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Anycubic Photon Resin 3D Printers: Mono SE $318, Wash&Cure+ $225, (OOS: Mono SE $318 , Mono X $669) Shipped @ anycubic-make eBay


For anyone interested to get started with Resin 3D printing, AnyCubic has passed me what looks like a pretty decent deal:

  • Photon Mono (Out of stock till Oct. 10th) for only $174 delivered (product info here)
  • Photon Mono (Out of stock till Oct. 5th) X for $669 (product info here) is an incredible discount, far far lower than the initial release price!
  • Wash and Cure Plus station for $225 (product info here).

Resin 3D printing is a little more messy than FDM, but it gives incredibly high detail prints — great for figurines and models.
Code has one use per person.

P.S interested in an FDM plastic printer instead? see this deal

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  • "Photon Mono X for only $174 delivered"

    • He meant just the Mono I guess

      • Whoops — sorry, I muddled up the models. Mono X is the new big one.

        • Yeh I know which one the Mono X is, that's why i got excited!

  • I nearly spend 250 for the Mono 3 days ago

  • +1

    are these any good and reliable?

    • The design of these are actually pretty simple and straight forward, but the learning curve is a little steep. They do require some periodic maintenance (e.g. replace the the FEP film every 50-100 prints or so) but the effort you put in gives phenomenal quality results. I have seen prints from the Mono X that are amazing, and they are really trying to make the post-processing easier with the wash and cure products as well.

  • Does the Mono SE (or any of the modes above) include any resin with them? Or is it just the printer itself?

    • Just the printer itself.

  • Just be aware that this seller isn't the official Anycubic ebay store - they are only posing as one.
    This seller 'Anycubic-Make' has 134 feedback: https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/anycubic-make?_trksid=p2047675.l...
    'Anycubic-Official' has 10k+ feedback: https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/anycubic-official?_trksid=p20476...

    Are they sus? Not sure, but it does set off a red flag for me.

    • +2

      This is the official Anycubic. They have several stores.

    • I found buying Anycubic PLA the other day lots of Anycubic stores, several looked official

  • I've been printing a replacement gear for my power window regulator. By mid summer it gets too warm in the door and the teeth bend or melt off.

    Would this be a hardier option?

    • FDM might be a better choice as resin prints can be a little brittle — but there are "tough" resin formulations out there too. Maybe PETG or ABS is better.

      • Cheers, PLA (teeth broke) and ABS (teeth bent) both failed. Will try PETG. The original gear is only plastic. Assume that would be some sort of PET plastic.

        • Message me if you keep having issues. I also have a CNC router. Probably originally Nylon?

    • Definitely go PETG or ABS

    • You might be better off making a mould from the print and doing a resin cast, acrylic or something.

  • what would be the equivalent elegoo or voxelab model to the mono?

    • Photon mono and Elegoo Mars are very similar, nearly identical in print volume:
      Photon mono: 115x65x155mm
      Elegoo Mars: 120x68x155 mm

      Many resin printers like the Elegoo just use the 3rd party ChiTu DLP Slicer, but Anycubic have their own Photon Workshop suite. Can also use ChiTu software on the Photon with the latest firmware from what I understand, if you prefer it.

      • There are so many mars models, up to 3 now I believe

        Have you been using these?

        • +1

          The basic Mars 1 version is the one I am referring to. I have an Anet N4 resin printer personally — far more expensive at the time when I got it, but spec wise equivalent to the Photon mono.

  • Can you use the code twice?

    Noticed it also works on the curing station

    • I don't know — will try find out.

    • One time code.

  • what are people printing with resin printers besides miniatures?

    I have an anycubic mega s FDM and was close to buying a resin printer a while back but held off as I didn't know what I would print with it that wasn't miniatures.

    • Same. The only thing I can think are smaller parts that require the resolution an FDM can't produce but then at the same time the strength of FDM is way higher (mostly).

      • constantly amazed at the detail though which makes me want to get one

        • Yeah the new 4K Mars looks crazy.

    • You can also make moulds for casting if you want to get into jewelry or metalwork.

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    Hi OP, can you provide a code that works for the Mono + Wash & Cure 2.0?

    • I'm sorry — that product combo is not included in this promotion.

      • The page you linked for the mono is out of stock, I can see lots more mono listings on your account, but yeah the codes don't work for those. Any chance you can get some more for the code?

        • +1

          Apparently Mono will be restocked Octo 10th, Mono X Oct 5th. Promo will run till Oct 31st.

  • Wash and cure

    Trying to get the code working on this bit it's not. Guessing not included in promo?

    Code didn't seem to work on the wash and cure station in the directly linked post either

    • I'm sorry — only available on the Wash and Cure Plus in the main link eBay item. That is, only available on Wash and Cure Plus ($325 —> $225).

  • Hey Pinchies, will the discount coupon still be valid when the Photon Mono comes back in stock?

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      Yes :-) Coupon expires end of Oct. I'll post in the comments as well when it is back in stock.

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        Is there a new code, the one posted doesn’t appear to be valid?

  • What is the code? It's back in stock

    • Did you get a reply at all? or were you able to get the code working?

  • I apologise to those who have been waiting — I have been told that the promotion will not be continuing. 😔

    • No worries, thanks for the update.