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Sandisk High Endurance microSDXC 128GB with Adaptor for $25.50 + Delivery (Free with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Sunwood via Amazon AU


Sandisk High Endurance microSDXC™ Card, SQQNR 128G, UHS-I, C10, U3, V30, 100MB/s R, 40MB/s W, SD Adaptor down to $25.50 which is almost the lowest is almost to lowest its ever been.

  • Perfect for Your Dash Cam or Home Monitoring System
  • High Endurance Lets You Record and Re-record
  • Handles Harsh Conditions
  • Record in Full HD or 4K
  • Record and Save More
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Mmm should I buy from Amazon AU as a seller for $29.99…..at least I wouldn’t worry about fakes if I get it from Amazon rather than 3rd party.

    • You should

    • -2

      From what I have read all the sellers stock gets thrown into the same bin at the amazon warehouse so it doesn't matter who you by from if it is fulfilled by Amazon it is coming from the same spot… which means when there is fakes sent by sellers to Amazon they get mixed in unfortunately

  • bought one. but also need the 256gb, is that the cheapest price for it $49, turns out cheaper than the 128gb per gb

  • YMMV but I got this card for my Blackvue and would always restart recording every so often.

    • I want one for my Blackvue, you don't recommend?

      • All I'm saying is when I have this card in the Blackvue it restarts several times throughout the journey which causes missing videos on the card.

    • There is another, supposedly better, line of cards from SanDisk called Max Endurance. I wonder if you would have better luck with one of those?

      • Hmmm wonder if that would be better or better off going with the Samsung Endurance cards