones don't always has mobile data or can't call landline number.

    • +1

      You won't understand this until you experience that call quality over phone is far superior than that of the calls over Whatsapp, messengers, and so on. Also, no call drops (depending on internet issues on either side), no weird lags, etc. Plus, you also know that you cannot call landline numbers (or people who don't use much internet for various reasons) using internet methods.. right? If you ever have to call customer care numbers of companies, banks, websites, etc located abroad, you need free international calling. Not many have support available via Whatsapp.

    • -1

      You'll be shocked to hear that there are some migrants in Australia. Many of them like to call family and friends back in the old country. Weird huh?

  • +1

    Really wish they’d offer a longer expiry date for using the voucher

  • +2

    You need to activate by end of October. I wish Kogan gave longer (for example like Catch that gives 2 years). This deal is so cheap, it’d be nice to have international but you get so much data. I haven’t been with Kogan in a while, but was working well for me in Sydney

  • +8

    I've been with Kogan Mobile on my iPhone(s) for about 3-4 years now and have had a great experience. I live in the suburbs of Melbourne and consistently get 3-4 bars of reception with speeds in the vicinity of 70/25mbps +
    The only things I'd like to see is greater rural coverage (not that I travel that much and when I do, it's nice to be off the grid) and 5g support.

    I'd much rather pay $11.50 p/month for (above) reasonable service and coverage than $80 p/month for something that I'd probably not take advantage of anyways.

    • Yes in Melbourne it seems Vodafone (or Kogan in this case) is the best with Optus being the absolute worst. Kogan for me has been consistently the fastest as you say 70mbps, where as something like Optus struggles for 30mbps. Telstra for me hasn't been much better than Optus and if you consider the price you pay for Kogan you really can't complain.

      • +1

        Yeah, that's been my experience as well. Optus sucks out in the eastern suburbs.

        • I'll echo that "Optus sucks out in the eastern suburbs" statement. Had no issues with Boost/Telstra but now on Coles/Optus and in corners of my work, I cannot get a consistent internet connection.

          • @Crownie: Condolences for being stuck on Optus. I've got a second line for work on Optus so I'm reminded of the differences between Vodafone/Optus daily.

        • Also out in the Eastern suburbs and Kogan has given me much better coverage than Optus or Telstra in the past.

      • I think it does depend on your definition of "Melbourne". For CBD postcode 3000 and its 15-20km surroundings, I've tried all networks including Optus and they do fine.

        • Same. Also same experience in Adelaide.

  • +1

    Can this be used to extend a current prepaid? I bought one of these in March so still a while off until expiry.

    • I just bought one to extend mine and the expiry date for the code is 31 Oct 2021. I would normally renew in November anyways.

      • Did it work? I have a current extra large flex expiring October ending with almost 250gb on it . Can this stack on it

        • From past experience they don't stack and restart your plan time for 12 months

          • @czd: Hi CZD, how can I restart my time for 12 months? Do I need to wait my current 12 months plan to expire or not necessary? Thanks

            • @Wandan: If you currently are on a plan, it will wipe the time remaining on your existing plan and start a fresh 12 months. I don’t like wasting time that I’ve paid for so I recharge very close to when the plan is about to expire. Hope that helps.

              • +1

                @czd: Thank you very much.

        • I won't activate it until then, so I don't know. But I have no reason to believe it won't work when I do.

        • I made the mistake of using the voucher too early. It did not stack in my case. It refreshed everything.
          Read the fine prints carefully

    • +1

      Unfortunately not. Mine doesn’t end until end of Feb so normally look out for specials a couple of months before

      • Darn, I guess I should do the same. Thanks!

  • +1

    Bummer, just renewed my Woolworths $150/100GB/365 days. Would have jumped on this.

  • my amex Kogan off just expired

  • +1

    Good deal, used to be with kogan and their speeds were actually fairly good with adequate coverage. Fast forward 3 years and the speeds have gone downhill.

    Personally i'm sticking with boost and their 250gb plan based on coverage and decent speeds

    • Yep I left 2018/2019 you could see the coverage and data slipping by the day. Got to the point where I couldn't actually use mobile data at all. Constant breakups and msgs not sending. Went from as good as telstra in my area to unusable in under two years. Nothing to do with towers as they remained the same. Priority for customers must have changed and Kogan did the dirty I think.

