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Kitchen Precision Scissors from $1.48 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ - Home Infinity - via Amazon AU


Kitchen Precision Scissors [2021] - Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Shears

$1.03 for 1, after 70% off coupon applies at checkout
$2.99 for 2, after 70% off coupon applies at checkout

Coupon is valid for any of the options on this listing, and is SINGLE USE. I didn't realise this was single-use coupon - my mum wanted 2 :(

So if you want two, I suggest get the two-pack unless you have multiple accounts.

Enjoy :)

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Coupon available for this product:
Save 70% on Kitchen Precision Kitchen Scissors II Four Colour Options II 1 and 2 Packs
Save 70% with this coupon. Discount at checkout.

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    Not sure why the first review said it is bad

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      same, but for $1 i’m giving it a shot

      • +1

        Same ordered black/white, only this at this price $1.03 and black/grey OOS.

        • I managed to get black/grey, came back and the discount was gone. So I found out only one discount per account lol. Only way I made this post was I had a tab still open so I could see T&Cs of deal

    • Because they are. If someone handed you a pair of these without you knowing the price you'd quickly assume they were cheap. I got a couple of pairs the last time they came up. They work OK, but they feel almost disposable.

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Bought one for left hand.

    • Ha?

  • LOL

    $1.03 for 1, after 70% off coupon applies at checkout
    $2.99 for 2, after 70% off coupon applies at checkout

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      single use discount, make your choice wisely 😎

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    Thanks op

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    "#1 Best Seller in Bottle Openers"

    Well then that's surprising. A pair of scissors is also a bottle opener, nut cracker and fish scaler

  • +1

    Just cut loose and bought one, thanks OP

  • Price increased to $1.46? Oh well still good enough to bite

    • looks like 2 pack is not as bad now

      • Still cheaper by 1.5 cents each than a 2 pack :)

        Edit: randomly had $0.02 worth of credit in my account so $1.48 and now that completely doesn't work :/

  • Got the red black $1.48. The black one is sold out.

  • Bought these 3 days ago and they still haven't shipped

    • +3

      That's normal.

  • +3

    Yeah, I need some ah….. scissors.

    • +1


  • Damn, in the middle of checkout but went to grab my Uber Eats order and the black/white one is sold out. Gotta pay that $0.45 premium.

    • +1

      Think of it just as a service fee similar to the Uber Eats you just grabbed xD

  • Not able to add to cart

  • All gone!

    Currently unavailable.
    We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

    • By the time I saw this post, it was marked expired.

  • Multiple brands with exactly the same designs and colors on Amazon tell me that there's some generic manufacturer in China where all of these are originating from.

    • +2

      For just over a dollar I can open beer bottles and crack nuts with my scissors. The novelty in that alone makes it worth it XD

      • Absolutely, not arguing that at all. 'Brand' is irrelevant here is what I say.

        • +2

          Oh definitely not expecting any fancy brand, "Kitchen Precision" sounds so generic lol

      • I once got a fidget spinner delivered from China for 35 cents . I was kind of interested to check out the way a rotating mass is harder to change direction than a non-rotating mass and spending 35 cents was way more convenient that going into a dollar store to play around with one for 30 seconds.


  • +1

    Party's over fam, good on those who managed to get one. And let's hope they all fulfill :)

    • Better if the order isn't fulfilled.
      Wouldn't mind some store credit.
      Last time they offered $30 store credit because they couldn't fulfill an order.

      • Was it automatic or need to chat with their support?

        I've had an order cancelled few weeks ago but got nothing other than email. Too late now , but was annoyed how long they kept it open tho.

      • If they can't fulfill an order of mine I just get a refund lol and it stays in pending purgatory for a while

      • Yes but they wouldn’t give you $30 for a $1-5 knife. But yeah by all means, Amazon is great at giving credit. Few days ago I complained about a $7book dropping a few cents and got $4 credit

        • +1

          My very first order ever from Amazon was for 1 duct tape.
          Just wanted to "test" the water.
          It was less than $2, they cancelled the order and issued me with a $30 credit.
          That was 3 years ago though.

  • Man just missed it by minutes. Was checking out and became unavailalble.

    • -3

      no need to cry about it, others are available for $3 extra. you probably don't even need em.

  • Far out that didn't last long.

  • +1

    I can vouch for these.

    I bought a pair for $3.55, about 6 months ago, and they have been pretty useful in the kitchen.

    They are not high quality, last a lifetime, kitchen scissors, but they do the job and have lasted well considering the price I paid.

    You all got a bargain!

    • Thank you for your input and review. Glad to hear

  • +2

    Mondial are good to buy for kitchen

    If you need one

  • Anyone have a link to the seller?

  • Bought 1 the other day for $3.50 and now its $1.03

  • Aw was looking for one yesterday darn it :(

  • OOS

  • Someone ran with them…

  • any good kitchen scissors around $5 someone can vouch for?

  • Mine has been shipped guys.