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Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Microphone - Cubano Gold $99 (Normally $149) + Delivery ($0 with $100 Eligible Product Spent) @ Mwave


Yeti Nano Polar Patterns:
Cardioid, Omnidirectional Modes
• Legendary Blue broadcast sound quality
• Supports sample rates up to 24-bit/48kHz
• No-latency headphone output, headphone volume and mic mute
• Plug ’n play—Mac and PC compatible
Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic for Recording and Streaming

Yeti Nano includes everything you need to broadcast your message with crystal clarity. We designed two new proprietary mic capsules specifically tuned to give your voice exceptional presence and detail. Plus, Yeti Nano supports high-quality 24-bit/48kHz recording, so you can give your podcast, video or Twitch stream the production value it deserves.

Online Only. Limit 2 Per Customer. Ends 27/09/2021 or While Promotional Stock Lasts

If you order this microphone and anything else… the other stuff you order will also be shipped for free.

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    buyer beware - does not support stereo or bi-directional mode - MOST users will probably only use it in cardioid mode anyway. Not my video, linking for information purpose only - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaTUd6QJ3DA&ab_channel=Wave

  • +4

    Just be warned that the QC is pretty bad on these. My microusb port just fell out of the socket.

    • What you can expect from "Nano Premium"

      • +2

        definitely didn't expect this to happen

        • I'm pretty sure mine is about to do this. How are you going to fix yours? Attempt to solder?

          • +1

            @dalan: I'll try to RMA. To be fair I've only unplugged it about 4 times from the socket before it fell out.

    • +2

      My normal yeti's micro usb port broke too.

  • I have this. Great mic. Dunno what others are on about. This is a great price for this.

    Absolutely no issues and voice quality is fantastic.

    I use it for gaming and for making teams phone calls/zoom. No issues or complaints from others re my voice.

    • when you use it to make teams/zoom calls, do you have the audio output to your speakers? i was wondering if it will create echo or not…

      • +1

        I use headphones usually so no echo

        Not sure how it would be if I used speakers, but may be something that can be mitigated with RTX voice (which is an amazing bit of AI tech)

      • +2

        No echo. I use mine on Zoom every day. Mic is set to the Yeti Nano and Speaker is set to a bluetooth PC soundbar.

        Really happy with the setup. Recommended.

  • +2

    If I buy this will you guys subscribe to my podcast?

    • +2

      You need the get the Rode. Then you can be 'Joe Rodegan.'

  • +3

    Is this good for beatboxing on Corporate zoom calls?

  • This or the Rode NT-USB Mini?

    • +3

      Rode is the better mic

      • Which one if I’m going to have a noisy keyboard in front and speakers behind the microphone?

      • Mini or NT-USB?

    • Definitely Rode, made in Australia and affordable.

    • Have you found the rode somewhere at a comparable price?

    • +1

      Micro USB or USB-C … There isn't an easier decision in life.

      • I will always promote USB-C, so we can hopefully hurry up and make the transition already.

  • +1

    Good price, I've been getting compliments on my audio quality since getting it, especially since it makes you sound smarter xD

  • MicroUSB … No thanks.

  • Seems to require $100 spend to get free shipping. Says free delivery but at $99 its not and says your ineligible for this offer. Whats the trick for free delivery at $99?

  • +1

    John Laws would be livid to know its being sold off like this!

  • Anybody got a recommendation on the best value usb microphone? Anything in the $50 range?

    • Have been using this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/631964

      best $2 I've ever spent

      • Better than a Mars Bar?

        • absolutely.. it's the ongoing subscription model for the Mars Bar which sucks you in.. because you need a Mars a day, to help you work, rest and play.

    • Fifine

      • Which one would you recommend?

    • +1

      There were some recent deals on Samson Meteor and Blue Snowball microphones, but they're going for around $70-80 now.

      Alternatively, the ebay vouchers are eligible for some Fifine branded microphones (as mentioned by congo), which are very similar to Blue Yeti models. Unfortunately they are still hovering around $80-90 mark.

    • +1

      I have the Neewer NW8000. It seems to work well. I only really use it for work meetings, but people seem to be able to hear me clearly. When I was just using the built in mic on my Sony headset people would sometimes complain I was too quiet.

      I'm sure I paid less than $30 for it in June this year, but the prices seem to be much higher at the moment. Covid has made everything crazy.

      • +1

        while those neewer stuff is on the cheaper end, its will defs beat any random gamer mic even at 100 bucks

      • +1

        According to the video posted by @auscompgeek, the $39 kmart microphone is the Neewer NW8000

        • nearly the exact same price, neewer sells for 30 - 50 for a whole set, stand and all. So if you find similar looking mics near the same price under different brand names, its definetely the same. Its like the beginner set for having GOOD audio, but there's more to do to get the most out of it on the software side.

        • If it's not then someone has done a damn good job of copying it!

    • +2

      The Anko 'professional' gaming mic seems to be surprisingly good quality at $39. Maker's Muse did a review earlier this year.

      • Nice .. made in the same factory, no doubt.

      • Looks like I'll go with this

  • I have the yetti X and it's plugged into my ipad pro for meetings. Massive improvement now ipadOS 15 supports the voice isolation mode. It is perfect. Only got the X version so that I can adjust everything without software (ipad does not support G Hub sw). If you have a Mac book, soon voice isolation will also be available. You will get just as good a sound from this microphone as you would the X but with the benefit of being able to use logitech G hub and a good price.

  • The Yeti X was only $150 delivered from Amazon 2 weeks ago. The build quality and sound quality is so much better on the Yeti X.

  • OOS

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