No Way to Watch The 2021 AFL Grand Final Unless You Have a TV Antenna with FTA Channels

Hi All,

As most are aware, the 2021 AFL GF is on this weekend. The AFL has advised the only way to watch it is live on 7 in 720p "HD"

You can't watch it on Kayo
You can't stream it on the 7app
You can't watch via 7mate
You can't watch it via the AFL website
You can't watch it on 'free to air online via a m3u playlist'
You can't chromecast it via Freeview app
You can't watch it on Foxtel

Pretty steep considering a lot don't actually have an antenna and just use their smart TV for anything/everything, seems backwards

Does anyone have an idea or way around this?

On reddit this seems to be a problem most are facing

Cheers in advance

EDIT: for everyone linking, they said the same thing about the brownlow to stream, it didnt work.


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    7Plus has the ability to stream channel 7 live - maybe that would work? Unless for whatever reason they won't stream it there?

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      "However, if you're looking to live stream the AFL Grand Final through 7plus, you will only be able to do so if you have one of the following: a Telstra TV, Fetch TV, Apple TV, a PlayStation 4/5, an Android TV, or Samsung Tizen model from 2016 and later."


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        This is incorrect, the reddit post confirms otherwise, will not work

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          They may want to check that because even 7Plus themselves confirms this,

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            @Devastator0: This is great, usually they play border control when games are on

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            @Devastator0: Nah reddit more reliable than source.

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          How could reddit confirm it when the AFL Grand Final hasn't been televised this year?

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          What makes Reddit correct?

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        Most TVs should fall under -
        Telstra TV
        Samsung Tizen (2016 and later)
        Fetch TV
        Apple TV
        PlayStation 4 and 5
        Android TV / Google TV
        LG TV

        • Basically no general PC streaming cause they don't want it rebroadcast or recorded.

          Also proves this is a very select group being affected - those that don't have a FTA antenna, while also being such a luddite they don't have any of the listed modern alternatives.

          • @lunchbox99: This doesn't stop anyone from recording it. Anyone with a smartphone, or a DVR connected to their TV, or an Android emulator on their PC could record it.

      • Will Google TV (Chromecast) work?

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          The one with the UI and remote should - it just runs apps like an android TV.

  • someone might live stream it on facebook live, wait for it on reddit i guess

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    seems to be a problem most are facing


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    As most are aware

    News to me

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    "considering a lot don't actually have an antenna"…..uhh really? Just thinking in that every single person I know has an antenna on their house lol

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      1 in 5 in AUS don't

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        Where'd you get that statistic from?

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            @Mortgagetightass: Nice, I ask a genuine question and get a smart ass response.

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              @Devastator0: do you feel DevastatorD?
              but yeah, who doesn;t have an antenna FFS (shame I don't have on on the shed though….)

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                @Nugs: I certainly don't. It's a very old technology that will continue to die over time.

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                  @Stephen2: Whilst I agree this lack of choice of watching the AFL digitally someway (legally) is an issue enough, there is plenty enough advantage in an antenna generally. I mean given the pricey, crappy internet in our country the fact I can watch simple things on FTA without a dime of bandwidth, data, or lag is an option I'm happy is there.

                  If they are already ditching antennas on new builds (for example) that's just deliberately screwing over consumers.

              • @Nugs: I don’t. Never needed one. Indoor thingy is fine if I ever lose my mind and feel the urge to watch FTA.

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                  I don’t. Never needed one. Indoor thingy is fine

                  So you do have an antenna?

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            @Mortgagetightass: Ironically, "every single person I know" is likely a more reliable statistic than an unsourced one covering the totality of the population.

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        I am the one who does not have external antenna, the indoor antenna are useless, I use apps to watch live channel on TV.

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          Me too

        • Hahahaha same, when I saw the comment above I was like hey that's me! I'll get one…eventually…

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            @penguin286: I tried Amazon's Antenna for a while and returned back.
            Problem is if it has channel 7 , no 9 or vice versa. Even a small movement, you need to rescan the channels and no guaranteed of getting any signals. I prefer to watch channel 7 only so using apps when needed.

        • We don't have any antennas. Never did. I had an antenna guy come over when we moved in and he walked around the roof with a gadget in hand and said, we have very spotty reception, even during best case scenarios. Any little thing changes and we'd lose the signal. So we decided not to have the antenna put in.

          Likewise, as of the last 3 years, anything we want to watch on FTA TV we just stream. Lately though, it's been practially nil.

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        1 in 5 don't have an antenna? WHAT RUBBISH!!!

      • I have one, but don't even use it. Pretty sure its so banged up that it doesn't even work.

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      we have one, tv is connected too but there is a fault somewhere doesnt seem to work. Havent been bothered to get it fixed. We just watch 9now via app online when we do want to watch free to air tv.

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        How about a coat hanger?

        String of coat hangers? Or get a ball of fencing wire, and keep rolling it out until you get a signal…

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      We have a very expensive satellite system installed by the previous owners of our house in place of an antenna because they couldn’t get signal due to tall buildings blocking it.

      We have never used it once.

      Antenna is pointless when you own Apple TV and every channel has a live streaming app.

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        Except when you want to watch football/cricket on FTA when the streaming channels block it and force you onto Murdoch's Kayo/Foxtel etc..

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        Except when you have internet issues

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      I have an antenna. Last time I checked we could only get some of the channels on it. After trying it that one time I unplugged it and never worried about it again.

