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½ Price Chiko Rolls 4pk $3 @ Coles


Allergen: Contains Kernels, Contains Sulphites, Contains Wheat, Contains Soybean and lots of cabbage.

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  • Does this count as vegetarian?

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      Vegetables (31%) (cabbage carrot celery onion green beans) wheat flour water cooked barley (water barley) beef (4%) animal fat wheat cereal textured soy protein salt sugar acidity regulators (450 sodium bicarbonate) hydrolysed vegetable protein (contains soy) spices (contains chilli) emulsifier (471) flavour enhancer (635) colours (102 110).Contains soy wheat and barley.

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      It's counted as junk

  • Anyone ever tried cooking these in a convection oven? Someone these don't seem to taste like when I was a kid and you used to get them at the local deli or fish and chip shop.

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      I cook them in a fan forced oven. They turn out pretty good. Just recently bought a bench top oven/air fryer and will try them in that, when I buy some.

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        can confirm in air fryer makes them taste as good as the greasey ones from the fish & chip shop with 7 day old oil!

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      You need to add the sweat of an overweight bald man to get that true deli taste.

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      add chicken salt at the end

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      We prefer them that way. Forget the packet instructions. Make sure the oven is very hot. For us that's 240c but ovens vary. Cook about 12 minutes then turn up the other way. When a little of the filling starts pushing out of the end (or the side starts to split) they'll be done.

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      These are probably the only reason why I’d buy an air fryer but it’s a good reason!

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    and lots of sh*t you dont even want to know about…

    • and lots of sh*t you dont even want to know about…

      Like that the world is run my lizard people?

  • Contains loads of sodium ,I don't know if the recipe has changed I used to like these but now to salty .

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      Just swallow it fast next time

      • That's what I tell the girls….

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          Username checks

    • *too

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      Despite the massive blue capitalised "IN 2 DAYS", there's always 1 person who complains that the deal's expired/OOS

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        Never complained. Just missed the blue box.

  • tastes like horse meat

    • agree

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      Scared to ask how you know that.

      • Na, he just ate maccas back in 2013

      • Probably used to eat IKEA too much

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        You know my friend Bob Sacamano…

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      As someone who as eaten horse meat I can say it does not taste the same.

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      Neigh, neigh horsemeat is tasty.

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      it does not. you need a better horse meat guy.

    • Basashi is great!

    • horse meat is delicious, i wish they did

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    "During the week Australians mostly eat Chiko Rolls…." ;)

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    Didn't suit my palate. Tasted weird.

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    Warning: This product is made on a production line that also manufactures food.

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    I like them. Oven cooking makes the cardboard like wrapper even chewier.

    Does anyone actually use the bags they put in the box? Such a waste.

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      I love the bags in the box. They taste better when eating it with a genuine Chiko Roll bag.

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      Slip them into the bag saves you having to use cutlery.

      • what cutlery you posh snob? Use your hands….

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          Precisely! Using the bags means i don't have to wipe my hands on the front of my pants as much after eating :)

  • There more pastry than meat.

  • Breakfast of champions…

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    What about the superior Spring Rolls?

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  • You haven't lived until you've had a bacon wrapped Chicko Roll. Trust me on that. No, I can't elaborate on how this originated, but hey we've got chocolate covered grasshoppers so anything's possible.

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    I think these are 'one of those foods' that you need to have eaten as a kid, to want to eat again. I have tried them and cant see the appeal :)

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    Chuck One of these little bueties in the air fryer [email protected] grab the sucker out sprinkle a touch of Salt drop it in a fresh buttered long crunchy bread roll and you are set.

  • Yummmmm

  • 2 dim Sims and a Chiko roll mate

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    I miss the Corn Jacks.
    Same cardboard chew, filled with corny goodness.
    Never understood why they came in a five pack.

    • I still get corn jacks at he chicken shop. Haven't seen them in stores.

  • Not bad, I think these cost $2 for one at the tuckshop 2 decades ago

  • Damn these things still exist ?? Talk about an extended product life cycle 👍

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    Bring back the bloody Corn Jack!!

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