  • +1

    I've been with Kogan for nearly 2 years now and have had barely any issues. Coverage is fine, and I can never remember any real issue (except for the day when all Vodafone and vodafone affiliated services got interrupted). It's too bad that if you purchase the deal you have to apply it before the end of October, because my current plan doesn't expire till february

  • I only used 5GB last 12 month.

    and I turned 4G on all the time

    really hard to use all

    • Coles mobile does data roll over. Maybe worth a look into.

  • Do you know if I can use this to stack on my existing Kogan Large plan from last year?

    • Nevermind I just purchased and redeemed with my existing kogan plan from last year, I lost 77days of my old plan but the voucher did work and I have until next year today to get another voucher so hoping there's a sale this time next year because I usually buy it on chirstmas time…

      • +1

        Black Friday sale will roll around again. It'll most likely be 2 for one deal.

        • Yeah I sort of regret buying it now tbh. Cause I'll miss out on the Christmas sales and mine would expire next year this time… I'm thinking maybe next year get monthly and hold out until Christmas to get the buy one get one free

          • +1

            @Jasow4444: Don't be too worried. It's basically $22 you've missed out on. Equivalent of a Big Mac meal these days. 😂👍👍

  • I've had this for the past year from the last 2 for 1 sale they did.

    Reception can be a little sketchy, but I wouldn't say enough to make it a large inconvenience.

    You can't take a call and browse at same time. Probably one of the most annoying things.

    But yeah otherwise good value for 11 bucks a month. Its weird not having a monthly withdrawal of 50+ for mobile usage.

    • But you can probably get about $11 a months with Boost when they were on special and their reception is top notch.

      • I havent seen boost at this price equivalent for ages? Wasn't it 150 gig.

        • This was when Coles would have their specials and sell the starter packs for $135

  • These deals always come up a couple of months after I recharged. Wish it can stack

  • Dammit. Just recharged the kids phone with the medium plan yesterday. That's 170 * 2, and kogan gave me a 15 off anything over 200 too. That's 335 total.

    • +1

      No it isn't.

  • +1

    Reception is pretty poor and data completely dies during a phone call because it drops back to 3G.
    Good value otherwise.

    • Thanks for your comment. I will stay away from it for sure now.

      I have the exact same issue with Coles' plan. It's sickening as I use the data for work, and if I am on the phone then data is gone so I can't work and talk at the same time.

      I will go back to Boost due to this issue.

  • Many thanks op.

  • You have only 20 days to move away from Kogan when plan expires. After 20 days you can’t receive calls or sms so you cannot port out unless you recharge with Kogan to restore service.

    • +1

      That's extremely shit. Most used to offer 12 months receiving calls as far as I remember.

      • Yes, atleast amaysim allows receiving calls and sms.

      • 6 months traditionally…

  • +1

    Kogan's terrible in my area. Can't hardly used up the starter pack 30gb, had to switch on wifi at all times.

  • not again. I cant wait till Jan next year to move to a DECENT provider.. Cant event get signal on a busy day at COSTCO. -sad-

  • I cycled back to Kogan last December and generally don’t have any issues with them in Toowoomba/Brisbane. Plus, I’ve only used 50% of the 250GB so far with under 3 months left to go.

    The only problem I’ve had was during a holiday I took to Tasmania when the borders were open earlier in the year. I spent three nights on Bruny Island with no data signal at all at my accommodation and there was no wifi either—it got to the point where I found myself standing outside in the dark trying to find reception one night. Not that that’s an everyday occurrence, but it’s got me wanting to switch back to Boost this time around.

  • Have been with kogan for 2 years now and it's been great (Living in Perth btw). No internet connection issues and large amount of data for cheap. I don't need any international call time anyways as a Chinese since everyone use we chat there anyways.

  • I've ever ported to Kogan in the past, then moved to another provider. Can I port back to Kogan and be eligible for this deal?

  • Torn between this deal or 200gig for $150 at Vodafone.

    This is clearly better value for data, but Vodafone has volte, (and 5G?).