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Kellogg's Pop Tarts Varieties 384g $2.50 @ Woolworths


Pop Tarts on sale half price at WW this week, it looks like they've brought in additional flavours. We've only had Chocolate in Australia for the longest time. Available flavours:

Stock availability may vary depending on your local. Also available from Amazon, but only Chocolate.

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    haven't had a pop tart in 25 yrs. are they really yummy? are they worth the calories? these posts are tempting me.

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      Choc is pretty meh, about to find out what the other ones are like soon.

      Also may be relevant: https://youtu.be/Ln9OoohupwE

    • Had the Cookies & Cream last night, decent.
      Brown Sugar is pretty awesome and probably my favourite of that batch.

      And 203cals per Tart isn't much…. I think a Kit Kat Chunky is around 250.

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        woah 203 cals PER tart? woah! definitely think i'd prefer the kitkat chunky or 2 x tim tams!

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      Taste is subjective, I like the Chocolate, nice with ice-cream on top too. Brown Sugar Cinnamon is my favourite though.

    • I also haven't had a pop tart in about 25 years until I've seen pop-tarts online in the last couple of days and I made a special trip out to Woolies last night to buy (full price!) because I was tempted by the brown sugar cinnamon flavour.

      Massively disappointed.

  • $2.25 on Amazon…

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      But only with Subscribe & Save and only chocolate.

  • thanks!
    cancelled the Amazon order to try my luck at woolies

    mostly because i didn't want to only buy chocolate flavour but also because maybe by the time i get there, i might not want it anymore

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    Wow, feels like a dream seeing all these other flavours. They used to have them at CostCo when it first opened in Lidcombe, but for the longest time they have only stocked chocolate. Thanks OP!

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    Strawberry is by far the best flavour. i'll be buying at least 10x boxes as im starting to get low from the last time they were 1/2 price.

    • yeah because taste is absolute that's why we use the term taste to refer generally to things that are subjective as well as flavour

  • Hey guys just wondering about our rights. Woolies staff are saying they don't do refunds and exchanges during covid. Is that true?

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    Shame they don't have blueberry, those were amazing.
    Still keen to try out strawberry and cookies and creme though!

    Wonder if the Woolies Metro will stock them

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    I'm sure I remember an apple one growing up. Surely it's the first thing they do when doing a baked tart

    • Actually… yah. Makes sense, I agree. With a little cinnamon I'll bet they'd be very nice.