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Dell S2721DGF $399 (OOS), S2722QC $369, AW3821DW $1499, S3422DW $499, S3422DWG $549, S2722DC $309, S2722DGM $299 @ Dell eBay

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      • Thanks! Might actually grab one ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Does anyone know if i could get the s3422DWG and also have it function as a work monitor? Worried my little dell workplace laptop (Dell latitude 5310) can handle being plugged into this at all. or would i be better just getting the s2721dgf?

    • Look at what graphic card you have. Look at max resolution for that graphic card.

      • i'm more concerned about the laptop i have for work rather than a home pc since i'd like it to double for work if possible. Just wasn't sure since i've googled and it says it supports 4k screens with the USB-c output but i'm really not all that across it

        • Your laptop will have a graphic card, most likely not discrete. Look at that graphic card and see what the maximum resolution is.

  • Currently have one U2717D, looking to add another thats aesthetically similar or replace with 2x new monitors.

    Basically using for work (emails, excel etc) and abit of youtube/social media stuff.

    Any suggestions?


  • What size monitor are people running as secondary with their AW3821DW? I'm thinking a 27 but i'm not sure how the vertical height of the monitors will look next to each other. I would prefer them to be similar height, i think a 34 and 27 are about the same vertical height

  • Any cheap 27 inch fhd? On a student budget ๐Ÿ˜ข

  • looking for a second vertical monitor, would a 24" work out? Recommendations please :D

  • Are these good for office use? How about screen difference with ultrasharp series

  • I currently have the Dell U2719H ultrasharp. Is it worth selling it and getting the S3422DW? Thanks

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      I am in the same boat - I have an older Ultrasharp and have been considering the U2720Q which isnโ€™t actually on offer here but maybe the S2722QC might do the job?
      But Iโ€™ve been using Ultrasharp models since 2008 and Iโ€™m extremely happy with them. Though never had a 4K model before. No gaming required. Just want rock solid picture quality with very good colour reproduction that I can look at for several hours without eye fatigue. No need for the serious colour precision model for photo or video editing. Anyone care to compare these two for me please? Iโ€™m sure the Ultrasharp is in a different league and it also costs considerably more. Thanks in advance.

      • Text at 4K on a 27 inch would be very tiring on the eyes I think?

        • +1

          Will be too small on 100% scale. Need to enlarge to 125%.

          • @edfoo: Thanks yeah that's what I thought.

            That's why I want 2560x1600 on a 30" monitor. :-)

  • Can anyone assist? I have no idea which one is better - S2722DGM vs S2721DGF. I just want videos and games to look good, and am assuming that a 4K 60Hz won't give me as much joy as a higher Hz monitor. Occasional gaming with a 2070 super, mostly office work.

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      Info here

      In summary, I believe it would be video DGM, games DGF, pick the one you do most.

  • Delivery not until early November…

    • Is this accurate? Too long

      • yeah does anyone know if this is accurate? copped a DGF but surely don't have to wait until november right :(

        • +3

          Estimate was 6 weeks when I ordered from the last iteration of this deal. Arrived in 3 weeks

      • +2

        Don't think so - found this comment in another post:

        "For those wondering, I believe Dell gives a long delivery time because they don't manage orders on ebay. They compile all the ebay orders every day then process and manage on their own system. They only go back to the ebay order just to close it.

        I was given 6 weeks lead time and received it in 2 weeks."


        • Thanks for the detail, hopefully this is what happens!

  • +3

    How do you actually buy at these prices? It comes up differently in eBay and coupon cannot be applied

    • +1

      On eBay, once you have entered your personal details + payment information there is a section at the bottom for promo codes! Use the one in the deal heading and it should take an additional 20% off.

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    Hi I guys I can't seem to use the code to purchase the s2721dgf. Can anybody help me?

  • Someone bought 10 already..
    AU $498.75
    10 21 Sep 2021 at 10:08:55 AEST

  • Purchased the S2722QC! Thanks OP

  • +3

    Can't beat the S2721DGF at that price! One of the best 1440p 165Hz gaming monitors going around atm. Thanks OP!

  • Got the S2722DGM after seeing some reviews on it. $299 is not bad plus I had an afterpay reward which took $15 of the price to $284 ๐Ÿ˜

    • +1

      The DGM is great, I've now got two + a S3220DGF.

  • +1

    Surprised the XPS's aren't getting any love - still the top Windows choice despite being Intel only IMO

  • +1

    do they not sell any 24" monitors anymore on their ebay store?

  • Estimated shipping 5th Nov for S2722QC. Jesus, that's late!

