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Gigabyte Radeon RX 6900 XT Gaming OC 16GB Video Card $2294 + Delivery @ Skycomp


Seems a good price for it, a few hundred cheaper then the next cheapest i can see for this version of the card.

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    for this price the xfx 6900 xt from ple would be a better option https://www.ple.com.au/Products/644475/XFX-Radeon-RX-6900-XT...

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      not worth a post then?

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        nah im just providing an alternative for the ppl if they interested

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          This is top of the line 6900XTs with XTXH (higher binned version) if anyone keen on actually buying a super duper 6900XT.

          I personally had a Phantom D 6800XT from Asrock and compared it to recently bought Sapphire toxic 6900 XT (ozbargain deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651163) - Benchmarks from Asrock 6800XT is almost as good as the Sapphire 6900XT in SOTTR benchmarks 180fps vs 192fps.

          If anyone got money to throw at one of these, then recommend the Asrock with better sillicon, better power design (21-phase), better VRMs than the competition.

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        If you can't find exactly the same thing for a better price, can't say it's not worth a deal.

        But gaming OC is really on the lower end of cards. Could be better off getting the XFX so…..

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          XFX Merc 319 is a way way way way way way (cough cough…no cheap Gigabyte thermal solutions…cough cough) way way way way way better card.

          Just wish XFX did Nvidia cards too!

          I'd rate them as the best Radeon vendor (sapphire is good too I guess but perhaps very 'blingy').

          Great warranty support, all metal (warning the XFX's are quite heavy as a result and you'll want a GPU bracket), good cooling setup.

          In saying all of that…wowsers…$2.2k+ being legit the lowest price for a GPU…what is this world we live in now…

          Alternatively, ASRock's arent bad…

          For that kind of money, I'd pre-order the ASROck formula OC - it has 3 pin power input so arguably you may get a tiny bit more OC 'feels':

          • @Ozbargainerd1: Asrock Phantom D 6800XT performs very close to water cooled Sapphire 6900XT Toxic. I am now a fan of Asrock after having experienced both cards first hand.

            Check their board designs as well, apparently much better than competition in terms of power design.

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    GPU prices blow my mind at the moment. That is the price of a first car lol

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      Did your first car earn money😅?

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        Na, but just like mining it affected the environment lol

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        Yeah, it got him to work and Uni.

        Alternatively, buy this and mine $7 of coins per day with a $3000+ rig and hope China don't ban crypto further.

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          "don't ban crypto further" sounds odd. In my head the term ban is binary, they either ban it or they don't. Banning mining is not the same thing as banning crypto. Feels like a confusing way to say "hope they don't crack down on crypto further". Once it's banned, there isn't any further to go.

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            @boredofficeworker: I apologise if you were confused by that statement.

            China is a big country and there are many provinces they could implement further mining bans in, or they could ban cryptocurrency investing and onramps totally to add to liquidity in their own markets.

            If Evergrande shows you anything, it should show you China will happily let assets crash and burn if they are not state controlled, let alone crypto assets that have potential to undermine their own currency system.

    • or an Xbox series x, a PlayStation five, and your choice of another ps5 or Xbox…

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    ASRock 6900XT Phantom D OC has been $1899 + delivery, and personally I'd be buying the ASRock which is higher clocked and scores slightly higher frames.


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    Crazy too see that even the 6600xt is almost at $900 now.

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    No deal IMO, I know this has been $1899, but prices are going up again, looks like cheapest now. https://www.pcbyte.com.au/p/asrock-amd-radeon-rx-6900-xt-pha...

  • I paid $950 for my 6800XT back in December. This is absolutely crazy.

    • I paid $1,400 for my 3080 in December too. So Crazy!

    • Who did you mug to get one well below MSRP?

      • Day 1 purchase.

        • 6800 was 949 not the 6800xt