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10% off Watches of The Week @ Creation Watches


Use Coupon Code WEEK10 while checking out for an additional discount of 10%.

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    Hi Rep, I like watches, any bargains? If you could post some deals from reputable watch brands it would be great, thanks.

    Also how come your thumbnail keeps showing a Seiko SKX007?

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      OzAdvertising for sure

      Rep should at least list 1 watch as a 'bargain' so can click bait in to their site

      • Well it's received some upvotes so members must have found some bargains.

        Hopefully they will share what they've found.

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      I bought my Orient Kamasu from Creation Watches 2 years ago and it's now even cheaper $2 more at $283 before discount and import tax. I love my Kamasu and do recommend it for a daily diver.

      Edit: mistake with the pricing

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        Nice watch, but that isn't part of this deal & it will add GST at the checkout. Regardless it was recently posted here.
        Enter code CA31E which makes it $295.90.

        For those that want a G-Shock Classic this awesome deal is still available.

        • Those Komatsu with sapphire aren't a bad package, shame about the weak stem and the crown just looks too small for the crown guard. Guess you could replace/upgrade it.

          That Casio is massive, but would look good on the rock. Probably worth getting one with solar for 10+ year battery. Still kind of keen on the G5600E-1, $138 still seems like too much (from Amazon)

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    Holy mother of god! SKX007K for $514! after 23% discount, damn hype!

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      Way cheaper to buy local stock

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    Wtf. SKX007J is $750… use to be $280 when i purchased it in 2018. Talk about hype.

    • Isn’t it discontinued?

      • Thought so too, scalper prices around the place. Was late to the party on that one, was one of the few that isn't massive and is a pretty famous diver.

        Was looking at seikomod.com, in theory you could buy all the parts and make one from scratch for $750 with sapphire crystal and a better movement (NH35/36 etc is really the standard now).

        No idea why they are so much, $850 on Amazon.
        $514 is still ridiculous.

  • Seems to be a selection of Tissot watches only (that Seaster would be my pick). Don't forget you'll have to pay GST on top of whatever you buy

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    The Seikos seem overpriced even with 10% off…

    @Rep prove me wrong though by coming up with a good deal on the SRPD31

  • What about the Seiko 5 SNKL23 for $169?
    Guess they were about $100 4 years ago.

    Probably a bit over priced for old 7S26C movement (no manual wind/hacking), hardlex, bracelet sound like rubbish (hollow end links and cheap clasp, lume seems fair). Could always upgrade the movement and glass if you had to down the track.
    edit: (US$99 on jomashop)