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      I don't. None of my friends do. I was talking to one of my colleagues who had one in a new apartment, but didn't realise it was broken for 2 years.

      Having an antenna outs you as an old person.

    • I don't. It fell over years ago and I had Netflix and haven't missed FTA at all.

    • My last house and current house both don't have antennas.

      FTA TV and Foxtel are delivered over our Opticomm FTTH connections.

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    must be a unit renter, hard to find a house without a antenna where I live.

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      Nah brand new home, no antenna

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        username checks out

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        🐰 🐰

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        Could see if rabbit ears work.

        • better with a digital aerial…..

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        Buy one…duh.

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      I own a house and it doesn't have an antenna, and I have no intention of fitting one. I even had the builder change the included antenna port to an ethernet instead. I know a number of people who have built new houses and haven't bothered with antenna.
      Haven't watched free to air tv in years, anything I want to watch is on netflix/stan/amazon/youtube (or bbc iplayer).

    • I think it's more not owing something with a digital tuner, I consume media on one of: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer monitor, or projectors with Android TV/Chromecast. None of which have a digital tuner.

      I don't feel this is an unusual situation for most people, or at least TV is not physically placed near the antenna point, or cable doesn't exist. FTA has been dead to a lot of people for a longgg time. Honestly haven't watched for around 12 years now, I'm 36yo for reference.

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    Does anyone have an idea or way around this?

    Get an antenna fitted.

    Although FTA is pure worse than RepeatTel….. I mean Foxtel

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    will a metal coat hanger work?

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      Get some rabbit ears for less than $10 from Kmart. Lean one of the rabbit ears against a metal window element and it seems to work better.

      • I find if I put my head against one it works quite well

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      Paper Clip will probably work too.

    • Ask Texas

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    It's all about the $$$$ - this is the deal that the AFL mandated.

    It is the opposite of a lot of other sports (and for a lot of other AFL games), where you have to pay to watch them and they aren't on FTA.

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      What would happen if all TV stations and pay TV's got together and said we are only paying you 100k for all the rights to AFL or NRL etc, not a billion $$ ???

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        They would get done for anti-competitive behaviour under law.

        • LOL… Yea can see that happening..
          Then they all walk away from it all together until the sports come begging and again they'd pay a pittance for it.

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            @pharkurnell: all to do with anti syphoning laws

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              @Ade99: What im getting at is the refusal to pay stupid amounts of money.. theres no way these sports are worth a billion

          • @pharkurnell: And the ACMA will take away their spectrum licences (in theory at least). This might actually be a net positive for Australia though.

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              @macrocephalic: There is nothing that says they must bid for the rights.

              They will take away nothing as they've done nothing wrong…

              … and none of the sports will get billions

              • @pharkurnell: Colluding with your competitors to not bid for something is still illegal; it's collusion fraud. Also, there's no way they'd all boycott it, at least one of them would put in a low-ball bid. So all the broadcasters would have colluded in their bidding and one would have gotten the rights at a reduced cost.

  • You can't watch it on Foxtel

    Yes you can I watched all the finals from them on channel 7 main .

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      I think OP is referring to the Fox Footy channels.

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      That's still watching channel 7

    • dummy thats not foxtel

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    Perhaps try one of those cheap antennas. They still pick up a picture unless you live in Timbuktu. Five dollarydoos from Kmart:

    • Get some double sided heavy duty tape and stick Kmart antenna on the wall outside a window.

  • Do they still stream it on the AFL website for people overseas? If so, would a VPN work?

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      People outside of Australia can watch the grand final live on Pass costs $40 (for one months access) so isn't cheap. Another option would be Sky Sport Now (NZ) which is $19 for a week IIRC + vpn/smart dns. Added bonus is you won't get ads after every goal :)

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    Just like the Brownlow, Ch7 and AFL deal only benefits boomer thinking instead of embracing innovation with apps

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      Except the brownlow could be done in under an hour and kept interesting instead of padded out for hours to fit more sportsbet ads in there…

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      Except it doesn't for the majority of games during the season, which are not available on Ch7.

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    Wow. The First World Problems Gazette just got it's new headline.

    I've been waiting for one of these. The arrogance of the "Do people even watch TV anymore?" turkeys has come home to roost.

    Join us old farts who lived in the 20th Century and get an aerial…

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    I removed my antenna cable a few months ago and now all I use is
    on my VTV.

    Do you have an Android TV or Google TV device?

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      While this is awesome and I use the same, the AFL is blocked on it and you get border control. I had an aerial installed for the prime reason of watching AFL as I had the same issue as OP. Matt also has a Foxtel Go one which is great for Fox Footy too, but the GF won't be on Fox Footy. Very happy I had the aerial put in as a Melbourne supporter in curfewed melb.

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    Seems like an easily resolvable problem that you addressed on your post title.

  • Hi OP. I had the exact same issue with no aerial and just streaming through m3u (which is amazing except for AFL!) I looked into it and couldn't find any alternative but to have an aerial installed to watch games. It sucks. Perhaps a portable one will get you the game or a tuner if you have a PC

    • what m3u service and app are you using? I am looking at setting this up but always come to a dead end with no working m3u link thanks

      • Google Matt Huisman and find his page on free tv au. He has heaps of different things but theres an m3u he maintains there

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    Please TRY this as I heard this from a friend. So it not confirmed

    Sportsbet let you watch all live games if it's being broadcasted somewhere. As long as you have a $10 balance on the account.

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      Can anyone confirm? That would be great to know….

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        Are we taking bets on whether it is true or not?