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$500 Trade-in Bonus + Trade-in Value + $100 Chat Code + $50 Promotion Code When You Buy a Galaxy S21 Range Mobile @ Samsung


Just purchased the Ultra at $1199.

My order confirmation looks like this:

Your trade in discount plus your $200 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $200 offer ends 10.09.2021 Promotion was applied to your order total
Your trade in discount plus your $300 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $300 offer ends 30.09.2021 Promotion was applied to your order total
Thank you for signing up to Samsung Electronics Marketing emails. Your $50 promotion code has been applied to your order. Promotion was applied to your order total
Your discount has been applied to cart. Promotion was applied to your order total *(This is the 100$ chat code, I asked if there was still a chat coupon, they asked me if I had a Samsung phone, I said yes and they gave me a code.)

Edit: My trade in value is only 5$ due to a cracked back panel, so I'm just going to hand down the phone and be charged 5$.

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  • Does it apply to the Z flip thing?

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      Extra discount of $300 only on S21 range

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      Z-Flip has $300 and Z-Fold have $500 trade-in bonuses.

      • $500 trade-in bonus would be nice for the S21 rangeπŸ‘πŸ˜

  • Is this chat code applicable on other devices as well like soundbar?

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    I only see a 300 dollar trade in bonus, where did you get both the 300 and 200?

  • Anyone know how much it would be for a s21 ultra if trading in a S10 plus 128gb phone? No cracks or scratches.


    • Got 180 for my s10

      • Gees, I got priced $15 for my S10 5G because I said yes to a small bit of ghosting on the screen.

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          Just use it to get the trade-in bonus, then don't send it back/sell your phone for way more on Gumtree.

          That's what I did with my S9, they debited the phone's "value" a month later, didn't touch the big bonus $$

    • On the site if you put in that phone it says $105 in perfect condition. To get an exact value they want you to download the app onto your phone.

      Haha I'd love to get an S10+ for only $105. My partner has the S7 still and I'm rocking an S9+. But with a new baby boy looking unlikely.

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    what did you ask for when you went onto chat for the code? Chat code?

    • I have a Samsung Galaxy S9, but it has a cracked screen, I was thinking of upgrading to an S21, I was wondering if you have any discount codes available please?

      Can be any old Samsung, any issue with it, so it might be the camera isn't working properly or whatever instead, if it's something that can be fixed under warranty tell them you bought it in 2018 so it's definitely outside warranty. With the last codes they cracked down on people getting them as they were meant to be for people who had a damaged Samsung. If it's in good condition they'll probably tell you about the trade in bonus.

      Edit: Just to clarify you don't really need to have an old Samsung phone.

      • I have a note 1. They wono't even take $1 for it!

    • "I heard there was a code you could get through this live chat".
      That's why I did.

  • How did you do the trade in with cracked back panel? My wife's S9 got rejected because of that.

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      You could just say the phone is fine, get the trade-in bonus but not actually send the phone in for trade-in. You'll only be charged for the value of the phone, I'm guessing $5 for an S9

      • Yeah I mentioned cracked screen on my Note 9 and it got rejected also if I new that I would've lied and said it was ok, now this was 4 months ago when I used there App to determine trade-in so wondering if now I'll say it's ok will it go through, anyone try a second time for trade-in with similar to my situation?

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    No thanks. Not as good as last deal

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    Search user feedback and you’d be surprised about how terrible the trade in experience is with Sammy

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      Great experience for me, maybe luck of the draw or user error.

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        Yeah, also had no issue with the trade in with the last deal.

        Although wind back 6 months, I could never get the trade-up app to work on the phone that I've since sent in.

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    When did we start putting the $ after the number?

  • Note 10, $150… ouch

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      Don't send the phone in. Sell it on gumtree and let them charge you $150 later on for not sending the phone in.

      That's what everyone does with these deals

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        So looks like best to actually get a bad trade in value on ones mobile (make up faults on ones mobile to keep trade in value low)

        Then sell ones mobile privately and pay Samsung the low trade in value for not trading in and pocket the bonuses for trade in

        Would that be right?


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          Woah big brain

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          how would that make any difference? your trade in value doesn't matter if you are intending on not sending it in since you will be charged the trade in value later on if you don't send it.

          • @keejoonc: Yeah but one wants to pay back to Samsung the lowest trade-in value possible, so example better getting a trade-in value of $10 and pay Samsung $10 plus $60 admin fees (there are admin fees as posted comments below) for negging on trade-in,.. though if ones mobile was valued say at $300 for trade-in then you'd have to pay back $300 + $10 over $10 + $60 to Samsung for negging on trade-in

            Saying above problem is as some have posted here if one states too much damage and it's an older phone Samsung might not accept the trade-in at all, nice if people post there model of phone, damage and what trade-in value was offered through Samsungs trade-in App

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              @Italkdigital: The trade-in value does not matter at all if you are not sending the phone in. What you pay back is the same amount as you get discounted.

              All the discount you get is $500 + $100 + $50. Trade-in value discounted when buying the phone will be charged back when you decide not to send the phone in.

              Trade-in value $300: discount $300, pay back $300.
              Trade-in value $10: discount $10, pay back $10.

              Both net zero.

              All we are trying to do is to get the $500 bonus then sell the phone privately.

              • @mike82: Whoops OK got it thanks, so basically the upfront trade-in bonus is canceled with a penalty for negging on trade-in afterwards πŸ‘πŸ€£

                • @Italkdigital: Just sell the phone above the trade in value to profit 😁

  • Get up to $330 off,2 plus $300 off bonus offer2 when you trade in to purchase Galaxy S21 range.

