Need help deciding on smartphone $400 - $650 price range

I'm hoping I can get some help here, I "accidentally" threw my Galaxy S10 off my balcony today 🙄 and need a replacement

Not looking for the best of the best, but perhaps best value

Did a little bit of research and I'm deciding between these options but am open to ideas

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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro
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    Poco F3
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 (or S10+) Second Hand


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    Samsung A52

    • Generally I use iphone. I bought A52 when it was released. Its not a bad phone however i realized that it was auto dialing while in pocket. Every time i check the phone i noticed that random pins were keyed in to unlock. It really annoyed me, I went back to my iphone.

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        Thats when you set it to go into screen saver mode. I set my phone for 30 seconds.

      • Sounds like a typical iphone user who blames the phone for user error.

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          Not really as you say, I have used both and you know what apple is apple, can’t compare with orange.

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    Samsung Galaxy a52
    Samsung galaxy s20 FE
    Google pixel 4a

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    I just stuck a like-new Pixel 5 in a mailer to send to Mazuma Mobile for buy-back. At $400, I could have sold it to someone here :-)

    • Have you posted it yet?

      • Yep. It's on the way.

    • That is low. Mobile monster would have given you 510.

      • DOH! Something about crying and spilt milk.

        Are Mobile Monster easy to deal with (I really rate Mazuma)?

  • Poco is good.

    If you want to push the budget a bit - $680 for the Oppo Find x2 pro on ebay. It has been less than $600 historically though.

  • Mi 9 SE

  • -2

    Go all out.
    You use it everyday so should get your moneys worth (as long as you don't 'accidentally' throw it again)
    Get an S21 Ultra or Iphone 13/12 pro

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    the iphone mini 12 has been $699.

    • where?

    • I missed the previous deal, do you know any place that are still selling at that price? except gumtree/ebay

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    Personally, I think the phones manufactured by BBK Electronics (Oppo & OnePlus) are relatively decent tech and good value for money. Oppo usually has a 2 year warranty.

    Maybe some ideas here?

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    Something that can be submerged under water is preferred, which is why I'm still considering yesteryears flagships as options

  • realme 7 5g

  • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G or Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

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    POCO F3 without a doubt. 256gb model about $500 from Banggood.

    • This. Got mine in 10 days from HK.

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    To make calls the Nokia specials leave you change to invest in a drop proof case.
    To take piccies as a primary function it is hard to go past Huawei.
    Xiaomi win overall.

  • Iphone XR maybe?

  • Stay away from the Samsung A52 and Samsung A52 5G….

    …Get the new "A52s" model. It's the same phone, same price, but a huge upgrade in the processor so it should last that bit longer. Basically you get a Luxury phone with a Flat Screen, Headphone Jack and microSD slot, Neato!

    I say it's "luxury" because it comes with a flagship processor^, 120Hz display, OLED, IP68 waterproofing, and OIS on a good camera, with a 4-year software promise from Samsung, these are features usually reserved for Luxury Phones. Where you miss out on is the USB 2.0 vs USB 3.1 and a Plastic Backplate instead of a fragile Glass. There are other flagship phones which have a slightly better display (1440p vs 1080p), a slightly better camera (huge sensor vs big sensor), slightly better Selfie, and slightly faster charging (50W vs 25W) but all of these options come with much much higher prices, heavier weight and size, and the loss of useful features such as the Headphone Jack and microSD slot.

    Overall, the A52s is actually a better phone than the S20fe in my opinion. But you could try your luck on Fb/Gumtree and buy a used ex-flagship device like an S10+ but not many decent options out there. Maybe some grey-market imports like OnePlus 8pro, Sony 5 mk.II or something else could be out there, doubt it.
    ^flagship processors haven't advanced much in the last two years. The slowest flagship chipset is as fast as the fastest flagship chipset in the most advanced Apps, Games, and General Use, with only minor differences in synthetic benchmarks. QSD 855, 855+, 860, 778g, 780G, 865, 865+, 870, 888, 888+. But there is a notable/significant difference when it comes to one tier slower chipsets like the QSD 845, 845+, 768G, 765, 690G… so you won't get a luxury experience with those phones.

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    Look up the s21 trade-in + newsletter + code deal. Can get a brand new s21 for just shy of $400. That's unbeatable. Deal here:

    And more info on voucher and code:

    • Agree with this^

      May also consider waiting a few more days for Google to announce the new Pixel 6 range and possibly Pixel 5a 5G, which means the 4a 5G should go on sale, and rumoured to not have much difference between the two -a 5G phones.

  • S20fe checking in

  • I ended up with another S10 for $350

    Battery probably has taken a bit of a beating, but other than that, the phone is just about immaculate

    • You could have gotten the S21 for $399 or S21+ for $499 (brand new).

  • Where?

  • Motorola edge 20
    Pixel 4a
    Samsung A90 5g

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