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Signal Generator Module US$6.50, WiFi Electronic Clock BT Amplifier US$13.99, Green LED DIY Kit US$0.99 + US$5 Post @ ICStation


DC 3.3V-30V Signal Generator Module, 1-Channel 1Hz-150kHz PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable LCD Display Module

XY-W50L WIFI Electronic Clock. 50W+50W Bluetooth Amplifier

Green LED DIY Kit Heart Shape Breathing Lamp Electronic Soldering Kit

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  • Love the kits! Any more special deals on more DIY assembly projects?

  • Might be a silly question: what would you typically use this for? (the PWM signal generator)

    • For example, generating square wave signal for experimental development; generating square wave signal that controls the motor driver; Generating adjustable pulses for MCU and so on.

      We found customers used this in conjunction with an SSR to control a heating element;
      For testing tachometer and electric speedometer outside a car;
      To fix their broken treadmill;
      To drive a power transistor at a variable voltage