    • +4

      Estimates are usually around the 6 weeks mark. The monitor needs to be allocated and then get both of their Covid shots done before being sent out. :)

  • Just some thoughts on getting the 4K 27" for Working From Home use. I have 2 27" 4K and everytime I share the screen on MS Teams, there is at least 1 who complains, 'can you make the screen bigger?' - I guess they cannot see it very well when I share a 4K screen to their possibly 1080P screen.

    I have:
    1 S2721QS
    1 S2722QC (ordered the S2721Q from a previous ebay deal here for $279 but this one got delivered - earlier than promised too)

    2x 27" on my 1.2meter desk spans the whole desk. But with monitor arms, give me a lot more free space on the desk than using the monitor stands they came with.


    • +3

      you should recommend they upgrade and point them to this deal :-)

    • teams downscales your 4k resolution to 1080p for everyone on the call…
      Lowering your scaling will probably help them, but its such a hassle to do all the time.
      I guess you can just share the application and make the app window smaller.

    • +2

      You may want to share a specific content (window) instead of the whole screen. I also found when people trying to share their ultrawide screen on a normal 1080p and just couldnt read.

      Make the shared window smaller than your screen size and should be ok for others with 1080P.

      But if you have to share the whole screen then it may be better to temporary switch your resolution to 1080P to accommodate the others.

      my 2 cents.

  • Bought a S2722DC as well. Probably a bit of an overkill for solely WFH purposes (and the S2721DS would have made it to just under $300 for an instant tax write off in the current financial year), but why not buy something slightly better?

    • I'm currently deciding between the 2 models & was wondering why the DC is a slightly better model?

      • A couple of differences, mainly 2721DS having DP, 2722DC usb-c and USB

  • +1

    Anyone able to compare the differences between the S2722QC & S2721QS? I have a Macbook so I can see the model in this deal has USB C ports, but can't really tell the difference otherwise (not super tech saavy). It'll be for general use & watching vids etc. Not for gaming. Thank you!

    • Is it a M1 macbook? because those have some issues with some external monitors.

      • Yeah it is. I heard the issues are with multiple monitors unless I'm mistaken? I would just be using the 1 monitor with the Macbook

        • +1

          There is the multiple external monitor problem. There is also screen flickering issues with some monitors. Have a google. I had terrible screen flickering on a VA monitor, an IPS monitor is fine. There is a glitch now and then (once a week maybe?) with the IPS but unplugging the re-plugging the cable does the job.

          • @g1: Ooh that doesn't sound great. Are both of these IPS monitors?

            • +1

              @lovedemfinds: According to Dell's website both QC and QS are both IPS. As productred mentioned the USB-C to USB-C video out is nice as there is no need for extra adapters. But I'd suggest you do some googling on those monitors and m1 macbooks.

    • +3

      The QS comes with displayport and hdmi while the QC comes hdmi and usb-c. They look pretty much the same.. although my QS is brighter than my QC at the same brightness/contrast/etc settings.

      I have not had time to calibrate the screen - i have a proper monitor calibration tool (spyder)

      For your case, the QC would make more sense as it comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable too - but it's stand HAS limited degrees of movement

      • Thanks for your comment, this actually helps a lot!

        The stand is another thing I forgot to consider but the range of movement will actually pretty important in my pictured setup so I'm leaning towards the QS now. I don't mind buying a USB-C port adaptor if that's the only main benefit.

        • +1

          if your pictured setup includes monitor arms, then you might not need the more adjustable stand :)

        • +3

          I am using the QC model with my M1 MacBook Air, it's amazing. Works perfectly. Highly recommend it.

      • +1

        Limited in what way? I have the S2721QS and I am looking at 2722QC primarily for USB C but dont want to loose degrees of movement? Is there a drastic difference? The stands look similar to me. Thanks

        • I'm not sure what he's talking about mine has all the movement and rotations available to it…

  • Still super torn between S2721DGF and S3422DWG - is the dwg considered a 'good' VA panel? The black smearing seems to effect different models differently. What are my chances of seeing a DWG equivalent IPS under 800 in the next 6 months?

    • +2

      DWG is better future proof

      S2722DGM vs S2721DGF (rtings.com).

      Key differences:

      S2721DGF has poorer black uniformity (nature of IPS)
      S2721DGF has better color palette (10bit vs 8bit)
      S2721DGF has DisplayPort 1.4 vs 1.2
      S2721DGF has faster response times
      S2721DGF has basic HDR
      S2722DGM has (average) Black Frame Insertion

    • +1

      I think 27 would be better due to IPS. If you are planning to go for VA, then Odyssey G7 is the way to go.

