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[NSW] Coles Beef and Garlic Herb Sausage 550g $0.50 @ Coles Westfield Chatswood


Coles beef and garlic herb sausage 550g for $0.50 at Coles Westfield. Expiry 23 or 24 September 2021. Plenty left on the shelf.

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  • Who knows how many Westfield’s have coles in them…

    • My bad. Have edited!

      • -3

        This is fun. Because Chatswood has two Coles :P

        • That's why I specified Chatswood Westfield (to differentiate from Chatswood Chase).

          • @dust: That indeed makes sense. That’s the coles that pretends to be super upmarket though isn’t it?

            • @ATangk: yeah they made it weird. i heard they did a similar weirdening to the aldi at north sydney

            • @ATangk: Ngl, the Coles Local I actually went to look at pre lockdown and it fits so well with the pretentiousness of some people on the North Shore

              Special ice cream for dogs and around 50 different pet treats by the scoop. Why.

              Some part of me did wish there was that wide a range of ready meals at my local though

  • Coles Westfield where? There are alot of Westfield centres..

  • Which Westfield myguy?

  • woo-hoo! cheap meat! oooh! this one's open!

  • +1

    Minced meat scares me now after watching Four Corners last night…

  • +3

    Nice one. Pity Chatswood is outside my 5km limit. You can also freeze these too and defrost on the day you want to cook them. I've done this plenty of times before.

    • Pity Chatswood is outside my 5km limit.

      Same, outside our 10km limit…. 😞

  • +1

    Can't believe I paid $3 for 2 last week

    • I guess nobody is having barbies with lockdown.

  • About 10 left as of now.

  • -1

    I feel my arteries clogging already….

  • +1

    I was going to walk out disappointed then the staff refilled it with stock expiring 27/09.
    Might be worth hanging around / asking.

  • Nice find! These are Tasty!!! Great for a sausage curry or BBQ.