This was posted 9 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Purchase an Oculus Quest 2 & Save $150 off Second Headset (e.g. 2x 128 GB Headsets $808) & Free Delivery @ Oculus


So bummed I missed this, a mate and I both just got headsets from Amazon. Great deal if you and a friend want to both get a headset.

Buy a Quest 2 today, get $150 off of a second headset, now through 9/27.* Free shipping. Easy Returns

You Can mix capacities. $150 taken off in cart!

2 x 128 GB headsets $808.00

1 x 128 GB, 1 x 256 GB headsets $968.00

2 x 256 GB headsets $1,128.00

Referral Links

Referral: random (248)

$47 in Oculus Store Credit for referrer and referee.

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    Facebook assumes I have friends. Ha ha. Good one.

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      Or you want two headsets or a gift

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      If you buy one, and have a gaming PC, don't forget about the VR Humble Bundle that's on for the next few days:

      Several of the games are frequently listed in top 20 VR games lists so $20 is a great deal to get you a few mind-blowing games to try out.

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        Pretty good deal! Thanks for sharing.

      • If you like rouge-lites Until you Fall is great!

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    VR buddy pr0n starter kit

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    good deal with international travel potentially opening up

    It's great on a plane for watching movies

    • +2

      You are braver than I. I can't help but feel vulnerable when wearing VR headsets.

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        Plane getting hijacked and you're just there watching Matrix 4 on an Oculus haha

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      You get 2 headsets for this price instead of 1.. effectively $404 each.

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    I paid $427 delivered from Amazon 4 months ago.

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      Assuming that was for the 64gb model though? This still ends up being cheaper per headset I think and is 128gb storage.

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    Must have combo deal. Play one while the other is recharging.

    • +6

      I don't know if you're being serious

      • Battery life can be a problem if not playing tethered to a PC.

        It runs out in a few hours, so kids can't play 10 hours a day during school holidays without strapping a battery pack to themselves somehow.

        But most adults will find 2-4 hours is more than enough in VR (especially because some games make most people slightly nauseaus from the too-realistic sensation of motion, so they prefer to take breaks anyway).

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          I don't think anyone should be playing 10 hours a day.

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      As baller as that is. My vest with 1000mah battery bank is better.

  • Anyone knows when the next model is coming out?

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    Don't forget to use the referral to get $47 worth of oculus store credit to use!

    • Ah damn, I wish I knew this before I bought mine last week

      • Pretty sure the oculus store credit only works for buying games on the store and not hardware so don't worry about it :)

        • +2

          Oh yeah, I could've bought virtual desktop with the credit. But the Oculus app offered a 25% off with the code WELCOME25 after I added said app to my wishlist.

          • @OzGreed: Damn upon further reading I just realised you need to click the link before buying not after ://


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              @rain-e: Ah yes, same mistake that I made as I had not known. But oh well, at least us discussing it could save someone the "ah damn" feeling later down the track

              • @OzGreed: I mean I just ordered so might just cancel and order again lol

                • +3

                  @rain-e: If you read the terms and conditions, it needs to be prior to activating the headset for the first time. So I believe you could just keep your current order, get yourself a referral link and then activate once said referral link has been received.

                  • @OzGreed: I think it says you need to click through the link to buy to claim so I think I'll just cancel in case. Also I'm sending you a PM now to get your referral code if that's OK with you could you turn on ur PM'S?

                    • @rain-e: Thats actually a good idea, I forgot that both parties get $47. I am okay with giving you my referral :)

                      • @OzGreed: My PM's should be open but I can't send you one

            • +1

              @rain-e: Nope, they just need to click the link just before setting up the headset the first time. Ive referred 10 people.

    • Reminder that you need to be a fb friend to be able to use the referral link.

    • how to get referal store credit?

      • Need a FB friend with one, it gets sent thru messenger

      • There's a referral link at the bottom of the post - so you'll be able to DM someone.

  • Does anyone want to buy one with me? I'm located in south-east Melbourne. Dm if interested! $75 off each :)

    • I'm interested, but I can't message you as you're not accepting new conversations

      • Just sent you a dm!

      • +3

        carefull of scam lol, not saying it is, just be carefull :P

      • What if he scams you?

        • Thats what paypal is for…

          buyer protection. (just pay a few more dollars to do it via paypal or meet in person)

          • @wisc: Would paypal really protect you in this situation? What are you going to say to paypal?- this guy was supposed to post me a oculus quest but he didn't?

            • @videoman: yep, they should provide a tracking number. will show when its delivered. there have been some dodgies around that. but if you suspect anything is wrong video record it as you open it.
              (you dont get paid until it gets delivered hence my comments in this thread about waiting for paypal funds to clear.

  • Still waiting for something with a wider screendoor. There's the 8k X but not at that price.

  • +2

    Easy returns? So like order two get the discount and then return one.

    • Also wondering if people think this is possible…

    • They'll probably give you a refund off the discounted one only and probably why the deal was set up this way.