    Shows $300 Trade-in Bonus for me

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      When you get all the way through checkout it will also have the $200 bonus. Mine is same as OP:

      Your trade in discount plus your $300 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $300 offer ends 30.09.2021
      Your trade in discount plus your $200 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $200 offer ends 10.09.2021

      Plus $105 for my S10+ (which I won't be sending back, I'll sell privately)

      Plus $100 code from chat

      Plus $50 newsletter sign up code

      Samsung S21 Ultra 5G 256Gb for $1194.

      I will then be charged $105 by Samsung for not sending old phone back.

      Will sell old phone on FBMP for around $400.

      Total cost = $900ish

      • Just claim as much damage as you can to the phone to lower the deductible

        • Problem is if you state to much damage especially for older phones they might not accept ones mobile for trade-in

          Nice if people post here there model of phone, damage and what Samsung has offered for trade-in if any

          Is trade-in only for Samsung phones how about iPhones? one could mix this other deal if Samsung gives good trade-ins for Iphones,.. for example this IPhone mini if one doesn't mind swapping over to Vodafone well most pay around $35 plus for the 3x major telcis on a postpaid plan

          Just an idea to take Ozbargaining to extreme

        • It doesn't matter how much they offer you as a trade in - your end result will be the same

          - 500 (trade in bonus)
          - 100 (chat code)
          - 50 (sign up code)
          - ? (trade in value)
          +? (trade in value paid back)

          • @jebdra: Ok I got it one cancels the other out, good to know thanks πŸ‘πŸ˜

            So best not state any damage or the trade-in might not be accepted and one won't get the trade-in bonus, whoops

            • @Italkdigital: Can anyone confirm on the non-return($50) and admin fee($20) please?

  • what is a chat code?

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      The $100 code is for people with an old samsung device wanting to upgrade, or with an out of warranty fault on an old samsung device.

      They sometimes ask for your IMEI or serial number to verify

      • How long does it take to receive the code via email?

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          I've never received it without having to ask their customer support to manually send it

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    i don't get how it adds up to $500?

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      Samsung will value your old phone.
      Samsung will add $300 extra as a credit
      Samsung will also add an extra $200
      Add in loyalty voucher or $50 sign up voucher.

      Potentially $550 in credit + value of your old phone if you choose to send it back.

  • Can we buy a $5 phone for trade in ? And bonus added to new S21?
    I know this is dodgy, but how Sammy pricing your phone is just a joke.

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      If it's on the list.

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    I got my S21 Ultra 256GB Navy for $804 from last trade in deal and discounts.
    ( $1699 -$500 Trade in bonus -$200 Discount via chat -$50 Sign up Code -$145 Trade up value )

    I sold my phone somewhere else for $475 ( Samsung only value my phone for $145 )

    Samsung changed me trade in value $145.

    Ended up I got my S21 Ultra 256GB for $474….

    • S21 Ultra 256GB is $1949 not $1699?

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        Was 1699 when on discount

    • Great deal πŸ‘πŸ˜

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    How much would the s21 end up being?

  • what trade in for $5?

  • i got a screen damaged samsung A31. How much trade in value?

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    Just wondering for those selling phone privately, what is the private place?? because Gumtree is severely violated in the backend by scammers and their ED management, people want to swap wives for a phone, or wants to sleep with you.

    Where the hell is place to sell now??

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      Facebook Marketplace

  • I have a S10+ with $5 trade in value because it has a small crack. Is there some way to get the max discount off the phone, sell the phone privately new in box and then also sell the S10+ for around $200? What would be the best phone to get in this scenario?

    • In your case, it's best not to send in the phone and just let Asurion (who manages the actual phone trade in) swipe your credit card for $5. You should still be able to get your trade in bonus (offered by Samsung). Reason is, Asurion has been known to decline the agreed trade in value when they detected any issue (including minor scratches or dents) on any part of the phone. I don't know whether people got the old phone back or not.

      I didn't have issue with my old phone traded in. However, that phone was in mint condition (no scratch, no dent, good battery life).

      Haven't checked the price though. However, I reckon with iPhone 13 coming soon, all older phones will likely drop in price.

  • only showing 300 discount mate

  • I recall $500 now only offered to someone can submit a pic of damaged eligible phones?

    Was funny that when I'm selling my old s10 on ebay, people send me message asking a pic of device with imei lol

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    Unreasonable idiots. Z flip trade in value $190

    • +1

      Isn't the true value obtainable by you $690 (500+190), which is quite reasonable

  • So S21 128Gb is $1250 - 500 - 100 - 50 = $600?
    S21 Plus 128Gb is $1550 - 500 - 100 - 50 = $900?

    • Go for Ultra. Way better phone and for this price a steal.

  • Sad they don't have price match, I just dream what the prices could be matching the S21 deal at Telstra. Haha

  • Can somebody please elaborate on chat $100 code?

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      Hey mate, I opened the chat and entered my details, then said "I remember hearing about a chat discount code, does that still exist?" I and got it.

      • Thanks mate. Will give that a go.

      • Does the chat code work for Galaxy Watch?

  • If I trade-in my new Samsung Galaxy 5G S21 256gb mobile I recently bought through Telstras Telstra Day I wonder what Samsung would offer as a trade-in πŸ‘πŸ€£

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      $21 :)

      • I'll give you $22.

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    Damn it.. Seems like they've taken the Galaxy s7 off the trade in list

  • If I don’t send my phone to Samsung, can I still get Trade-in Bonus?

  • I am getting no code from chat. They said "we dont have any codes available".

  • Anyone else getting the error: Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • yep getting the same message

    • Usually happens when you enter a wrong trade in ID, it shows that error even if you enter a correct ID afterwards. Goes away if you close the trade in prompt and relaunch.

      • Ok it came up when I put the first letter in do not even whole code