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50% off Haldiram's Frozen Indian Food Variety (e.g. Samosas $5, RRP $10) @ Coles (Selected Stores)


It's been a while these were half price. Great description of all products in a previous post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611040

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  • Not showing half price here

  • When I was in India I saw this brand in the supermarket. So I am assuming it is it authentic Indian food? I stand to be corrected.

    • Yes its a big brand in India and these products are all Indian made. My personal favourites are the hot n spicy samosas.

    • Well known brand in India. Can't go wrong with it.

      • Did u read the ingredients? They are all made of palm oil!

        • So?
          The answer was to vouch for the authenticity of the brand, the flavours.

  • does anyone know which state and store has half price ???

    • Last post had NSW, ACT, QLD. Maybe same this time.

  • Thanks, OP. Added them to the order to be collected on Sunday (NSW).

  • Last few times i went to buy some of these the shelves were empty, probably get in early if you want some.

    • You can always do a rain check. If the store is out of stock then they will guarantee the sale price the next time they get more stock.

  • +3

    Wait for few days. Sabrini will be half price too due to Indian Festive Season

  • This is the new style where the noodles are slightly thicker and taste different to the previous thinner version.

    The newer one is not that popular with my family unfortunately.

    • Have you tried the other Sev products? Bhujia Sev should still be the thinner version

      • of course yes. my point was this one on sale is Haldiram's new style and has thicker sev.

    • Are you comparing it to the ones in green packaging? That's a different product. Same name company but with a red logo not yellow.

      • yes - so they are two different companies are they?

        • Yes, if you look closely the one with the yellow logo is called Haldiram Nagpur. I think the yellow company has rights to south and western India, while the red company has the north indian market rights. All bets are off when it comes to Australia, evidently.