    • +13

      (x) doubt

      • +1

        I don't know why I'm getting downvoted tbh, I'd rather have Track IR. I have the refund slip printed on my desk from Amazon.

        • +3

          I guess nobody agrees with you that you honestly think S9 phone VR (or any phone VR) is anywhere near the same league as the Quest 2.

          To the point a few of them actually think you are trolling or otherwise lying.

          Plus Track IR costs as much as a Quest 2.

          I guess it seems a bit like saying "PS5 sucks, I'm returning because I already have an old Wii from cash converters. With this $750 magic screen sharpening lens I bought on eBay, PS5 is no better".

          • +1

            @ItsMeAgro: I mean, fair point - I'm not trolling though, the other thing that I found is that Track IR is a lot more comfortable to wear/use for extended periods of time and I didn't find that with the Oculus. I should probably explain myself better lol.

            • +1

              @itsHughesy: I agree, I returned mine far too uncomfortable and field of view is tiny (non-immersive, compared to PSVR), only 3 lens adjustments (unlike PSVR which was variable).
              Excellent resolution but didn't make up for the non-immersive narrow FOV and terrible comfort (even tried 3rd party strap)
              Wireless AirLink is great and games are great.

              Returning in the hopes the Pro is more comfortable, even if it means a long wait.

  • Looking for someone to buy with. In west of Melbourne and can ship out other unit when received free of charge :)

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    Is this the best bang for buck headset on the market? The price of the Valve version is pretty obscene in Australia.

    • +8


    • +2

      Yes, it's more or less on par with the index:

      Quest 2: slightly better screen res, no need to tether to a PC so no wires (but you can if you want, so steam VR titles like Half-Life Alyx can be played, even wirelessly if your router is decent),

      Index: better finger tracking, no need for a facebook account (seriously though, Quest 2 has a mic and cameras, and the T&Cs say FB can use them basically whenever, so keep it in a drawer when not in use).

      …for about a quarter of the price of the Index.

  • +1

    Honestly if you’re on the fence just do it.
    Even better if you have a beefy pc that can run vr games.

    Remember Canada vpn for cheaper games.

    • Steam unlocked and go to the vr section.

      Honestly nothing good on pc. Alyx was good, fallout vr was meh.

      • I like hotdog horseshoe handgrenades, and blade and sorcery

      • Boneworks? Lone Echo?

  • Anyone want to team up in Brisbane?

    • I might be interested. Where are you based and when would you look at buying them?

      • Sorry for late reply, asap would be better. I can pay for both when we place the order, but I may need 50$ deposit from you and you can hold something of mine until it arrives. When it comes we'll unbox it together and get one each and you'll pay the rest.

        If you agree, I'm happy to place and order tomorrow.

        • +10

          Check out the Queenslanders rubbing our noses in the fact that they can visit each other and interact like normal humans.

        • Thanks for the update. Where abouts are you located? I'm on the northside.

  • would have been awesome deal if it was a month ago…me and my mate can literally use this…..

    • You and your mate might have more fun virtually using this instead of literally.

  • +1

    Can you get them delivered to two separate addresses, or is it the one package?

    • +1

      Talking w customer support, no split shipping

  • +1

    Love my Quest 2. Wireless PCVR is something else, definitely my preferred way to game these days.

  • +2

    Great deal for Tasmanians.

    • Im always willing to have a laugh at Tassie jokes even though I was born there.

  • Anyone in Adelaide interested?

  • Anyone in Canberra wanna double with me? I live in Turner?

    • Me~
      I live in McKellar(Belconnen)

  • I'm keen if someone else is….Melbourne area


    • Which suburb… ? I was going to get one anyways.

      • Port Mel

  • Are these blurry to look through like the PlayStation VR unit?

    • +2

      Middle is sharp, but they do blur towards the edges. The lens quality is very hit and miss though, with some units more blurry than others (the blur is actually referred to as "god rays" which are made by light reflecting off the concentric circles of the fresnel lenses).

      I went through 3 units before getting one that was almost perfect.

      • Who did you buy from and did you replace through them or direct to manufacturer?

        • Bought 2 from Amazon, both had lenses that weren't that good.

          Sent the first one I bought to Oculus support who sent me a replacement. The replacement was good and is the one I kept (sent the other one back to Amazon for refund).

          There's been lots of posts on Reddit about it in the past and it seems like a lottery, as good and bad versions appear from all suppliers. But this was when they were first released, so they might have improved quality since then.

    • PSVR resolution is 1080p per eye, this is just shy of 2k.

      Lens quality is very hit and miss, though - I got two from Amazon a year ago and had to return one as the other was noticeably sharper.

      So this deal might actually be a good way to check if the units you get are as they should be (but then again maybe their QA has improved in the past year).

      I use this strictly on PC, and the visual quality is not much worse than the HP Reverb G1 / G2 which I used before, and which are still some of the sharpest headsets in the market today.

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