    • +1

      From my knowledge, any VA panels beside the Odyssey series from Samsung will experience typical VA stuff like smearing. So if you want to try VA, better of with an Odyssey, G7 is the sweet spot for me.

      I'd still grab the S2721DGF, as the contrast only affect if you play in a dim light environment, I certainly not using my computer in a dark room, not anymore, but who knows. So the superiority of IPS's clarity and viewing angle is the one I chose, + I want to play coop games with my girlfriend, so good viewing angle is a must.

      If you don't fall into the same category as mine, feel free to go with VA, but like I said, Odyssey is the way to go right now at the moment.

      • +1

        Yeah, I ended up going for the S2721DGF! Thanks for the assist all

        • Yeah S2721DGF gang, I ordered 1 as well as soon as the deal went live!!!

          Can't wait for it right? xD

          • +1

            @Thomthomx: Fingers crossed they beat the ETA of late oct/early nov haha

  • Whatever I do I can't get S3422DWG for $549, it's listed with usual price $686.25

    • +1

      Works here. I suggest you contact ebay to find out what's going on with your account.


      • +1

        I see thanks, sorry for downvote

  • can I use the code and an ebay gift card to pay?

    • +1

      if its a gift card that you bought, yes. if its some credit with conditions then check the conditions.

  • are any of these worth considering for a PS5 monitor / pretend to work from home screen or should i stump up for a HDMI 2.1 ready monitor?

  • +1

    Great deals, shame I didn't wait one more day before ordering my S3422DWG direct from dell for 629!

    • I literally did the same thing.
      on the bright side- ordered mine yesterday directly from dell and its already been shipped with tracking information from startrack.
      potentially missed a 6 week wait time with backlog and ghosting from dell.

      • On board for delivery today…. Cant complain with that.
        $80 is worth a 2 day delivery time from time of purchase in my books.

        • Haha yeah, mine is on board for delivery today. Sydney to Tassie that fast, can't complain

  • I wish they'd list the P2418HT monitor which I have been waiting for some time.

  • Is the S2722DGM or S2721DGF better?

    • DGF for sure for text + gaming.

  • All, How to get the tax invoice from ebay? i chat with Ebay and they are asking to contact seller to get tax invoice.
    If anyone have done already, kindly share the steps.
    If we use gift card, payment showing as zero in the past under order details. so any suggestions would be helpful.

    • Is it for the purpose of personal tax return?

      • Yes, i can get partial refund from my company(eg: $200) and remaining i have to claim via Tax Refund.

    • you would need to contact the store directly for this one. have done this on my recent TR

      • Thanks, Will Invoice show the total payment paid including via gift card or only bank payment?

    • +1

      How to get the tax invoice from ebay?

      You just have to wait.

      Dell will automatically issue an invoice after your order has been delivered. (usually within 24 hours of delivery)

      The invoice will show the full amount of the item as displayed in the eBay listing. Any use of gift cards or even the 20% discount does not get shown on the invoice.

      • Thanks for your inputs, it helps

  • I'm holding the urge to buy S3422DWG, am I the only one?

    • +1

      nup, holding the urge too!

      • what you holding out on for? I'm looking at that model as well but just not sure if i should pull the trigger or not

        • +3

          personally waiting for it to go down, it was 495.20 before. I feel it will go down further like S2721DGF right now which I bought when it was ~500

    • +1

      Nope same here! The va panel is holding me back but Iโ€™m not sure if I should just pull the trigger

      • yeah thought of the VA panel too, but its nice to pair with the S2721DGF still. It will take a huge effort to calibrate the colors between the two monitors though. Which is also what's stopping me from getting this. Overall I think its nice to see Mi Monitor 34 has a competition

  • These are always on sale for this price

  • Thanks OP, got two S2722DC for dual monitor setup for work

  • Damn! I paid $599 for the Dell 34 inch. Disappointed to see that the price is now $499 for the same.

  • what's the difference between 2721D, 2721DS and 2722DC?

    Is it just the ports?

    • +1

      2721D has a basic stand (tilt only)

      2721DS and 2722DC come with stands that have full range of motion (pivot, tilt, swivel, height)

      Typically about $30-50 for a similar stand

  • +1

    Dell S2721DGF OOS

  • Never any non-curved 4k 30"+ monitors :(

  • Any more DGF available?

  • OOS for S2721DGF - I'm too slow…

    • +1

      Same! been waiting all month for this price again. Finger's crossed there's more xmas stock on the way.

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